Reg Number Name Location Telephone Number Email
TFA01042 !Naras Safaris cc Windhoek +264 813285079 nara[email protected]
LOD00057 !Uris Safari Lodge Tsumeb 67687000 [email protected]
CAR00006 //Garas Park Rest Camp CC Keetmashoop 63223217 [email protected]
SEL00257 //Khagarib Rus Gobabis 62563072 [email protected]
SEL01054 10 de Laan Walvis Bay +264 812843392 [email protected]
BBF00156 1000 Olives B & B Okahandja 62500464 [email protected]
BBF00165 1000 Olives B&B Okahandja 62500464
GHO00248 1932 Guest House Walvis Bay Walvis Bay 64274850 [email protected]
BBF00235 1932 Guesthouse Walvis Bay 64274850 [email protected]
SEL00271 1st Avenue No 36 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
TFA00108 2010 Tours Otjiwarongo 813336353 [email protected]
BBF00255 3 Palms Bed & Breakfast Katima Mulilo 66252850 [email protected]
SEL01194 32 Woker Street Selfcatering Swakopmund +264 811511152 [email protected]
SEL01130 354 @ Omeya Windhoek +264 811244544 [email protected]
SEL00328 7 Morleen Park Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
GHO00042 A - Z Guesthouse Windhoek 61244445 [email protected]
BPH01013 A & Jenny Backpacker Nkurenkuru +264 8112469578 [email protected]
TPH01074 A A Rousseau t/a Eitaalo Hunting Windhoek +264 81 2599660 [email protected]
TPH00281 A D S- Hunting Safaris Windhoek 63683312 [email protected]
SEL00014 A Home Away From Home Swakopmund 64402402 [email protected]
TPH00323 A J Louw Hunting Grootfontein 67232652 [email protected]
VEH01025 A Kasera Car Hire cc Windhoek +264 811440557 [email protected]
SHU00025 A Kasera Dial - A - Cab Windhoek 61240557
LOD00129 A Little Sossus Lodge Swakopmund 63683108 [email protected]
GHO00174 A S Guesthouse Bed & Breakfast Otjiwarongo 67307216 [email protected]
SEL00314 A Strauss Flats Swakopmund 811220581 [email protected]
FOR00041 A T & T Monnakgotla Transport Gaborone 2673938788 [email protected]
TPH00448 A V Farming Windhoek 61245164 [email protected]
VEH01019 A-Grid Cars And Rentals CC Swakopmund +264 64 400568 [email protected]
GHO01086 A-Z Boutique Guesthouse Windhoek +264 61 244445 [email protected]
VEH00021 A.G. Minz Car Hire Windhoek 61228557 [email protected]
SHU00100 A.K. Airport Transfers and Tour Windhoek 812856423
TPH01118 A.S.S Investments 54CC t/a A.S.S Hunting Safaris Windhoek +264 811278441 [email protected]
TFA00061 AAA Travel Namibia Windhoek 61252228 [email protected]
TFA00068 Aabadi Safaris CC Windhoek 61402785 [email protected]
CMP00072 Aabadi Safaris CC Windhoek 61402785 [email protected]
RES00070 Aameny Rest Camp Opuwo 65273572 [email protected]
BBF00139 Aant Zebra Karasburg 63270378
CMP00023 Aba-Huab Camp & Safaris Khorixas 811290410 [email protected]
GFA00085 Ababis Guest Farm Maltahohe 63683080 [email protected]
ACT00020 Ababis Safety Driving and Offroad Academy Maltahohe 63683080 [email protected]
GHO00192 Abba Guesthouse Opuwo 65273155 [email protected]
TPH00573 Abbabis Farming Windhoek 811241800
TSO00150 Abenteuer Afrika Safari Swakopmund 64404030 [email protected]
SEL00224 Aber Jetzt Henties Bay 6450090 [email protected]
TFA01083 About Africa Adventure Tours and Travel Swakopmund +264 64 406213 [email protected]
BOO01074 About Africa adventures Tours and Travel Swakopmund +264 64 406213 [email protected]
TSO00155 Absolut Tours and Safaris Windhoek 61308676 [email protected]
FOR00008 Absolut Tours and Safaris Windhoek 61308675 [email protected]
FOR00050 Absolute Africa London 442087420226 [email protected]
ACT00115 Absolute Windhoek View & Tourism Services Windhoek 61217066
SHU01042 Abuba and Son Tours and Investments cc Windhoek +264 814407608 [email protected]
BOO01121 Abundance Tour And Safari Windhoek +264 812164434 [email protected]
FOR00020 Acacia Africa Durban 27317081428 [email protected]
BBF00193 Acacia Bed & Breakfast Windhoek 61223340 [email protected]
VEH01020 Acacia Car Rentals (PTY) LTD Windhoek +264 61 250077 [email protected]
TPH01101 Acacia Hunting Safaris CC Otjiwarongo 8122863351 [email protected]
BOO00039 Acacia Namibia Windhoek 61229142 [email protected]
TFA00115 Acacia Namibia Windhoek 61229142 [email protected]
BPH00030 Acacia Park Otjiwarongo 67303100 [email protected]
CAR00008 Acacia Park Otjiwarongo 67303100 [email protected]
FOR01049 Access Southern Africa Cape Town +27215545546 [email protected]
GHO00101 Aces Guesthouse Windhoek 61230130 [email protected]
TPH00285 Achalm Farming CC Otavi 67234413 [email protected]
TPH00278 Achenib Hunting Windhoek 62581611 [email protected]
GFA00061 Achenib Hunting Windhoek 62581611 [email protected]
TFA00007 Adozu Tours & Safaris CC Swakopmund 64402021 [email protected]
TPH00500 Adrenalin Hunting Adventures Windhoek 813065942 [email protected]
SEL00158 Adris Cottage Swakopmund 812400133 [email protected]
VEH00043 Advanced Car Hire Windhoek 61246832 [email protected]
BOO00089 Advanced Travel & Tours CC Windhoek 61250791 [email protected]
TSO00014 Adventure 4 X 4 Tours Walvis Bay 64202734 [email protected]
BOO00041 Adventure Sport Support Unit CC Swakopmund 64405084 [email protected]
TSO00283 Afri - Xperience Tours Windhoek 61302994 [email protected]
BOO00103 Afri Travels Swakopmund 812940846 [email protected]
TSO01154 Afri Urban Tours and Safari Walvis Bay +264 812058000 [email protected]
VEH00106 Africa 4x4 Rentals Windhoek 61244366 [email protected]
BOO01009 Africa Accommodation Bookings Lüderitz +264 63 202612 [email protected]
TSO01127 Africa Awaits Hunting Safaris Gobabis +264 812922435 [email protected]
TPH00611 Africa Awaits Hunting Safaris CC Gobabis 812148082 [email protected]
BOO00027 Africa Calls CC Walvisbay 64215005 [email protected]
TFA00013 Africa Desk Swakopmund 64400350 [email protected]
BPH01007 Africa Dynasty Investment CC Windhoek +264 61 220117 [email protected]
GFA00110 Africa Farm Ondekeremba Windhoek 62540425 [email protected]
TSO01010 Africa First Safaris (pty) LTD Okahandja +264 62 501508 [email protected]
TFA00010 Africa Focus Tours Namibia (Pty) Ltd Windhoek 61272185 [email protected]
TSO00142 Africa Leisure Travel Swakopmund 64463812 [email protected]
ACT00090 Africa Motion Tours Windhoek 61237258 [email protected]
BOO00172 Africa Oceania Travel & Tours Windhoek 61415400 [email protected]
VEH00024 Africa on Wheels Windhoek 61256323 [email protected]
LOD00259 Africa Safari Lodge Windhoek 63243411 [email protected]
HOT00052 Africa Stadt Haus Hotel Ongwediva 65233600 [email protected]
TSO00023 Africa Thirstland Safaris CC Windhoek 61258681 [email protected]
TPH00026 Africa Thirstland Safaris CC Windhoek 61258681 [email protected]
BOO00004 Africa Tourist Info ta Ati Holidays Windhoek 61228717 [email protected]
FOR00130 Africa Travel Company Cape Town 27213851530 [email protected]
FOR00023 Africa-In-Focus UK Dartmouth 441803770956 [email protected]
TFA01170 Africam Safari cc Windhoek +264811636784 [email protected]
TSO01123 African Dream Travel Namibian Cc Windhoek +264 817395522 [email protected]
FOR00079 African Addiction Polokwane 27832789200 [email protected]
ACT00040 African Adventure Balloons Swakopmund 64403455 [email protected]
GHO00163 African Alliance Guest House Windhoek 61272464 [email protected]
BOO00058 African Beat Safaris Windhoek 61227970 [email protected]
TFA01063 African Big Cats Tours & Safaris CC Gobabis +264 62 562039 [email protected]
RES01004 African Blue Sky cc t/a Tsondab Valley Reserve Windhoek +264 63293383 [email protected]
TPH00478 African Blue Sky Hunting Safaris & Adventures Windhoek 811286330 [email protected]
TSO00118 African Bush Bird Tours Windhoek 61256848 [email protected]
TSO00198 African Bush Safaris Swakopmund 64403585 [email protected]
BBF00225 African Calabash B & B Windhoek 61212097 [email protected]
VEH00013 African Car Hire CC Windhoek 61223246 [email protected]
TSO00365 African Classics Tours & Safari CC Swakopmund 64403453 [email protected]
TSO00344 African Days Tours & Safaris Okahandja 62500429 [email protected]
BOO00132 African Days Tours & Safaris Okahandja 62500429 [email protected]
GHO00176 African Days Tours & Safaris Okahandja 62500429 [email protected]
TSO00131 African Dream Safaris Windhoek 63683312 [email protected]
FOR01018 African Dream Travel OTHER +49 284221994-70 [email protected]
GHO00196 African Dreams Guesthouse Okahandja 62500588 [email protected]
TPH01052 African Dreams Hunting and Photosafaris cc Okahandja +264 812078386 [email protected]
TSO00472 African Eagle Windhoek 61259681 [email protected]
BOO00135 African Eagle Windhoek 61259681 [email protected]
FOR00012 African Elephant Tours Port Edward 4095 27393113991 [email protected]
FOR00118 African Exploration Magaliesburg 27835121432 [email protected]
TSO00132 African Extravaganza Windhoek 61372100 [email protected]
TFA00050 African Footprints Swakopmund 64463148 [email protected]
TFA00034 African Footprints Tours CC Windhoek 61225659 [email protected]
TSO00282 African Game CC Okahandja 811245662 [email protected]
TPH00409 African Hunting Safaris Omaruru 64570595 [email protected]
TPH00463 African Hunting Safaris Agency CC Okahandja 62549022 [email protected]
BOO00066 African Impressions Windhoek 61252098 [email protected]
BOO00196 African K L Safaris Windhoek 61238866 [email protected]
GFA00046 African Kiripotib Safaris Windhoek 62581419 [email protected]
FOR01025 African Kombi Tours CC Cape Town +27 76 89 666 91 [email protected]
GHO00028 African Kwela Guesthouse Windhoek 61227029 [email protected]
GHO00139 African Nest Guesthouse Windhoek 61306192 [email protected]
SEL00716 African Pearl Guest House Windhoek 61246759
TPH00496 African Plains Safaris CC Gobabis 62568412 [email protected]
TFA00158 African Premium Tours CC Windhoek 813243429 [email protected]
BOO00002 African Profile Safaris Windhoek 61253397 [email protected]
TSO00415 African Profile Safaris Windhoek 61253997 [email protected]
TFA00057 African Rainbow Agency CC Windhoek 61227029 [email protected]
TSO00259 African Rainbow Agnecy Windhoek 61227029 [email protected]
TPH00446 African Rosette Safaris Windhoek 813815935 [email protected]
FOR00062 African Routes Durban North 27317657935 [email protected]
TSO01260 African Safaris cc Windhoek +264811636784 [email protected]
TPH01007 African Safaris Outfitters CC Windhoek +264 81 2184583 [email protected]
TPH00211 African Safaris Trails Windhoek 62503710 [email protected]
GHO00175 African Sky Guest House Windhoek 61400731 [email protected]
FOR00122 African Sky Safaris & Tours Pretoria 27128091632 [email protected]
VEH00085 African Sun Car Hire Windhoek 61223388 [email protected]
TFA00200 African Sun Car Hire Windhoek +264 61 223388 [email protected]
SEL00679 African Sunrise Self - Catering Windhoek 61232802 [email protected]
TFA01039 African Sunshine Travel Agency CC Windhoek +264 811287578 [email protected]
TSO00177 African Tale Safaris Windheok 61248806 [email protected]
VEH00030 African Tracks 4x4 and Car Hire Windhoek 61245072 [email protected]
FOR00071 African Trails Arusha 255754385966 [email protected]
TPH00063 African Twilight Safaris Windhoek 62572040 [email protected]
BBF00221 African View Bed & Breakfast Swakopmund 812895958 [email protected]
TSO00016 African Wanderer Tours & Safaris Windhoek 61233394 [email protected]
TPH00526 African Wilderness Trails CC Otjiwarongo 67306226 [email protected]
TPH00554 African Wildsky Safaris Okahandja 811247087 [email protected]
TPH01129 African Wildsky Safaris Okahandja +264 500947 [email protected]
TFA01021 African World Tour cc Windhoek +264 817163593 [email protected]
VEH01057 Africar CC Windhoek +264 811241075 [email protected]
VEH01056 Africar Hire Assets One CC Windhoek +264 811241075 [email protected]
TSO00453 Afrika Exquisit Tours Windhoek 8114016701 [email protected]
TPH00453 Afrika Farm Ondekaremba Otjiwarongo 62540424 [email protected]
FOR01057 Afrika Fresh Travel (PTY) LTD Johanessburg +27824592530 [email protected]
TFA00116 Afrika Traumarisen Windhoek 61223344 [email protected]
FOR01045 Afrikaya Leisure Travel Durban +27 721 408 109 [email protected]
TFA01071 Afrinam Tours And Travel Windhoek +264 61272190 [email protected]
BOO00190 Afro Tours Operators CC Windhoek 61304136 [email protected]
LOD00041 Afro Ventures Namibia (Pty) LTD Windhoek 63693308 [email protected]
SHU00073 Afro-Sun Tours & Transfers Windhoek 812863130 [email protected]
FOR00100 Afrozapping Safaris and Tour Operator Windhoek 393475040272 [email protected]
SEL00202 AG Derks Accommodation Henties Bay 64500246 [email protected]
TPH00404 Agagia Hunting Okahandja 811284134 [email protected]
TPH01102 Agagia Hunting Safari's Okahandja +264 811255000 [email protected]
LOD00238 Agama River Camp Windhoek 63683245 [email protected]
CMP00148 Agama River Camp Windhoek 63683245 [email protected]
TPH00003 Agarob Hunting Safaris Windhoek 62572219 [email protected]
GHO00135 Agate Guesthouse Oranjemund 63239400 [email protected]
TFA01094 Agency For Promotion and Service (Namibia) pty Ltd Windhoek +264 61 239515 [email protected]
BPH00065 Agro Backpackers H ACC Rundu 66256162 [email protected]
GHO01079 Agro Guest House Ongwediva +264 2729211
BOO01029 Aguia Travel CC Windhoek +264 61 4358597 [email protected]
SEL01222 Ahava Cottage Self Catering Accommodation Swakopmund +39 3487129984 [email protected]
LOD00068 Ai - Aiba The Rock Painting Lodge Omaruru 64570330 [email protected]
RES00042 Ai - Ais Resort Karasburg 63262045 [email protected]
TSO00421 Aibiman Tours and Safaris Windhoek 812206939 [email protected]
TPH00173 Aigamas Hunting Otavi 812530947 [email protected]
SEL01188 Air Bed and Breakfast Windhoek +264 61 237010 N/A
TPH00148 Airport Hunting Farm Windhoek 62540475 [email protected]
TSO00066 Airport Jadg & Gastefarm Windhoek 62540475 [email protected]
SHU00042 Airport Transfer Windhoek 812425601 [email protected]
TFA01024 Akilanga Namibia Tours & Safaris CC Windhoek +264 817015817 [email protected]
TPH00479 Alarona Hunting Safaris Okahandja 62501351 [email protected]
TFA00014 Albatros Travel & Safaris Windhoek 61238191 [email protected]
TSO00133 Alberchtshohe Guest Farm Karibib 62503363 [email protected]
TPH00330 Alberta Hunting Safaris Windhoek 62572020 [email protected]
TPH00287 Albrechtshohe Guest Farm Karibib 62503363 [email protected]
GFA00081 Albrechtshohe Guestfarm Karibib 62503363 [email protected]
BBF00114 Aleen s B&B Rehoboth 62523018 aleenb&[email protected]
TPH00384 Aleogrove Safari Lodge Otjiwarongo 67306231 [email protected]
SEL00223 Aletta Catering Henties Bay 6450090 [email protected]
SEL00292 Aletta Self Catering Henties Bay 64500512 [email protected]
GHO01187 All African Colours Guesthouse CC Swakopmund +264 852446644 [email protected]
TSO00345 All African Safaris Windhoek 61222932 [email protected]
TPH00516 All African Safaris CC Windhoek 61222932 [email protected]
TFA00063 All Around Namibia Swakopmund 64402553 [email protected]
GHO00231 All Season Guesthouse Windhoek 61223838 [email protected]
TPH00208 Allan Cilliers Hunting Safaris Grootfontein 67232676 [email protected]
SEL00643 Alle La Mer Property Number Twelve CC Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
SEL00623 Alle le Mer 2 Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
SEL00642 Allee der Mer Property Number One CC Swakpmund 64405442 [email protected]
SEL00575 Allee la Me 6 + 10 Swakopmund 64463979 [email protected]
VEH00071 Aloe 4x4 Car Hire Windhoek 61231349 [email protected]
GHO00047 Aloe Guest House Outjo 67313291 [email protected]
TPH00140 Aloe Hunting Safaris Windhoek 61225961 [email protected]
TSO00052 Aloe Safaris t/a Aloe Hunting Safaris Windhoek 61225961 [email protected]
GHO00091 Aloe Travel Lodge Windhoek 61251306 [email protected]
LOD00133 Aloegrove Safari Lodge Otjiwarongo 67306231 [email protected]
TNC00045 Alpec Bushcamp and Gamepark Kamanjab 67330255 [email protected]
SEL00263 Alstadhof No 13 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
SEL00298 Alstadthof No 19 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
SEL00265 Alstadthof No 7 Swakopmund 64405226
SEL00264 Alstadthof No 8 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
TFA01173 Altai International Tours & Safari Pty (Ltd) Windhoek +264 61 309501 [email protected]
RES00006 Alte Brucke Holiday Resort Swakopmund 64404918 [email protected]
LOD00235 Alte Kalkofen Lodge Keetmanshoop 63683415 [email protected]
ACT00021 Alter - Action CC Swakopmund 64402737 [email protected]
BBF00023 Alternative Spare B & B Swakopmund 64402713 [email protected]
SEL00735 Altes Longenhaus Luderitz 811243060 [email protected]
SEL00260 Altstadthof No 8 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
BOO01060 Altura Travels CC Windhoek +264 61300031 [email protected]
SEL00144 Altyd Lekker Henties Bay 64500552
GHO01250 AM Ludgerus Boutique Guesthouse Rundu +264814755845 [email protected]
TSO01027 AM Rande Trading and Safaris cc Swakopmund +264 817355375 [email protected]
HOT01018 Am Weinberg Boutique Hotel Windhoek +264 61300327 [email protected]
LOD00170 Amani Lodge Windhoek 61239564 [email protected]
LOD01065 Amani Tented Camp and Lodge Windhoek +264 61229904 [email protected]
TNC01022 Amani Tented Camp and Lodge Windhoek +264 61229904 [email protected]
PEN00064 Amanpuri Pension CC Swakopmund 64405587 [email protected]
CMP00128 Amanzi River Camp Noordoewer 63297255 [email protected]
ACT00085 Amanzi Trails Noordoewer 63297255 [email protected]
BBF00241 Amarachi Guesthouse Swakopmund 64400928 [email protected]
SEL00737 Amaria Selfcatering Windhoek 61233931
TSO01272 Amazing 5 Tours Swakopmund +264 81 145 5552 [email protected]
SEL01201 Amazing Grace Beach Front Suite Walvis Bay +264 81 2753927 [email protected]
SEL00610 Amazing Grace Beach Front Suite Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
SEL01202 Amazing Grace Two Beach Front Suite Walvis Bay +264 61 220400 [email protected]
BOO00202 Amazing Journey Travel Agency Swakopmund 816390435 [email protected]
TFA01034 Amazing Tours & Travel cc Windhoek +264 61400374 [email protected]
SEL00365 Ambato Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
GFA00126 Ameib Ranch Guestfarm Usakos 64530803 [email protected]
TFA01082 Amethyst Tours and Safaris CC Windhoek +264 812105066 [email protected]
GHO00029 Amica Guesthouse Rosch Pinach 63274043 [email protected]
BBF00208 Amjicaja Bed & Breakfast Walvis Bay 64206225 [email protected]
LOD00248 Amkela Windhoek 61256528 [email protected]
GFA00124 Amolinda Hunting and Guest Farm Outjo 067-312101 na
SEL00261 An Der Mole No 16 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
SEL00640 An der Waterkant 4 Swakopmund 64402349 [email protected]
SEL00620 An Der Waterkant No 9 Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
SEL00616 An Der Waterkant Unit 5 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
SEL00081 Ana s Inn Walvis Bay 64209164 [email protected]
GHO00030 Anandi Guesthouse Mariental 63242220 [email protected]
GHO00170 Anandi Ocean View Guesthouse Swakopmund 64406553 [email protected]
TSO00436 And Beyond Travel Namibia Maltahohe 063693307/8 [email protected]
FOR00061 Anders Eriksson Travel AB Njurunda 94686732520 [email protected]
TNC00041 Anderssons Camp Windhoek 61274500 [email protected]
VEH00020 Andes Car Rental Windhoek 61256334 [email protected]
CMP00055 Andorra-Maori Campsite B & B Grootfontein 67242351 [email protected]
BOO00088 Andrew Weir Shipping (SA) Pty Ltd Walvis Bay 64220495 [email protected]
ACT00028 Andrico Inv. 23 / Desert Friendly Tours Swakopmund 64220158 [email protected]
GHO00126 Anes Guesthouse Atlantic Villa Swakopmund 64463511 [email protected]
BOO00006 Angela Krauze Properties Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
GHO01014 Angis Trading Enterprises CC Windhoek +264 64 550126 [email protected]
TSO00200 Angling Tours Namibia Swakopmund 812497073 [email protected]
ACT00136 Anieb Bird Watching Camp CC Walvis Bay 64202071 [email protected]
VEH01036 Anja Denker Car Hire Windhoek +264 61 230515 [email protected]
TFA01060 Anja Denker Wildlife Photo Safaris Windhoek +264 61 230515 [email protected]
VEH00124 Anjo Transit Services Windhoek 61252027 [email protected]
SEL00389 Anker Plek Henties Bay 64500505 [email protected]
CMP01053 Ann's Selfcatering & Campsite Kamanjab +264 67 330005 [email protected]
SEL01122 Ann's Selfcatering & Campsite Kamanjab +264 67 330005 [email protected]
GHO00143 Annalies Place Gobabis 62563376 [email protected]
TPH00265 Annenhof Jagd Grootfontein 67231568 [email protected]
BOO01111 Annes Luxury Travel Windhoek +264 812795118 [email protected]
SEL01090 Anot Self Catering Accommodation Swakopmund +265 241013 [email protected]
TPH00220 Anvo Safaris Namibia Windhoek 62540423 [email protected]
TPH00381 Apex Hunting Farm Gobabis 62560234
ACT01033 Aqua Fish Traders (Bruefin Fishing Tours CC) Swakopmund +264 64 404076 [email protected]
TSO00154 Aquanaut Tours CC Swakopmund 64405969 [email protected]
ACT00024 Aquanaut Tours CC Swakopmund 64405969 [email protected]
SEL00530 Aquarius Investment Horizon CC Windhoek 61255805 [email protected]
SEL00670 Arangies Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
PEN00066 Aranos Guesthouse Aranos 63272031 [email protected]
LOD01049 Ardilla Mini Lodge Okahandja +264 811246343 [email protected]
TFA00053 Arifu Tours Swakopmund 61226690 [email protected]
BOO01025 Arini Travel CC Windhoek +264 816039163 [email protected]
TPH00475 Aris Hunting Windhoek 61231393
FOR01004 Ark Safaris B.T.S OTHER +27 (0) 1105 39490 [email protected]
SEL01235 Arla Self Catering Swakopmund +264 64 460408 N/A
GHO00094 Aroab Hunters Inn Guesthouse Araob 63280581 [email protected]
CMP01059 Aroab Village Council Accommodation Aroab +263 63 280513 [email protected]
BBF00228 Aroab Village Council Accomodation Aroab 63280513 [email protected]
SEL00621 Aroab Village Council Accomodation Aroab 63280513 [email protected]
RES00024 Arrebush Travel Lodge Windhoek 61252255 [email protected]
TPH01156 Artemis Jagd Safaris Windhoek +264 81 233 7577 [email protected]
LOD00242 Aru Game Lodge Windhoek 61235715 [email protected]
LOD00082 Aru Game Lodge Windhoek 61235715 [email protected]
TPH00592 Aru Game Lodge (Pty) Ltd (No2) Windhoek 62560049 [email protected]
TPH00198 Aru Hunting Windhoek 6127550 [email protected]
TPH00595 Aru Hunting Safaris (Pty) Ltd Windhoek 62560049 [email protected]
TPH00106 Arub Safaris Windhoek 61238772 [email protected]
SHU01062 Asco Car Hire CC Windhoek +264 61 377 200 [email protected]
VEH00017 Asco Car Hire CC Windhoek 61377200 [email protected]
SEL00725 Asda Self Catering Windhoek 812161328 [email protected]
ACT01042 Ashwell Otji Township Tour & Traditional Food Otjiwarongo +264 67 302825 +264 67 302825
TPH00327 Askari Tours & Hunting cc Windhoek 64570927 [email protected]
TSO00164 Askari Tours and Hunting CC Omaruru 64570927 [email protected]
TPH00250 Askari-Safaris & Out Fitter Otjiwarongo 67303238 [email protected]
TFA01075 Asmara Tours CC Windhoek +264 81 3327516 [email protected]
SEL00406 Astadthof Unit 1 Swakopmund 811278223
TPH00312 Astra Jagd Farm Windhoek 62560222 [email protected]
BBF01077 Astronaut Bed and Breakfast Walvis Bay +264 64 204647 [email protected]
SEL00718 At Home Selfcatering Keetmasnhoop 63222305 [email protected]
LOD01070 AT KRONENHOF LODGE Maltahohe +264 83 700 0077 [email protected]
TSO01042 Ati Holidays Tours And Transfers CC Windhoek +264 61 228717 [email protected]
VEH00105 Atlantic Car Hire Swakopmund 64405424 [email protected]
BBF00238 Atlantic Guesthouse Swakopmund 811241911 [email protected]
HOT01002 Atlantic Hotel Walvis Bay +264 61 202811 [email protected]
SEL00668 Atlantic Pearl Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
SEL00359 Atlantic Stays Henties Bay 64500820 [email protected]
ACT00124 Atlantic Tours CC Henties Bay 64500755 [email protected]
SEL00654 Atlantik Sicht No 3 Swakopmund 64462468 [email protected]
SEL01223 Atlantiksicht no 18 selfcatering Swakopmund +264 67 229106 [email protected]
TSO00308 Atlantis Township Tours Walvis Bay 64200200 [email protected]
SHU01094 Atrah Transport CC Windhoek +264 811555304 [email protected]
TSO01198 Atutanga Tours and Safaris Windhoek +264 816749583 [email protected]
HOT00037 Auas City Hotel Windhoek 61239768 [email protected]
LOD00056 Auas Game Lodge Windhoek 61240043 [email protected]
BBF00113 Auberge Omulonga Okahandja 62500340 [email protected]
CMP00169 Augeixas Camps Windhoek 811242384 [email protected]
CMP00154 Auob Country Lodge Gochjas 63250101 [email protected]
LOD00077 Auob Country Lodge Gochas 63250101 [email protected]
SEL00216 Aus Accommodation Aus 63258029 [email protected]
BOO00127 Aus Information Centre Aus 63258151 [email protected]
TFA00090 Austral Adventures CC Swakopmund 64463901 [email protected]
FOR01026 Authentic Namibia OTHER +264 81 355 8742 [email protected]
VEH01033 Auto Africa CC Windhoek +264 61 306 536 [email protected]
VEH00042 Autovermietung Savanna Windhoek 61229272 [email protected]
SHU00162 Autovernietung Savana Windhoek 61229272 [email protected]
SEL00743 Ava Guesthouse Okakarara 816969720 [email protected]
FOR00075 Avian Leisure Cape Town 27217861414 [email protected]
VEH00022 Avis Rent A Car Windhoek 61233166 [email protected]
BOO01062 Aviva Travel & Tours Windhoek +264 61 220281 [email protected]
SEL00366 Avocet Cottages CC Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
VEH01059 Avocet Rentals CC Swakopmund +264 812768308 [email protected]
GHO01021 Avondsrus Guesthouse Karasburg +264 63 270023 [email protected]
TSO01138 Awesome Chapters Tours CC Walvis Bay +264 64206571 [email protected]
LOD00092 Axel Henniges Ohorongo Safaris Outjo 811477434 [email protected]
TPH00237 Axel Henniges t/a Ohorongo Safaris Outjo 811477434 [email protected]
TFA00017 Azur Travel CC Windhoek 61244116 [email protected]
GHO00043 B A Liebenberg Sea Breeze Guesthouse Swakopmund 64463348 [email protected]
SEL00085 B F Koch Henties Bay 64500536
SEL00600 B V Investments 364 CC Swakopmund 811275399
BPH00006 Back Packer Unite Windhoek 61259485 [email protected]
TFA01058 Back to Basic Tours and Safaris CC Otjiwarongo +264 81 250 8716 [email protected]
TPH00547 Badboer Farming Windhoek 62581431
GFA00161 Bag Bag Guestfarm Okahandja 62500672
LOD00053 Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch Mariental 63240982 [email protected]
CMP00158 Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch Mariental 63240982 [email protected]
GHO00014 Bahay Susan Oshakati 65221075 [email protected]
HOT00074 Bahnhof Hotel Aus Aus 63258091 [email protected]
SHU00056 Baileys Transport Rehoboth 61262522 [email protected]
TPH00388 Bakenkop Game Ranch Outjo 813033452
GFA00057 Bambatsi Guest Farm Outjo 67313897 [email protected]
SEL00682 Banting Self Catering & Accomodation Windhoek 61234207 [email protected]
BOO01010 Bantu Tours & Safaris cc Windhoek 26461386110 [email protected]
BBF00239 Baobab Game Ranch CC Grootfontein 67232055 [email protected]
TFA01030 Baobab Game Ranch CC Grootfontein +264 812440383 [email protected]
GFA00216 Barby Guest Farm Helmeringhausen 816868200
GFA00142 Barchan Dune Retreat Windhoek 62682031 [email protected]
TFA00168 Bare Foot Namibia Self Drive Tours Windhoek 812589050 [email protected]
TSO00232 Baron Tours & Swakopmund Paint Ball Centre Swakopmund 64403382 [email protected]
TPH00449 Barter Stocks Pty Ltd Otjiwarongo 67302084
SHU01201 Bartina Tours And Concierge Services CC Windhoek +264 811240297 [email protected]
CMP01011 Bastion Farmyard Bed and Breakfast Mariental +264 63 240 827 [email protected]
AIR01003 Bateleur Helicopters Swakopmund +264 811503234 [email protected]
TFA00136 Batis Birding Safaris Namibia CC Swakopmund 64404908 [email protected]
TSO00460 Batis Birding Safaris Namibia CC Swakopmund 64404908 [email protected]
AIR00022 Bay Air Walvis Bay 64204319 [email protected]
SEL00221 Bay Self Catering Accommodation CC Walvis Bay 64212447 [email protected]
SEL00388 Bay Watch Henties Bay 64500246 [email protected]
SHU01031 Bay-Route Shuttle Service Cc Walvis Bay +264 81 3928314 [email protected]
HOT00030 Bayview Hotel Luderitz 63202288 [email protected]
VEH00107 BB 4x4 Camping Adventures Luderitz 63203884 [email protected]
SHU01025 BCCJ Investments CC Windhoek +264 81 22798211 [email protected]
TFA00098 Be Local Windhoek 61307735 [email protected]
ACT00022 Be Local Windhoek 61307735 [email protected]
SEL01037 Be Still Accommodation Centre Swakopmund +264 811240707 [email protected]
SEL00068 Beach Front 1 Self Catering Henties Bay 64500246 [email protected]
SEL00690 Beach Front 2 Henties Bay 64500246 [email protected]
SEL01346 Beach Garden Swakopmund +264 6909696 [email protected]
SEL00774 Beach Hillten Walvis Bay 64405442 [email protected]
PEN00047 Beach Lodge Swakopmund 64414500 [email protected]
SEL00612 Beach Walk Self Catering Holiday House Windhoek 61221236 [email protected]
SEL01256 Bealtaine Chalet Air B&B Windhoek +26461231200 [email protected]
VEH00086 Bedouin Travel Swakopmund 64404030 [email protected]
SHU01142 Beeks Shuttle and Tours (Transfer CC) Walvis Bay +264 811471899 [email protected]
SEL00235 Beerkies Den Henties Bay 64500505 [email protected]
SEL01253 Behrens Property Holdings Seven CC Swakopmund +264 64408039 [email protected]
FOR01031 Beijing Guangxin International Travel Service OTHER 8601081609826 [email protected]
SEL00498 Belamente Flat 12 Swakopmund 812986677 [email protected]
GHO01260 Bella Casa Guest House CC Windhoek +264 851247551 [email protected]
BBF01089 Bella Luna BnB Walvis Bay +264 811280848 [email protected]
SEL00053 Bella-Mia Holiday Apartments Windhoek 61226888 [email protected]
SEL00408 Bellamente Street Properties No 10 CC Swakopmund 64401114 [email protected]
TPH00412 Bellerode Hunting Jagd Safaris Windhoek 61235485
GFA00134 Bellerode Gaste Farm Windhoek 61235485
SEL00646 Bellisima Investments 77 (Pty) Ltd Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
TFA00125 Belvdere Safari Adventures Windhoek 61223366 [email protected]
SHU00079 Bench Mark Transport & Courier Services CC Windhoek 61271493 [email protected]
TSO00359 Bench Mark Transport & Courier Services CC Windhoek 61271493 [email protected]
TSO00411 Benchmark Wildlife Excursions Windhoek 61271493 [email protected]
VEH01023 Benel Logistics CC Windhoek +264 61 239771 [email protected]
BOO00136 Benguela Car Hire & Tours Windhoek 61309949 [email protected]
TPH00301 Bengzicht Game Lodge Windhoek 62581883 [email protected]
SHU01067 Benitar Airport Transfers and Tours Cc Windhoek +264 81 1246762 [email protected]
LOD00186 Bennies Entertaiment Park & Lodge Oshakati 65231100 [email protected]
SHU01054 Benny Transfers and Tours CC Windhoek +264 816092151 [email protected]
SEL01066 Benvida Self Catering CC Windhoek +264 61 213063 [email protected]
TPH01065 Beon Van Niekerk t/a Zelda Hunting Safaris Gobabis +264 62 569021 [email protected]
SEL00658 Berdines Self Catering Accommodation Walvis Bay 64203860 [email protected]
SEL01354 Berg Straat CC Windhoek +264 811297177 [email protected]
LOD00209 Bergeck Mission Windhoek 61234298 [email protected]
TPH-A01179 Bergh Hunting And Safaris CC Windhoek +264 813595035 [email protected]
BBF00155 Berghaus Bed & Breakfast Windhoek 61228830 [email protected]
LOD00175 Bergplaas Safari Lodge Outjo 813336353 [email protected]
TPH00553 Bergveld Hunting Safaris Windhoek 61257164 [email protected]
LOD00107 Bergzicht Game Lodge Windhoek 62581883 [email protected]
BOO01066 Bermenia Booking and Travel Agent Windhoek +264 812636213 N/A
RES00052 Bernabe Delabat Otjiwarongo 67305001 [email protected]
BBF00006 Bernice Beds and Breakfast Keetmanshoop 63224851 [email protected]
TSO01142 Bernima Four by Four Tours Walvis Bay +264 812867337 [email protected]
BBF00233 Berronnies Bed & Breakfast Henties Bay 64500526 [email protected]
BBF00283 Berronnies Bed & Breakfast CC Henties Bay 64402329 [email protected]
BOO00013 Best Travel Services CC Windhoek 61224614 [email protected]
TFA00100 Best Travel Services CC Windhoek 61224614 [email protected]
LOD00013 Betesda Lodge & Camping Windhoek 63693253 [email protected]
CMP00126 Betesda Lodge & Camping Windhoek 63693153 [email protected]
CMP00103 Bethanie Camping Site Bethanie 63283013 [email protected]
GHO00092 Bethanie Hotel Bethanie 817504159 [email protected]
CAR00004 Betta Camping Site Maltahohe 811284419 [email protected]
SEL01061 Beyer Self Catering Grootfontein +264 67 240580 [email protected]
FOR00093 Beyond Reach CC Montagu 27236143937 [email protected]
TFA00156 Beyond Safaris Windhoek +264 81 882 0744 [email protected]
FOR00089 Bhejane 4x4 Adventures Wittdrift 445359257 [email protected]
SEL00653 Bianca Selfcatering Swakopmund 64462481 [email protected]
BOO01116 Bibi Anchor Booking Agent Swakopmund +264814539290 [email protected]
SEL00647 Bibi's Place Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
GHO00011 Bicho Guest House Oshakati 816897180
VEH00004 Bidvest Car Rental Windhoek 61228720 [email protected]
SEL00217 Big 5 Henties bay 67697038 [email protected]
CMP00066 Big 5 Central Hotel Gobabis 62562094 [email protected]
TNL00014 Big 5 Mini Lodge Windhoek 61252761 [email protected]
GHO01094 Big Brother Guesthouse Usakos +264 64 530155 [email protected]
TPH01057 Big Rock Hunting Safaris Omaruru +264 67 290178 [email protected]
TFA00148 Big Sky Journeys Tour Operations Windhoek 811280951 [email protected]
BOO01017 Big Sky Tourism Services CC Windhoek +264 61 239199 [email protected]
SEL01226 Binvis Selfcaterings Accommodation Swakopmund +264811296040 [email protected]
FOR00126 Biosphere Expedition Norwich 448704460801 [email protected]
FOR00043 Birding Ecotours CC Cape Town 27215316705 [email protected]
HOT00022 Birds Accommodation Keetmanshoop 63221711 [email protected]
GHO00026 Birds Nest Guest House Keetmanshoop 63222906 [email protected]
SEL00322 Bismarck No 13 Swakpmund 64405226 [email protected]
LOD00005 Bitterwasser Lodge Windhoek 63265300 [email protected]
FOR01039 Biwakwango Cape Town +27 21837913347 [email protected]
TFA00036 Black Eagle Enterprises CC Swakopmund 64400071 [email protected]
TSO00417 Black Eagle Tours & Transfers Windhoek 61400122 [email protected]
TPH00182 Black Nossob Hunting Safaris Windhoek 62561242 [email protected]
LOD00131 Blaser Safaris Okahandja 62500590 [email protected]
TPH00507 Blaser Safaris Okahandja 62500590 [email protected]
BOO01016 Blue Berry Travel CC Windhoek +264 61 307183 [email protected]
FOR01016 Blue Berry Travel Djibouti OTHER +253 21353555 [email protected]
SEL00133 Blue Bull Lodge CC Arandis 63272450 [email protected]
TSO00407 Blue Crane Safaris Namibia CC Windhoek 812288723 [email protected]
SEL01341 Blue Pearl Swakopmund 0811283870 [email protected]
TSO00001 Blue Sky Namibia Windhoek 61229279 [email protected]
FOR01047 BMW And Mini Driving Experiences / Bmw M GMBH Windhoek N/A [email protected]
TPH00503 Bobbejaan Kloof Safaris Outjo 812349364
VEH00059 Bobo Campers CC Windhoek 61229918 [email protected]
VEH00094 Bocian Safaris CC Walvis Bay 64203496 [email protected]
TSO00370 Bocian Safaris CC Walvis Bay 64203496 [email protected]
TPH00405 Boet Nel Hunting Safaris Gobabis 811270134 [email protected]
SHU00122 Boeties Airport Transfers & Tours Maltahohe 63293174 [email protected]
CMP00217 Boiteko Women Empowerment Group Gobabis 812184266 N/A
SHU01078 Bongani Shuttle and Tour cc Walvis Bay +264 812837863 [email protected]
BBF00226 Bonno Bed & Breakfast Otjiwarongo 67307720 [email protected]
SHU01132 Boriza Shuttle and Tours CC Windhoek +264 814223111 [email protected]
TPH01073 Boscia Hunting And Guest Farm Windhoek +264 63 264208 [email protected]
SEL01059 Boscia Hunting And Guest Farm Windhoek +264 63 264208 [email protected]
GFA01005 Boscia Hunting And Guest Farm Windhoek +264 63 264208 [email protected]
TPH00650 Boscia Wildlife Ventures and Safaris cc Windhoek +264 61 233840 [email protected]
GFA00173 Boskloof - Riva Namene Windhoek 61236983 [email protected]
TNC00042 Boulders Safari Camp Windhoek 63693730 [email protected]
TPH00477 Boxhagen Gobabis 62563690 [email protected]
SHU00096 Brandberg Airport Transfers & Tours Windhoek 812344130 [email protected]
CMP01038 Brandberg Elephant Lodge & Campsite Tsumeb +264 813330387 [email protected]
RES00057 Brandberg Rest Camp Uis 64504038 [email protected]
LOD00011 Brandberg White Lady Lodge Henties Bay 64684004 [email protected]
TFA01086 Breakthrough Trading CC Windhoek 064 0814231313 [email protected]
SEL00396 Breeze - Inn Village Aranos 63273325 [email protected]
SEL01243 Breeze Inn Village Self Catering Swakopmund +264 814727063 [email protected]
SEL00661 Breite Park No 3 Tsumeb 67221686
TPH01088 Brian Kibble Hunting Safaris Windhoek +264 811284647 [email protected]
GHO00008 Brigadoon Boutique B & B Swakopmund 64406064 [email protected]
GHO01184 Brigadoon Guesthouse and Conferencing Swakopmund 064 406064 [email protected]
TPH00436 Brigadoon Hunting Safaris Windhoek 816095651 [email protected]
SHU00147 Brigitte s Transport Windhoek 61212558 [email protected]
FOR00092 Brummi - Tours Germany 49824190182 [email protected]
TSO01135 BTE Tour and Safaris Swakopmund + 264 81 8912453 [email protected]
FOR01058 Bubo Travel Agency Windhoek +421252635254 [email protected]
CAR00003 Bucks Camping Lodge Henties Bay 64501039 [email protected]
GFA00099 Buellsport Guest Farm Windhoek 63693371 [email protected]
VEH01049 Buffalo Car Hire CC Windhoek +264 61 237777 [email protected]
GHO01191 Buffalo Guesthouse Okongo +264 811429501 [email protected]
SEL00464 Bukaros Court No. 7 Henties Bay 64500506 [email protected]
FOR00026 Bukima Adventure Travel London 448707572230 [email protected]
CMP00039 Bullsport Windhoek 63693371 [email protected]
TPH00196 Bullsport Hunting Windhoek 63693371 [email protected]
RES00090 Bundi River Lodge Ketmanshoop 63297254 [email protected]
FOR00047 Bundi River Rafters WELGEMOED 27219759727 [email protected]
TSO01259 Bundu Tours CC Windhoek +264 61252425 [email protected]
BOO01008 Bundu Travel Connection Windhoek +264 61 401098 [email protected]
TPH00136 Burchell Safaris Keetmanshoop 63225008
LOD00066 Burg Gusinde Windhoek 61257107 [email protected]
GFA00103 Buschberg Guestfarm Outjo 67312143 [email protected]
RES00038 Buschfeld Park Restcamp Outjo 67313665 [email protected]
TSO00053 Buschmann Safaris Windhoek 61230292 [email protected]
TSO00320 Buschtrommel Tours & Accommodation Walvis Bay 64202208
SEL00546 Buschtrommel Tours & Accommodation Walvis Bay 64202208
SEL00356 Bush Babies Inn Swakopmund 64404043 [email protected]
CMP00161 Bush Baby Safaris Grootfontein 67243391 [email protected]
BOO01068 Bush Beds Namibia Windhoek +264 812995283 [email protected]
AIR00009 Bush Bird CC Swakopmund 64404071 [email protected]
BOO00110 Bush Bird CC Swakopmund 64404071 [email protected]
ACT00060 Bush Culture Experience CC Windhoek 812799278 [email protected]
TSO00357 Bush Event Maltahohe 63293397 [email protected]
GHO00003 Bush Pillow Guesthouse Otjiwarongo 67303885 [email protected]
VEH00045 Bush Safari CC Windhoek 61231310 [email protected]
TFA00021 Bush Safari CC Windhoek 61231310 [email protected]
BOO00074 Bush Ventures CC Windhoek 61257551 [email protected]
FOR00011 Bush Ways Safaris Maun 2676863685 [email protected]
FOR00084 BushBaby Safaris CC Dundee 27342123216 [email protected]
AIR01004 BushBird Asset Rental CC Swakopmund +264 812507171 [email protected]
BOO01069 Bushbird Aviation cc Swakopmund N/A [email protected]
ACT01030 Bushbirds Asset Rental Cc Swakopmund +264 812507171 [email protected]
FOR00044 Bushlife Safaris Maun 64404511 [email protected]
VEH01013 Bushlore Tourism Namibia ( PTY) Ltd Windhoek +264 811701442 [email protected]
TSO00263 Bushveld Safaris CC Omaruru 67306556 [email protected]
BBF00106 Bushveld Safaris CC Omaruru 67306556 [email protected]
TFA00180 Bushwhisper Namibian Windhoek 813041389 [email protected]
TFA01038 Butz Tours & Safaris Okahandja +264 62 503313 [email protected]
FOR00068 Buzz Adventures Pretoria 27125654703 [email protected]
TSO00151 Bwana Tucke - Tucke CC Windhoek 61239602 [email protected]
TFA01005 Bwelani Tours And Events Windhoek +264 61 255 896 [email protected]
GHO00061 Byseewah Guesthouse Henties Bay 64501111 [email protected]
TSO00075 Byseewah Safaris Outjo 67312117 [email protected]
LOD00079 Byseewah Safaris Lodge Outjo 67312117 [email protected]
TPH00167 Byseewah Safaris Lodge Outjo 67312117 [email protected]
SEL01198 C - Breeze Keetmanshoop +264 63221711 [email protected]
TFA01164 C Africa Safaris and Tours CC Windhoek +264 81278227 [email protected]
FOR00106 C K Pangeo Tours Ceske Budesovice 420602557185 [email protected]
SEL00185 C-View Samar Place Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
TPH01169 C.J. Du Toit Farming Windhoek +26461245339 [email protected]
HOT00033 C'est Si Bon Hotel Otjiwarongo 67301240 [email protected]
TPH00089 C+S Bergmann Windhoek 61257134 [email protected]
FOR00034 Cactus Fly In Safaris Oberegg 41718914229 [email protected]
FOR01048 Caleb 's Express Tours Cape Town +27714693429 [email protected]
SEL00319 Caleta Court Windhoek 61272708 [email protected]
VEH00047 Camel Car Hire CC Windhoek 61248818 [email protected]
ACT00037 Camel Farm Swakopmund 64400363 [email protected]
ACT00143 Camel Friends Namibia Swakopmund 811296678 [email protected]
LOD00153 Camelthorn Lodge Namibia 63683218 [email protected]
TSO00107 Camelthorn Safaris Swakopmund 64403096 [email protected]
SHU00048 Camelthorn Transfers & Tours CC Windhoek 61255490 [email protected]
BBF00064 Camp Aussicht Opuwo 65685125
TNL00037 Camp Chobe Safaris Windhoek 61401284 [email protected]
TNC00027 Camp Gecko Windhoek 62572017 [email protected]
CMP00067 Camp Gecko Windhoek 62572017 [email protected]
CMP00147 Camp Hogo Rundu 811281378 [email protected]
LOD00221 Camp Kipwe CC Windhoek 61232009 [email protected]
TNL00015 Camp Kwando Ngweze 66686021 [email protected]
TNC01001 Camp Leylandsdrift Windhoek +264 61 224248 [email protected]
RES00106 Camp Mara Omaruru 64571190 [email protected]
CMP00163 Camp Ndurukoro Rundu 66258208 [email protected]
TSO00231 Campfire Safaris Rehoboth 814382250
VEH00011 Camping Car Hire CC Windhoek 61237756 [email protected]
TFA00133 Camping Car Hire CC Windhoek 61237756 [email protected]
LOD00094 Canon Lodge Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
SEL00146 Canon Mountain Camp Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
RES00091 Canon Mule Station Windhoek 63693014 [email protected]
LOD00096 Canon Roadhouse Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
CMP00091 Canon Roadhouse Keetmanshoop 63683111 [email protected]
LOD00095 Canon Village Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
HOT00020 Canyon Hotel Keetmanshoop Keetmanshoop 63223361 [email protected]
GHO01093 Capbon Guest House CC Windhoek +264 61 230043 [email protected]
LOD00122 Cape Cross Lodge Henties Bay 64694017 [email protected]
CMP01031 Cape Cross Lodge (Campsite) Henties Bay +264 64 694012 [email protected]
SHU00121 Cape Sparrow Transfers & Tours Windhoek 812394150
TFA00176 Cape to Cairo Safari Windhoek 61230121 [email protected]
SEL00549 Capital Grow Number 27 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
GHO01095 Capricon Guest House & Conference Centre Katima Mulilo +264 66 254797 [email protected]
RES00082 Capricorn Restcamp CC Klein Aub 813642931 [email protected]
SHU00159 Capricorn Shuttle Service Windhoek 812568205
TSO00368 Capricorn Tours Windhoek 61255410 [email protected]
ACT01012 Caprivi Adventures Katima Mulilo +264 81 445 9418 [email protected]
TSO00192 Caprivi Birding Safaris CC Ngweze 66252739 [email protected]
LOD00045 Caprivi Cabins Katima Mulilo 66252288 [email protected]
VEH00026 Caprivi Car Hire CC Windhoek 61256323 [email protected]
TNC00031 Caprivi Houseboad Safaris Katima Mulilo 66686049 [email protected]
TPH00562 Caprivi Hunting CC Windhoek 61234328 [email protected]
TNC00050 Caprivi Mutoya Lodge And Campsite CC Katima Mulilo 814964752 [email protected]
BPH00022 Caprivi Traveller Backpackers Ngweze Katima Mulilo 66252788 [email protected]
VEH00029 Car Hire Omaruru Windhoek 63683312 [email protected]
TSO00355 Caracal Safaris CC Grootfontein 67232055 [email protected]
TPH00170 Caracal Safaris CC Grootfontein 67232055 [email protected]
FOR00058 Caraville Travel International Durban 27312660030 [email protected]
BOO00036 Cardbox Travel Shop Windhoek 61256580 [email protected]
SEL00765 Carien Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
SHU00180 Carlos Shuttle & Tours CC Walvis Bay 64205537 [email protected]
TPH00334 Carneba Hunting Windhoek 61240043 [email protected]
TSO01261 Carnivore Transfer And Tours CC Windhoek 0812163804 [email protected]
GHO01252 Carol K Guesthouse Otjiwarongo +264 812156531 [email protected]
GHO00201 Carols Accommodation Windhoek 61252056 [email protected]
GHO00194 Carolus Guest House Windhoek 61308830 [email protected]
TSO00157 Cars and Guides For Hire CC Swakopmund 812239902 [email protected]
PEN00012 Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel Pension Windhoek 61249623 [email protected]
SEL00370 Casa Blanca Townhouses Windhoek 61249623 [email protected]
PEN01003 Casa Forno Country Hotel CC Otjiwarongo +264 67 304504 [email protected]
HOT00069 Casa Mia Hotel Windhoek 64205975 [email protected]
GHO00167 Casa Primavera Pensao Ohangwena 65264964
SEL01071 Cavallo Self Catering Accommodation Windhoek +264 61 400996 [email protected]
VEH01029 CDM Car Rentals Windhoek +264 61 254057 [email protected]
TPH00457 CEC Safaris Gobabis 811244607 [email protected]
TSO00394 Cela Tours & Transport Windhoek 61223322 [email protected]
SHU00008 Celestial Transfers Windhoek 812488134 [email protected]
BBF00146 Central Cabanas Bed & Breakfast Windhoek 61224569
PEN00054 Central Hotel Omaruru 64570575 [email protected]
HOT00060 Central Lodge Keetmanshoop 63225850 [email protected]
SEL00664 Central Park Unit 18 CC Swakopmund 612991489 [email protected]
BOO00122 CFS Properties and Investment CC Swakopmund 64412320 [email protected]
SHU00020 CH Africa Transport CC Windhoek 812425601 [email protected]
SEL00039 CH DU PLOOY ACCOMMODATION Henties Bay 26464500505
TSO00110 Chacma Tours Windhoek 61235930 [email protected]
SEL00628 Chafrica Accommodation Windhoek 61211187 [email protected]
BPH00019 Chameleon Backpackers Lodge WIndhoek 61244347 [email protected]
BOO00121 Chameleon Holidays and Travel Booking Agency Windhoek 061 309387 [email protected]
TSO00168 Chameleon Safaris Namibia cc Windhoek 61247668 [email protected]
TPH01058 Chapungu-Kambako Hunting Safaris (pty) LTD Windhoek +264 811494130 [email protected]
SEL01069 Chardeenice Self Catering Walvis Bay +264 64 200650 [email protected]
GHO00085 Charlottes Guest Home Swakopmund 64405454 [email protected]
GHO00058 Charlottes Guest House Swakopmund 64405454 [email protected]
GHO00074 Charlottes Guest House Windhoek 855511988 [email protected]
VEH00089 Charly Birding Tours & Safaris Usakos 64530132 [email protected]
TSO00398 Charlys Birding Tours & Safaris CC Usakos 64530132 [email protected]
BPH00069 Cheetah Backpackers Ongwediva 65231530 [email protected]
VEH00034 Cheetah Car Hire CC Oshakati 65231786 [email protected]
ACT00056 Cheetah Conservation Fund Otjiwarongo 67306225 [email protected]
CMP00098 Cheetah Conservation Fund - Lightfoot Camp Otjiwarongo 67306225 [email protected]
BBF00149 Cheetah Conservation Fund Guesthouse Otjiwarongo 67306225 [email protected]
LOD01058 Cheetah Conservation Fund t/a Cheetah View Lodge Otjiwarongo +26467306225 [email protected]
TSO00124 Cheetah Tours and Safaris Windhoek 61230287 [email protected]
BPH01017 Cheshire Home Katima Mulilo 066 253370 [email protected]
TFA00058 Chiefs Adventures CC Windhoek 61307964 [email protected]
SHU01101 Chilianga Transfer and Tours CC Windhoek +264 813119065 [email protected]
TFA00143 China Travel Agency Windhoek 61237777 [email protected]
LOD00110 Chobe Savanna Lodge Katima Mulilo 26772309935 [email protected]
SEL01011 Choice Accommodation Henties Bay +264 64 500498 [email protected]
SHU01081 CHOX SHUTTLE SERVICES Windhoek +264 811298880 [email protected]
FOR01011 CHRIS LE ROUX TOERE CC Windhoek +270 877513915 [email protected]
CMP00192 Chris Lotter Koes 63252709 N/A
TFA00003 Christian s Jagen and Safaris Windhoek 61245533 [email protected]
TPH00127 Christics Adventures Kamanjab 67330234
TPH00379 Christie 's Adventures Kamanjab 67330234 [email protected]
TSO00127 Christie's Adventures Kamanjab 67330234 [email protected]
BOO00012 Christine Booking Agent Hentiesbay 64500820 NA
TPH01063 Chui Hunting Safaris Gobabis +264 62 563712 [email protected]
VEH01046 City Embroiders and Car Rental Services cc Windhoek +264 61242554 [email protected]
SEL00660 City Heights Windhoek 61272849 [email protected]
SEL01247 City Junction Luxury Apartment Unit 1008 Windhoek +264 811277718 [email protected]
BOO00096 Clarkes Aishe Mumwe Investments CC Windhoek 61213355 [email protected]
SHU00091 Clarkes Aishe Mumwe Transport & Travel Windhoek 61213355 [email protected]
SHU00233 Classic Transfers CC Windhoek 818204667 [email protected]
TPH01120 Claude Bouwer T/A Bouwer Hunting Safaris Gobabis +264 813221324 [email protected]
VEH01006 Clear View Car Hire CC Windhoek +264 61 256638 [email protected]
BOO01020 Clock Travel Services CC Windhoek +264 813561345 [email protected]
TSO00317 Close Up Africa Safaris Swakopmund 64404207 [email protected]
TFA01096 Cluster Leaf Safaris CC Windhoek +264 817378313 [email protected]
VEH00122 CM Car Hire & Vehicle Lease Windhoek 61231007
LOD01066 CME African Solution CC T/A Callie's Game Lodge Tsumeb +264 6722604 [email protected]
VEH00015 Coastal Car Hire Walvis Bay 64205345 [email protected]
ACT00045 Coastways Tours Luderitz Luderitz 63202002 [email protected]
TSO00307 COC Trading CC Windhoek 61254500 [email protected]
SEL00190 Collenen Court Windhoek 811282693 [email protected]
LOD00236 Colomba Management Windhoek 61308335 [email protected]
TPH00242 Colombia Management Windhoek 61308335 [email protected]
TPH00190 Combumbi Jagd Windhoek 62561422 [email protected]
BBF01026 Comfort Gardens Bed & Breakfast CC Swakopmund +264 81 2820008 [email protected]
TSO01258 Comfort Tours and Safaris CC Windhoek +264 818458638 [email protected]
TSO01258 Comfort Tours and Safaris CC Windhoek +264818458638 [email protected]
SEL00674 Communard Hundred and Ten CC Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
TPH01010 Companeno Hunting Safari Windhoek +264 64 570920 [email protected]
TFA00157 Compass Travel Namibia Windhoek 61309157 [email protected]
TFA01056 Completsite Tours And Travel CC Windhoek +264 61 230742 [email protected]
GHO00156 Conqueiros Guest House B & B Otjiwarongo 67307388 [email protected]
TFA00160 Conservancy Safaris Namibia Swakopmund 64406136 [email protected]
TSO00179 Conservation Corporation Africa Expeditions Windhoek 61236300 [email protected]
PEN00057 Cori Guest House & Tours Windhoek 61228840 [email protected]
GHO01033 Cornerstone Guesthouse Swakopmund +264 64462468 [email protected]
CMP01065 Cornie Coetzee Safaris Swakopmund +264 812275202 [email protected]
TPH01087 Cornie Coetzee Safaris CC Swakopmund +264 81 2275202 [email protected]
TPH01109 Cornwall Wild Safaris Otjiwarongo +264 67 306260 [email protected]
TPH00282 Corona Hunting Farm Windhoek 61681045 [email protected]
BOO00112 Country Leaving Guest House Otjiwarongo 67303397 [email protected]
PEN00034 Courtyard Hotel Pension Walvis Bay 64213600 [email protected]
BBF01084 Cozy Corner B&B Swakopmund +264 812436555 [email protected]
SEL00013 Cray Fish Creek Swakopmund 64221440 [email protected]
HOT00026 Cresta Pandu Hotel t/a Protea Hotel Ondangwa Ondangwa 65241900 [email protected]
TPH00558 CRIMSON SKY HUNTERS SAFARIS NAMIBIA CC Okahandja 812774385 [email protected]
BOO00029 Croce Del Suel Windhoek 61228651 [email protected]
VEH00035 Cross Roads Car Hire CC Swakopmund 64403777 [email protected]
SEL00733 Crown Court No.8 Henties Bay 64500245 [email protected]
TSO00096 Crown Tours & Safaris Namibia Usakos 64530170 [email protected]
TSO00206 Crown Transfers & Tours CC Windhoek 61308484 [email protected]
SHU01024 Crystal Vault Trading CC Windhoek +264 81 331 0572 [email protected]
TSO01139 D - Tour Adventure and Safari CC Swakopmund +264 64 404080 [email protected]
ACT01009 D TOUR Walvis Bay +264 811 476755 [email protected]
TFA01078 D Tour Adventure and Safari cc Swakopmund +264 64404080 [email protected]
CAR00013 Daan Viljoen Windhoek 612999602 [email protected]
TPH00551 Dabib Hunting Safaris Mariental 63240532 [email protected]
GFA00112 Dabis Guestfarm Helmeringhausen 813108902 [email protected]
TPH00350 Daggaboy Hunting Safaris Windhoek 61234328 [email protected]
SEL00050 Dahoa'M Self-Catering Swakomund 64461536 [email protected]
BPH00064 Dala Darlings Cottage Rundu 66255722 [email protected]
SEL01033 Dalian Self Catering Walvis Bay +264 64 220347 [email protected]
TPH00145 Damara Dik Dik Safaris Tsumeb 67222754 [email protected]
TSO00057 Damara Dik Dik Safaris Tsumeb 67222754 [email protected]
LOD00072 Damara Dik Dik Safaris Tsumeb 67222754 [email protected]
LOD00240 Damara Mopane Lodge Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
SEL01055 Damara Tern Self Catering Walvis Bay +264 811 247246 [email protected]
TNC00006 Damaraland Camp (Pty) Ltd Windhoek 61274500 [email protected]
TSO00067 Damarana Safaris cc. Windhoek 61254606 [email protected]
TPH00317 Dameron Hunting Farm Outjo 67312932 [email protected]
TPH01078 Dammab Hunting Safaris Windhoek +264 61 250399 [email protected]
SEL00567 Dan-Mari Chalets & Bed and Breakfast Outjo 67313481 [email protected]
TSO00219 Dana Safaris Tsumeb 67222988
SEL00604 Dane 01 Swakopmund 64401114 [email protected]
SEL00602 Dane 16 Serenity Properties Swakopmund 64401114 [email protected]
SEL01024 Daniel 's Guesthouse cc Windhoek +264 61 236644 [email protected]
GHO00078 Daniels Guesthouse CC Windhoek 61236644 [email protected]
TPH00435 Dankbaar Hunting Farm Kamanjab 67333218 [email protected]
SHU00012 Danmar Transfers CC Windhoek 61244949 [email protected]
TPH00200 Danube Guest and Hunting Farm Outjo 67312916 [email protected]
BOO00105 Daphne Swanelpoel Properties Swakopmund 64404090 [email protected]
SEL00175 Dare Reich Self Catering Henties Bay 64500433 [email protected]
GHO00232 Das Brukenhaus Windhoek 61223616 [email protected]
CMP00117 Dassiefontein Camp Site Keetmanshoop 63222835 [email protected]
TSO00249 Datour Travelz Windhoek 61222899 [email protected]
CMP01051 Daureb Isib Campsite Uis +264 64 504138 [email protected]
CMP01073 Dauredaman Campsite Uis +264 64 504179 [email protected]
SEL00206 Daus Hausle Swakopmund 64405907
TPH01141 Daybreak Safaris Kalkfeld +264 812951227 [email protected]
BOO01072 De African Safaris T/A DC African Bookings Windhoek +264 814586541 [email protected]
SEL01344 De Baken Self-catering Walvis Bay +264 816088535 [email protected]
HOT00009 De Duine Hotel Henties Bay 64500001 [email protected]
HOT00077 De Duine Hotel Henties Bay 64500001 [email protected]
PEN01002 De Vagebond Hotel Pension cc Windhoek +264 61225500 [email protected]
SHU00066 Deco Construction & Transport Windhoek 61259309 [email protected]
TSO00235 Deco Construction & Transport Windhoek 61259306 [email protected]
BOO00157 Dedune Travel & Tourism Rehoboth 812706533
SHU00224 Delly Tour Transfer Walvis Bay 812597254
VEH01040 Delta Car Hire CC Windhoek +264 811288658 [email protected]
TPH00613 Delta Safaris Hunter & Tours Katima Mulilo 66253996 [email protected]
SHU01115 Delta Shuttle And Tour Services Windhoek +264 811288658 [email protected]
TPH00171 Derleo Developments Windhoek 62540440 [email protected]
TNC00021 Derleo Developments Windhoek 62540411 [email protected]
BOO01013 Desert Ace Charters CC Swakopmund +264 64 463371 [email protected]
TSO00012 Desert Adventure Safaris CC Swakopmund 64403274 [email protected]
BOO01078 Desert Air ( Pty) Ltd Windhoek +264 61 228101 [email protected]
AIR00007 Desert Air Pty Ltd Windhoek 61228101 [email protected]
GHO00254 Desert Breeze Guest House Swakopmund 64406237 [email protected]
TNC00029 Desert Camp Windhoek 63683205 [email protected]
SEL01225 Desert Camp Sesriem +264 63293677 [email protected]
VEH00078 Desert Car Hire Namibia CC Windhoek 61259309 [email protected]
FOR01030 Desert Cool t/a Tours to Africa OTHER +2711 454 2875 [email protected]
BBF00251 Desert Dreams Bed & Breakfast Walvis Bay 64276500 [email protected]
TSO01005 Desert Escape Tours CC Walvis Bay +264 61 202163 [email protected]
ACT00010 Desert Explorers Swakopmund 64406096 [email protected]
SHU01066 Desert Explorers CC Swakopmund +264 64 406096 [email protected]
BOO00090 Desert Explorers Adventure Centre Swakopmund 64406096 [email protected]
TSO00208 Desert Express Windhoek 612982600 [email protected]
LOD01067 Desert Grace Maltahohe +264 811288749 [email protected]
TNL01006 Desert Hills Glamping Camp Maltahohe +264 63693111 [email protected]
LOD01057 Desert Hills Lodge Maltahöhe +264 63 693111 [email protected]
LOD01004 Desert Homestead Lodge Kalkrand +264 63 683103 [email protected]
LOD00232 Desert Homestead Mountain Homestead Windhoek 63683028 [email protected]
LOD01045 Desert Homestead Outpost Kalkrand +264 63 683828 [email protected]
TFA01092 Desert Lions Tours And Safaris Windhoek +264 812619061 [email protected]
BOO00079 Desert Magic Tours CC Windhoek 63202824 [email protected]
ACT00134 Desert Magic Tours CC Luderitz 63202824 [email protected]
GHO01241 Desert Oasis Trading CC Walvis Bay +264 64 207787 [email protected]
SEL01058 Desert Quiver Camp OTHER +264 63 293636 [email protected]
BBF00194 Desert Rendezvous B & B Henties Bay 64500281 [email protected]
TNC00011 Desert Rhino Camp Windhoek 61274500 [email protected]
BOO00059 Desert Sky Backpackers Lodge Swakopmund 64402339 [email protected]
CMP00218 Desert Sky Backpackers Lodge Swakopmund 64402339 [email protected]
BPH00013 Desert Sky Backpackers Lodge Swakopmund 64402339 [email protected]
SEL00065 Desert Stays Self Accommodation Henties Bay 64500820
TSO00336 Desert Tours / F. Bester Swakopmund 64404745 [email protected]
GHO01026 Desert Villa Guesthouse Swakopmund +264 64 406920 [email protected]
TFA01089 Desire Travel Windhoek +264 81 2480677 [email protected]
BOO00086 Destination Swakopmund Swakopmund 64402524 [email protected]
TFA00045 Destinations Travel Windhoek 61375650 [email protected]
TPH01139 Detlef Marggraff Windhoek +264 818766822 [email protected]
TFA01067 Detour Safaris CC Windhoek +264 811469060 [email protected]
ACT00093 Develop Otjiwarongo 67307196 [email protected]
TPH01056 Dew Claw Hunting Witvlei +264 811439026 [email protected]
SHU00175 Dial-A Buddy Transport Services CC Windhoek 816236178 [email protected]
BOO00156 Diamond Destinations CC Windhoek 816033770 [email protected]
SEL01126 Diana's Self-catering Swakopmund +264 811241062 [email protected]
TPH00181 Didimala Safaris Swakopmund 811293177 [email protected]
SEL00598 Die Afrikaanse Taal en Kultuurbond Namibia Swakopmund 812727590
SEL00561 Die Chatties Henties Bay 64500542 [email protected]
TPH00091 Die Keiler Rehoboth 62581414 [email protected]
TPH00023 Die Keiler Farm Westfalenhof Okahandja 62503769 [email protected].com
CMP00134 Die Kraal Grootfontein 812590098 [email protected]
SEL00027 Die Oord (Edu Trust) Henties Bay 64500239 [email protected]
SEL00685 Die Van Der Merwes Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
TPH00078 Diethelm Lothar Redecker Omaruru 64570815
CMP01079 Dik Dik Adventure Mobile Camp Swakopmund +264 812942821 [email protected]
TFA00086 Dik Dik Adventure Tours CC Swakopmund 0812942821 [email protected]
CMP00149 Dinosaurs Tracks Kalkfeld 67290153 [email protected]
BBF00153 Dinosaurs Tracks Kalkfeld 67290153 [email protected]
BOO01003 Diri Daub Tours Windhoek +264 61 257245 [email protected]
TPH00002 Dirk de Bod Safaris Windhoek 61221038 [email protected]
FOR00138 Dirt Diggers Adventurers Namibian Motorbike Tours Cape Town 27215912867 [email protected]
FOR00111 Discover Namibia Safaris Swakopmund 813645069 [email protected]
GHO00208 Discovery Guest House And Car Hire Windhoek 601009503
TSO01053 Discovery Transfer And Tours Windhoek +264 61 302828 [email protected]
TFA00088 Distant Horizons Travel Windhoek 61251881 [email protected]
TSO01048 Distant Horizons Travel cc Windhoek +264 61307949 [email protected]
TPH01124 Divan Labuschmagne Safaris Gobabis +264 62 568417 [email protected]
LOD00060 Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa Divundu 66259005 [email protected]
VEH00041 Dollar Thrifty Car Rental Windhoek 62540202 [email protected]
BBF00147 Dolls Guest House Swakopmund 64462297 [email protected]
LOD00249 Dolomite Camp Windheok 67229800 [email protected]
GHO00137 Dolphin Guest House Walvis Bay 64200036 [email protected]
RES00027 Dolphin Park Walvis Bay 64204343 [email protected]
BOO00189 Dolphin Tours Namibia Swakopmund 64203033 [email protected]
ACT00130 Dolphin Tours Namibia Swakopmund 64406259 [email protected]
TSO00465 Dolphin Tours Namibia Walvis Bay 64203033 [email protected]
SEL01351 Dolphin View Fifty One Langstrand CC Walvis Bay N/A [email protected]
SEL00579 Dolphins View Henties Bay 64500604 [email protected]
SEL00677 Dolphinsight Number 11 CC Walvis Bay 64202408 [email protected]
TFA01090 Don Tours and Safaris Windhoek +264813836153 +264 65221437
TNC01021 Donkerhuk Safaris Karibib +264 812317739 [email protected]
CMP01105 Donnersberg Boerdery and Campsite Windhoek 0811247564 [email protected]
SHU00058 Donnny's Transfers Windhoek 812589343 [email protected]
TFA00163 Dornbusch Car Hire Windhoek 61240388 [email protected]
VEH00001 Dornbusch Car Hire Windhoek 61240388 [email protected]
GFA00007 Dornhugel Farming CC Grootfontein 67240439 [email protected]
LOD00150 Doro !Nawas Camp Windhoek 61274500
BOO01023 Dorothee Travelbrokers Unlimited CC Windhoek +264 61 226494 [email protected]
SEL01150 Dr Eline Van Der Linden Windhoek +264 61259060 [email protected]
BOO01081 Draco Travel & Tours Windhoek +264 61 249239 [email protected]
SEL00124 Draft in Self Catering Windhoek 61252056 [email protected]
FOR00051 Dragoman Overseas Travel Stowmarket 441728861133 [email protected]
SHU01093 Dream Africa Tours & Shuttles CC Windhoek +264 81 3110828 [email protected]
TFA01174 Dream Holiday Tours & Safaris CC Windhoek +264 812052526 [email protected]
HOT01005 Dream Hotels & Conference CC Ondangwa +264 814125544 [email protected]
TSO01034 Dreamscape Namibia Safaris Cc Windhoek +264 61 240837 [email protected]
TPH00492 Drenam Karibib 814449911 [email protected]
GFA00193 Drenam Karibib 64550831 [email protected]
CMP00135 Drenam Pty Karibib 64550831 [email protected]
TPH01167 Dreyer and Clack Safari Namibia CC Windhoek + 264 61 290769 [email protected]
SEL00657 Drie Pikkewyne Henties Bay 64500820
TPH00589 Dries Visser Safaris Windhoek 62561683 [email protected]
TSO00203 Drifers Safari Namibia CC Swakopmund 64462386 [email protected]
FOR01014 Drifters Windhoek +011 888 1160 [email protected]
CMP00189 Drifters Desert Camp Maltahohe N/A [email protected]
LOD00241 Drifters Desert Lodge Maltahohe 816211122 [email protected]
GHO00041 Drifters Inn Swakopmund Swakopmund 64462386 [email protected]
GHO01183 Driftwood Guesthouse Swakopmund 064462628 [email protected]
VEH00115 Drive Namibia Car Hire CC Klein Windhoek 811288392 [email protected]
SHU00084 Drivers On Duty CC Windhoek 61303173 [email protected]
TPH01180 Droe Willem Hunting Safaris CC Rehoboth +264 814964584 [email protected]
VEH00103 Drongo Tours Namibia CC Windhoek 61306960 [email protected]
TSO00316 Drongo Tours Namibia cc Windhoek 61306960 [email protected]
BOO01031 Du Preez Properties CC Henties Bay +264 64 500245 [email protected]
SEL00539 Duenenblick Selfcatering Apartments Swakopmund 64463979 [email protected]
TPH00083 Duiker Safaris Grootfontein 67232626 [email protected]
TPH00378 Duinekraal Grootfontein 67232321 [email protected]
SEL00032 Duineweg 691 Henteis Bay 64500536
SEL00414 Dumela Henties Bay 064 500090
SEL00688 Dumela Self Catering Accommodation Luderitz 63203345 [email protected]
TSO00002 Dunas Safari Windhoek 61231179 [email protected]
CMP01057 Duncans Camp Kamanjab +264 81 6560949 [email protected]
SEL00650 Dune 12 Self Catering Swakopmund 64401114 [email protected]
ACT00023 Dune 7 Sandboarding CC Walvis Bay 811277636 [email protected]
SEL00759 Dune Charlets Walvis Bay 64200606 [email protected]
SHU01026 Dune Shuttle and Tours Cc Walvis Bay +264 64 221131 [email protected]
GHO00086 Dunedin Star Swakopmund 64407105 [email protected]
SEL00179 Dunenweg 19 Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
VEH01064 Dunes Car Hire CC Windhoek +264 811225298 [email protected]
TFA01106 Dunes Car Hire CC Windhoek +264 811225298 [email protected]
BPH00001 Dunes Lodge Swakopmund 64463139 [email protected]
BOO00069 Dunes Tourism & Property Concept CC Swakopmund 64400855 [email protected]
BBF01073 Duneside Bed & Breakfast Swakopmund +264 64464012 [email protected]
BBF00278 Duneside Bed & Breakfast CC Walvis Bay 64221276 [email protected]
BBF00038 Duneside Self Catering Swakopmund 64464012 [email protected]
SEL00058 Duneside Self Catering Swakopmund 64464012 [email protected]
GFA00121 Dusterbrook Guestfarm Windhoek 61232572 [email protected]
CMP00107 Dusternbrook Farm Windhoek 61232572 [email protected]
TSO01160 Dusty Foot Tours & Travels CC Windhoek +264 817163756 [email protected]
TSO01159 Dusty Trails Safaris Henties Bay +264 64500428 [email protected]
TFA01079 Dusty Trails Safaris Hentiesbay +264 6464500428 [email protected]
GFA00211 Duwiseb Guestfarm Maltahohe 63293344 [email protected]
TPH01062 Dzombo Hunting Safaris Windhoek +264 63 2806312 [email protected]
TPH00249 E - A Rusch Windhoek 61235930 [email protected]
SEL00249 E Cilliers Holiday Accommodation Henties Bay 64500604 [email protected]
BBF00074 E M S Bed & Breakfast Rehoboth 62522604
TSO00340 E Meyer's Tours & Safaris CC Omaruru 64571190 [email protected]
TPH00632 E Meyer's Tours and Safaris CC Omaruru +26464571190 [email protected]
TFA00062 E Safaris & Tours Windhoek 61400966 [email protected]
SHU01120 E-Cab Shuttle And Tours CC Windhoek +264 811590553 [email protected]
TPH00252 E. Freyer Windhoek 61235587 [email protected]
TPH00179 E. P. Kratzer Otjiwarongo 67290006
SHU00033 E.E Gaoeb Windhoek 812889285
AIR01002 Eagle Eye Aviation Swakopmund +264 64 463126 [email protected]
SEL00131 Eagle Holiday Flats Henties Bay 64500032 [email protected]
BPH00015 Eagle Overnight Henties Bay 64500032 [email protected]
TNL00004 Eagle Tented Lodge and Spa Outjo 67697047 [email protected]
LOD00123 Eagles Rock Leisure Lodge Farm Baumgatsbrun 61257187 [email protected]
TSO00139 Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris Windhoek 61234542 [email protected]
BOO00031 Eangle Wings Safaris Namibia CC Windhoek 61257463
TFA01097 Earthlink Travels Windhoek +264 61 401868 [email protected]
TNC00019 East Gate Buitepos 62560405 [email protected]
TPH00634 East Gate Hunting Safaris CC Gobabis +264 62 560405 [email protected]
RES00066 East Gate Rest Camp Gobabis 62560405 [email protected]
SHU01070 Easy Cab Shuttles Tours & transfers CC Windhoek +264 61 239898 [email protected]
BBF01025 Easy Sleep Bed and Breakfast Swakopmund +264 811287230 [email protected]
VEH01017 Ebenezer Car Rental CC Windhoek +264 61 256658 [email protected]
TSO00443 Ebony And Ivory Tours And Car Rentals Windhoek 811290972 [email protected]
ACT00011 Eco Marine Kayak Tours CC Walvis Bay 64203144 [email protected]
TFA01067 Eco Safaris and Camps cc Windhoek +264 61 254846 [email protected]
ACT01057 Eco-Gliding Tours CC Walvis Bay +264814304371 [email protected]
SEL00687 Eden Windheok 61234836 [email protected]
RES00105 Eden Country Estate Okahandja 62500907 [email protected]
TPH00086 Eden Hunting & Tourism Grootfontein 67232635 [email protected]
BOO00019 Eden Travel Consultancy Windhoek 61234342 [email protected]
GFA00051 Eden Wildlife Trust Pty Ltd Grootfontein 67232635 [email protected]
GHO01118 Ediva GuestHouse Oshakati +264 65 248899 [email protected]
GHO01084 EDJONGA GUESTHOUSE CC Outapi +264 811244078 [email protected]
VEH01039 Edura Car Rentals Katima Mulilo +264 66252161 [email protected]
CMP01047 Eenhana Woodland Campsite CC Eenhana +264 81 2478872 N/A
SEL00204 Eenyanga Cottage Swakopmund 64461289 [email protected]
FOR00101 Egoli Tours Cape Town 27214626561 [email protected]
FOR01051 Egoli Tours (PTY) LTD Cape Town +27 214626561 [email protected]
TFA01031 Ehiretu Namibia Adventures CC Omaruru +264 817752 886 [email protected]
SHU00163 Ehoro Airport Shuttle & Tours CC Windhoek 62569380 [email protected]
GFA00140 Eileen Guest Farm Omaruru 64570837 [email protected]
TPH00370 Eintracht Jagd Safaris Windhoek 811273832 [email protected]
VEH01093 Ekane Car Rentals Windhoek +264 817871572 [email protected]
GFA00212 Ekararu Bowhunting Farm Okahandja 811241241 [email protected]
TSO00084 Ekasha Tours CC Windhoek 61244174 [email protected]
TSO00074 Ekongo Hunting & Safaris Kamanjab 67330220 [email protected]
TPH00161 Ekongo Hunting Ranch Kamanjab 67330220 [email protected]
TPH00490 Ekuja Hunting Windhoek 62561400 [email protected]
BBF00079 Ekumbi Bed & Breakfast Windhoek 61235335 [email protected]
BBF01062 El - Fam Bed and Breakfast Otjiwarongo +264 67 303182 [email protected]
RES00002 El Jada Rest Camp Swakopmund 64400348 [email protected]
TPH00084 Elandpro Safaris Grootfontein 67232634 [email protected]
SHU01045 ELAVOKO Airport Transfers and Tours cc Windhoek none [email protected]
SEL00426 ELCIN Accommodation Windhoek 61284888 [email protected]
GHO00114 Elcin Guest House Ondangwa 65248189 [email protected]
GHO00071 ELCN Property Company Windhoek 61237943
BPH00028 ELCRN Andreas Kukuri Conference Centre Okahandja 62503331 [email protected]
SEL00363 ELCRN Erholungsheim Swkopmund 64402093
CMP01024 Eldorado Campsite Outjo +264 67 333421 [email protected]
GHO01049 Eldorado Guesthouse Outjo +264 67 333421 [email protected]
TPH00159 Eldorado Wildlife Outjo 67333421 [email protected]
TPH00539 Eldoret Hunting Farm Grootfontein 67232666 [email protected]
SEL01211 Elegant Self Catering Appartment Swakopmund +264 811299392 [email protected]
BPH01011 Element Rider's Place Lüderitz +264 816666599 [email protected]
ACT00142 Element Riders Adventure Sports Swakopmund 812066562 [email protected]
TFA01013 Element Riders Adventure Sports Swakopmund +264 812066562 [email protected]
BOO00030 Elena Travel Service & Car Hire Windhoek 61244443 [email protected]
VEH00018 Elena Travel Services and Car Hire CC Windhoek 61244443 [email protected]
CMP00204 Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) Swakopmund 64402501 [email protected]
SHU01073 Elforec Dial Shuttle And Tours Windhoek +264 811424205 [email protected]
TSO00356 Elgedo Namibia Tours & Services Walvis Bay 64203300 [email protected]
TSO00070 Eli Tours and Safaris Okahandja 61501508 [email protected]
CMP00120 Elisenheim - Camping Windhoek 61264429 [email protected]
GFA00082 Elisenheim Guesthouse Windhoek 61264429 [email protected]
BOO00117 Elite Africa Travel Agency Windhoek 608005397 [email protected]
TPH01064 Elite Safaris CC Windhoek +264 813224774 [email protected]
TSO01025 Elite Safaris CC Windhoek +264 61 304765 [email protected]
BOO01027 Elite Travel Planners (PTY) LTD Windhoek +264 61 250077 [email protected]
FOR01094 Eljosa Travel and Tours Pty Cape Town +2782 611 1115 [email protected]
BBF00107 Elkole B & B Tsumeb 67222075 [email protected]
BPH00060 Elonga-Internship CC Windhoek 61231115 [email protected]
SEL00135 Elshoekie Holiday Accommodation Henties Bay 64500177
TPH00617 Eluwa Safaris Tsumeb 67222883 [email protected]
SHU00004 Elwierda Bus Services Windhoek 61254500 [email protected]
TSO00191 Elzeku Hunting Safaris & Tours Grootfontein 67232665 [email protected]
TPH00511 Emantumba Hunting Services CC Okahandja 62501455 [email protected]
LOD00237 Emanya @ Etosha Windhoek 67230041 [email protected]
BBF01042 Emerald Bed & Breakfast CC Windhoek +264 813497965 [email protected]
TNC01031 Emms Cubango Camp CC Divundu 0813607838 [email protected]
SHU00065 EMT Desert Transfer Windhoek 812491571 [email protected]
BOO00145 En- Route Accommodations Close Coorperation Windhoek 813668172
TSO00310 Endeavour Safaris Swakopmund 64404249 [email protected]
SHU00170 Endola Ilamo Transport Windhoek 61265128
TFA01061 Endombo Tour Consulting CC Swakopmund +264 817907059 [email protected]
TPHA01173 Engelbrecht Hunting Safaris CC Gobabis +264853531500 [email protected]
TPH00258 Engelbrecht Safaris CC Tsumeb 67232050 [email protected]
SHU01005 Engelhardt Transfers CC Windhoek 081 2747354 [email protected]
LOD00065 Eningu Clayhouse Lodge Windhoek 62581880 [email protected]
TFA00016 Enjoy Africa Travel Consultancy Windhoek 61252922 [email protected]
SHU01087 Enrico's Tours and Transfers CC Windhoek +264 818211521 [email protected]
TSO00042 Enyandi Safaris Windheok 61255103 [email protected]
LOD00038 Epacha Game Lodge & Spa Outjo 67697047 [email protected]
TSO01072 Epacha Resorts T/a Epacha Tours And Safaris Outjo +264 67 333423 [email protected]
LOD00073 Epako Kamel Game Ranch Omaruru 64570551 [email protected]
TPH01095 Ependa Hunting Safaris Windhoek + 264 811 271813 [email protected]
SHU01022 Epson T.K Airport Transfers & Tours CC Windhoek +264 812854197
TNC00001 Epupa Camp Windhoek 65685053 [email protected]
LOD01023 Epupa Falls Lodge And Campsite CC OTHER +264 65 695106 [email protected]
ACT00095 Equitrails Namibia CC Windhoek 61264429 [email protected]
TPHA01178 Eraza Safaris Tours And Marketing (PTY) Okahandja +264 816753320 [email protected]
TPH00402 Erden Hunting Safaris Windhoek 812962447 [email protected]
TSO01126 Erembe Safaris CC Windhoek +264 812868450 [email protected]
SEL00669 Erf 1817 Brandbergweg Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
SEL01028 ERF 2131 Hentiesbaai Henties Bay +264 64 500090 [email protected]
SEL00270 Erf Four One Seven Four Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
SEL00150 Erholungsheim Holiday Flats Swakopmund 64402093 [email protected]
LOD00201 Erindi Game Reserve Old Traders Lodge Windhoek 64570802 [email protected]
TPH00178 Erindi Hunting Safaris Windhoek 64570800 [email protected]
GFA00146 Erindi Onganga Gastefarm Omaruru 67290112 [email protected]
RES00107 Erindi Private Game Reserve / Old Traders Lodge Omaruru 64570800 [email protected]
CMP01076 Erindi-Onganga Campsite Omaruru +264 67 290112 [email protected]
GHO00013 Ernis Bistro Gobabis 62565222 [email protected]
SEL01052 Erongo Farmhouse Namibia Omaruru +264 64 570845 [email protected]
TPH00328 Erongo Hunting Safari Omaruru 64571086 [email protected]
TPH00311 Erongo Lodge Omaruru 812525583 [email protected]
LOD00127 Erongo Lodge Omaruru 812525583 [email protected]
CMP00003 Erongo Plateau Camp Omaruru +264812771668 [email protected]
CMP01077 Erongo Rock Campsite Omaruru +264 064 5708450 [email protected]
TNL00010 Erongo Wilderness Lodge Omaruru 64570537 [email protected]
SHU01089 Eros Transfers and Tours Windhoek +264 81 2439964 [email protected]
FOR00072 Escape Expeditions Suffolk 441449775577 [email protected]
TSO00372 Escape Safaris and Tours CC Windhoek 61227357 [email protected]
SHU00139 Eseb Express Tours & Travel CC Windhoek 811280711 [email protected]
GHO01107 Esperanca Guest House cc Windhoek +264 61223368 [email protected]
RES00025 Esplanade Rest Camp Walvisbay 64206145 [email protected]
TSO00094 Esprit D Afrique Windhoek 61253718 [email protected]
BOO01113 Essie Travel Agents CC Oshakati +264 812626002 [email protected]
TPH00487 Estreux Safaris CC Otjiwarongo 811277765 [email protected]
TNC00051 Etambura Camp Swakopmund 64406136 [email protected]
TSO00098 Etango Ranch Guest Farm Windhoek 62540423 [email protected]
GFA00060 Etango Ranch Guestfarm Windhoek 62540451 [email protected]
TSO01141 Etangola Namib Desert Tours Walvis Bay +264 811286910 [email protected]
TSO00119 Etemba Jagd and Safaris Windhoek 61222522 [email protected]
TPH00021 Etemba Jagd Farm Windhoek 61222522 [email protected]
TFA00054 Etende Tours Windhoek 61236029 [email protected]
TNC00018 Etendeka Mountain Camp Kamanjab 811246479 [email protected]
BOO01112 Ethithiya Travel And Tours CC Windhoek 061 401377 [email protected]
TFA00126 Etilona Travel & Tours Windhoek 811487893 [email protected]
LOD00163 Etosha Aoba Lodge Tsumeb 67229100 [email protected]
VEH00063 Etosha Car Hire Cc Windhoek 61236037 [email protected]
CMP00006 Etosha Cattle CC Okaukuejo 811245202 [email protected]
TFA00028 Etosha Fly In Safaris CC Tsumeb 67220574 [email protected]
TSO00245 Etosha Game Viewers Tsumeb 67229115 [email protected]
TPH00456 Etosha Heights Game Safaris Outjo 812624373 [email protected]
TPH01051 Etosha Heights Game Safaris ( PTY ) LTD Outjo +264 811298292 [email protected]
PEN01013 Etosha Hotel CC Outjo +264 67 313130 etoshaho[email protected]
HOT00021 Etosha Hotel CC Outjo 67313130 [email protected]
LOD01082 Etosha King Nehale Lodge Windhoek 0811288749 [email protected]
TNC00015 Etosha Safari Camp Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
LOD00206 Etosha Safari Lodge WIndhoek 61230066 [email protected]
CMP01102 Etosha Trading Post Campsite Windhoek +26467372552 [email protected]
BOO01039 Etosha Travel & Tours CC Windhoek +264 61 236313 [email protected]
BOO01053 Etosha Travel and Tourism Outjo +264 811413839 [email protected]
LOD01063 Etosha Village Lodge Tsumeb 067 333413 [email protected]
LOD00182 Etotongwe Lodge & Camping Outjo 67313333 [email protected]
TSO01080 Etotongwe Tours And Safaris Outjo +264 67 313001 [email protected]
BOO00063 Ettie Cilliers Holiday Homes Hentiesbay 64500604 [email protected]
GHO00204 Etuna Guesthouse Ongwediva 65231177 [email protected]
CMP00150 Etusis Lodge Karibib 64550826 [email protected]
LOD00014 Etusis Lodge CC Karibib 64550826 [email protected]
TPH01115 Eureka Hunting Safaris CC Outjo +264 67 307419 [email protected]
TPH01115 Eureka Hunting Safaris CC Outjo +264 67 307419 [email protected]
TFA01017 Eureka Tours CC Windhoek +264 812617645 [email protected]
SEL00097 Eurodollar Properties CC Walvis Bay 64202876 [email protected]
VEH00057 Europcar Windhoek 27115744300 [email protected]
GHO01188 Eva's Guesthouse Omaruru +264 64 570338 [email protected]
BBF00039 Evas Bed & Breakfast Omaruru 64570338 [email protected]
SEL01015 Eve's Selfcatering Accommodation CC Windhoek +264 61 243 913 [email protected]
SEL00766 Evening Shade Omaruru 64570303 [email protected]
TFA01065 Events Link Africa Windhoek +264 61 251014 [email protected]
CMP00140 Evergreen Campsite Omaruru 812128989 [email protected]
TFA01035 Evolution Travel & Tours CC Windhoek +264 812449835 [email protected]
TFA00093 Ewa CC Windhoek 61303171 [email protected]
ACT00105 Excalibur Tackle CC Henties Bay 811286496 [email protected]
TSO00348 Excalibur Tackle CC Henties Bay 812218157 [email protected]
TFA00005 Exclusive Africa Tours and Safaris Windhoek 61225817 [email protected]
BOO00025 Exclusive Reservations & Marketing CC Windhoek 61237294 [email protected]
FOR00063 Exclusive Safaris Pretoria 27123321400 [email protected]
TSO00313 Exclusive Tour Guides Walvis Bay 64205321 [email protected]
SHU00001 Exclusive Transfer Service Windhoek 61260367 [email protected]
SHU00077 Executive Chaffeurs Windhoek 61210618 [email protected]
TSO01062 Executive Excellence Tours & Transfers Windhoek +264 61 2055114 [email protected]
BOO01048 Executive Travel CC Windhoek +264 61 215456 [email protected]
TPH00244 Exito Hunting and Safaris Gobabis 62561663 [email protected]
TFA00106 Exotic Travel & Safaris CC Windhoek 61400693 [email protected]
SEL00609 Exousia Accommodation Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
BBF01081 Exousia Bed and Breakfast Swakopmund +264 811286701 [email protected]
AIR01001 Expedite Aviation CC Tsumeb +264 67 222862 [email protected]
FOR00094 Expedition Africa Tours Cape Town 27217090897 [email protected]
TFA00012 Experience Namibia Reisen Windhoek 61227611 [email protected]
TPH01016 Experience Namibia Safaris Windhoek +264 81 1288 420 [email protected]
TFA00141 Expertour Namibia Windhoek 61250116 [email protected]
FOR00039 Explo - Tours GmbH Ostermunichen 4980659150 [email protected]
BOO00084 Explore Namibia cc Windhoek 813052924 [email protected]
TSO00392 Explore Namibia Tours CC Windhoek 61304713 [email protected]
SHU00088 Express Radio Taxis Windhoek 61239739 [email protected]
VEH01095 Eya Car Rentals CC Otjiwarongo 0812936736 [email protected]
VEH01094 Eyakulo Car Rentals CC Windhoek +264 61 307352 [email protected]
GHO01181 Eyambeko Guesthouse and Tours CC no 1 Outjo +264 67 313037 [email protected]
GHO01182 Eyambeko Guesthouse and Tours CC no 2 Outjo +264 67 313037 [email protected]
VEH00108 Eylu Camping & Tours CC Walvis Bay 64206549 [email protected]
GHO00005 F G A The Seven Valleys Oshakati 65231049 [email protected]
SEL00237 F N Vermeulen Henties Bay 64500552
BPH01043 F. T. H. Backpackers Ohangwena +264 816382789 [email protected]
SEL01163 Faan Bergh Self Catering Accommodation (PTY) Ltd Windhoek +264 811505020 [email protected]
TFA00072 Face -to -Face -Tours Windhoek 61265446 [email protected]
FOR00054 Fairfield Tours Parow 750 Cape Town 27219364600 [email protected]
TFA00164 Fairfield Tours Namibia Windhoek 61444000 [email protected]
BBF00168 Fairhaven Bed & Breakfast Walvis Bay 64270100 [email protected]
GHO00021 Falconnest B & B Otjiwarongo 67302616 [email protected]
SHU01155 Falk Transfers cc Otjiwarongo +264 67304388 [email protected]
TPH00598 Falken Horst Safaris Windhoek 63293520 [email protected]
TSO00335 Family Fun Tours Walvis Bay 816261714 [email protected]
FOR01059 Fangs and Feathers PTY Ltd Cape Town +270 60 9838513 [email protected]
GHO00075 Fantasia Guest House Ondangwa 65240528
SHU01135 Fanu Tours & Transfers CC Windhoek +264 816985845 [email protected]
TSO00111 Far and Beyond Tours & Safaris Walvis Bay 811277487 [email protected]
BOO00102 Far Out Booking Agents CC Swakopmund 64405989 [email protected]
SEL00676 Farm Aar Geopark Aus 63683100 [email protected]
CMP00014 Farm Aubures Camp Helmeringhausen 63683314 [email protected]
TPH00294 Farm Bodenhausen Windhoek 811272946 [email protected]
BBF00157 Farm Breitenbach Grootfontein 67231567 [email protected]
CMP01113 Farm Claratal Campsite Windhoek +264 61235587 [email protected]
TPH00298 Farm Dorka Windhoek 812485497 [email protected]
BBF00132 Farm Eureka B & B Okahandja 62518139 [email protected]
GFA00016 Farm Felseneck Okahandja 62503545 [email protected]
TPH00013 Farm Felseneck Okahandja 813478876 [email protected]
GFA00122 Farm Finkenstein Guestfarm Windhoek 61234751 [email protected]
BBF00086 Farm Friedrichstal B & B Grootfontein 67240305 [email protected]
TPH00263 Farm Garib Dordabis 62573568 [email protected]
TPH00338 Farm Ghaub Grootfontein 67240188 [email protected]
SEL00166 Farm Gunsbewys Helmeringhausen 63683053 [email protected]
CMP00121 Farm Gunsbewys Helmeringhausen 63683053 [email protected]
BBF00005 Farm Heimat Windhoek 62581650 [email protected]
GHO01180 Farm House Deli and Store Guesthouse Tsumeb +264 67222182 [email protected]
TPH00270 Farm Kalidona Okahandja 62518023
RES00080 Farm Kalkhugel No 12 Grootfontein 67243110 N/A
TPH01099 Farm Katjapia Okahanja +264 812798858 [email protected]
TPH00399 Farm Kuduberg Omaruru 64570853 [email protected]
BBF00071 Farm Landsberg Helmeringhausen 63683050 [email protected]
LOD00234 Farm Lodge Fest Inn Fels Luderitz 63683247 [email protected]
BBF00188 Farm Omburo Ost Outjo 67687208 [email protected]
TPH00549 Farm Otjiseva Windhoek 61238937 [email protected]
TPH00574 Farm Richthofen Farming Windhoek 61231056 [email protected]
BBF00275 Farm Robyn Kamanjab 812988887 [email protected]
GFA00108 Farm Ruppell Omaruru 67290178 [email protected]
TPH01083 Farm Sachsenwald Hunting Witvlei +264 62 570086 [email protected]
BBF00063 Farm Tiras B&B Camping Helmeringhausen 63683048
TPH00283 Farm Wildernis Windhoek 62518044 [email protected]
ACT01036 Farm Windhoek Adventure Tourism cc Windhoek +264 61240594 [email protected]
CMP00030 Farm Xaragu Khorixas 67331452 [email protected]
VEH01027 Farmstyle Tours Operator & Vehicle Rental Windhoek +264 63242580 [email protected]
FOR00035 Fascination Africa Gerson Travel Windhoek 811271246 [email protected]
BBF00260 Fasee Bed & Breakfast CC Windhoek 814954258
BBF01037 Fatizo Bed and Breakfast CC Windhoek +264 61 301612 [email protected]
TFA01029 Favour Tour Agent Windhoek +264 813213111 [email protected]
GHO00004 Feathers Inn Guest House Walvis Bay 64209799 [email protected]
ACT00076 Felix Unite Orange River Noordoewer 63297161 [email protected]
RES00071 Felix Unite Orange River Noordoewer 63297161 [email protected]
SEL00218 Felsenblick Accommodation Windhoek 61232739 [email protected]
TSO00330 Fiddlers Tours Walvis Bay 64220234 [email protected]
TPH01080 Fielder Hunting Safaris (Pty) Ltd Windhoek +264 62 581 605 [email protected]
SHU01057 FIF0 INVESTMENTS CC Windhoek +264 812388161 [email protected]
GHO01020 Fig Tree Guesthouse Windhoek +264 61 400966 [email protected]
TPH00579 Finkenstein Guestfarm Windhoek 61234751 [email protected]
GHO00111 Finless Trading Mangarangandja Guesthouse Rundu 811280549
TSO00165 Fire Lily Tours CC Windhoek 61252960 [email protected]
SEL01068 Fiscon Flat Henties Bay +264 64 500245 [email protected]
BBF00162 Fish Eagles Nest Katima Mulilo 66254287 [email protected]
BOO00072 Fish for Fun t/a Adventure in Namibia Swakopmund 64462878 [email protected]
LOD00211 Fish River Lodge CC Windhoek 61233996 [email protected]
SHU01021 Fish River Tours and Transfers Windhoek +264 813734210 [email protected]
SEL01025 Fish-Fever Cabin Henties Bay +264 811480131 [email protected]
CMP00191 Fishermann Nest CC / Fishermanns Inn Guest House Henties Bay 811298162 [email protected]
GHO00241 Fishermans Guesthouse Henties Bay 813032694 [email protected]
GHO00203 Fishermans Inn Henties Bay 811298162 [email protected]
CMP01020 Fishers Pan Game Farm (Tamboti Campsite) OTHER +264 61 237055 [email protected]
TNC01010 Fiume Bush Camp Grootfontein +264 67 240486 [email protected]
ACT00126 Five Star Fly-in Safaris Windhoek 61236630 [email protected]
TFA01084 Five Stars Tours and Safaris Windhoek 0813957489 [email protected]
BOO00173 Flamingo Holidays & Travel Bureau Windhoek N/A
TFA00051 Flamingo Travel CC Windhoek 61304070 [email protected]
PEN01006 Flamingo Villas Windhoek +264 8162000930 [email protected]
SEL00599 Flat @ Swakop Swakopmund 64407033 [email protected]
SEL00167 Flat No 6 An Der Waterkrant Swakopmund 811290642 [email protected]
FOR01089 Fleet Foot Safaris Knysna +27443810181 [email protected]
BOO01021 Fli- Africa Travel Services Walvis Bay +264 64 220339 [email protected]
FOR01041 Flight Centre Business Travel Durban +27 11 778 1353 [email protected]
SHU00070 Flokkies Tours & Transfer Services Windhoek 813068763
BPH00025 Florida Accommodation Grunau 811284294 [email protected]
TSO01275 Flyboy Tours And Safaris CC Windhoek N/A [email protected]
TSO00077 Focus Travel Centre CC Windhoek 61257825 [email protected]
FOR00104 Focused Travel & Tours Francistown 2672420111 [email protected]
SEL00153 Footprints Swakopmund 64403042 [email protected]
TFA00159 For You Travel & Conferencing CC Windhoek 812600686
LOD00146 Fort Sesfontein Lodge & Safari Swakopmund 65685034 [email protected]
SEL00211 Four Season Lodge CC Rosh Pinah 63274416 [email protected]
VEH01097 Four Seasons Lodge and Car Hire N/A +264 63 274416 [email protected]
LOD00140 Four Seasons Lodge CC Rosh Pinah 63274416 [email protected]
SEL00555 Four Seasons Self Catering Windhoek 812417533
SEL00691 Four Seasons Self-Catering Accomodation Luderitz 812428174 [email protected]
SEL00707 Fouries Nest Windhoek 61229221 [email protected]
FOR00120 Fouriesburg Country Tours CC Fouriesburg 27582230207 [email protected]
SHU00039 Foxtrot Tours Windhoek 61229941 [email protected]
GHO00191 Franco Stones Guesthouse Rundu N/A [email protected]
GHO00073 Frank Stone Guest House Windhoek 61239212
SEL00771 Frank's Property Holdings Hundred CC Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
LOD00126 Frans Indongo Lodge Otjiwarongo 67307946 [email protected]
CMP00118 Frans Indongo Lodge Otjiwarongo 67309746 [email protected]
SEL00761 Fresh N Wild T/A The Village Courtyard Suites Windhoek 61400510 [email protected]
SEL01193 Freyer's Rest Keetmanshoop CC Keetmanshoop +264 63223346 [email protected]
TPH00367 Friedl Safaris Hochfeld 62549134 [email protected]
TSO01099 Frozen Lemon Safaris (pty) Ltd Windhoek +264 61 301563 [email protected]
TSO01064 Furaha Tours & Safaris Windhoek +264 813671908 [email protected]
FOR00087 Furlongs Travel Cranbrook 441580240240 [email protected]
FOR01056 Future Coaches and Tours Pretoria +27 87 94106496 [email protected]
TSO01155 Fying Coffee Pot Shuttle & Tours CC Walvis Bay +264 811287455 [email protected]
SEL01073 Fynbos Self Catering cc Windhoek +264 812046737 [email protected]
SHU00024 G A Henckert Transfers Windhoek 61223531 [email protected]
FOR01028 G Adventures South Africa (Pty) LTD Cape Town +27 (0) 729483121 [email protected]
SHU01027 G Jossy and Son Tour Servicess CC Walvis Bay +264 81 294 4103 [email protected]
SEL00100 G Rossouw Henties Bay 64500425 [email protected]
TSO00431 G Trading CC Oshakati 811295878 [email protected]
SEL00162 G W Fourie Henties Bay 64508536
TFA01048 G. Doeseb Investments And Travel Agent CC Windhoek +264 61261857
TPH00467 G. J. Opperman Grootfontein 67232629 [email protected]
SEL00730 G. Stubenrauch Henties Bay 64500245 [email protected]
SHU00038 G. Uugwanga Transfers Windhoek 812592486
VEH01007 G.F.I CC Windhoek +264 814170692 [email protected]
SHU00173 G.M.S Transfer & Tours CC Windhoek 812504217 [email protected]
BOO01124 Gabi's Travel Agency Windhoek +264 81 3093496 [email protected]
TPH00120 Gabus Game Ranch Otavi 67234291 [email protected]
GFA00127 Gabus Game Ranch Otavi 67234291 [email protected]
GHO01159 Gaga GuestHouse Rundu +264 811497110 [email protected]
TPH00307 Gairib Game - Natalia Windhoek 812154162
TSO00452 Galaxy Travel & Tour CC Windhoek 61265069 [email protected]
GHO00222 Galton House Windhoek 61230412 [email protected]
TSO00173 Gamakarab Cave and Bow Hunting Outjo 67313827 [email protected]
SHU01097 Gamalia Tours & Airport Transfer CC Windhoek +264 81 8001820 [email protected]
GFA00028 Game Farm Melrose Windhoek 61234298 [email protected]
TPH01040 Game Trackers Africa Safaris CC Swakopmund +264 81 481 9222 [email protected]
TPH01085 Gamis Farm CC Maltahöhe +264 811284959 [email protected]
BBF01022 Gamis Farm Cc Maltahöhe +264 811284959 [email protected]
CMP00036 Gamkarab Cave & Adventure Trails Outjo 67313827 [email protected]
RES00036 Gamkarab Cave & Adventure Trails Outjo 67313827 [email protected]
TPH00344 Gamkarab Cave & Adventure Trails Outjo 67313827 [email protected]
SEL00125 Gamsberg Windhoek 811274413 [email protected]
SEL00369 Gamsberg Accommodation Henties Bay 64
TPH00104 Ganeib Jagd and Gastefarm Windhoek 62573565 [email protected]
GFA00065 Ganeib Jagd and Gastefarm Windhoek +264 67290190 [email protected]
TFA01008 Garere Tour CC Windhoek +264 61 258790 [email protected]
RES00059 Garies Rest Camp Klein Aub 62572007 [email protected]
GHO00133 Garnet Guesthouse Oranjemund 63239400 [email protected]
BBF00212 Gasenairob Bed & Breakfast Outjo 67313898 [email protected]
GFA00125 Gastefarm Chairos Kamanajb 813245332 [email protected]
TPH00275 Gastefarm Chairos Kamanjab 813245332 [email protected]
TPH00419 Gastefarm Erindi Onganga Omaruru 67290112 [email protected]
GFA00123 Gastefarm Niedersachsen Windhoek 62572200 [email protected]
GFA00026 Gastefarm Otjitambi Outjo 67312138 [email protected]
CMP00187 Gastefarm Wustenquell Swakopmund 64530811 [email protected]
GHO00039 Gastehaus Tamboti Windhoek 61235515 [email protected]
CON01002 Gateway Centre Windhoek +264 61220623 [email protected]
TSO00186 Gava Eplorations CC Walvis Bay 812228249 [email protected]
TSO00477 Gayane Trading Enterprises CC Windhoek +264812326891 [email protected]
ACT00099 Gazella Tours CC Windhoek 811484240 [email protected]
TFA00172 Gazella Tours CC Windhoek 811484240 [email protected]
SEL01248 Geca Selfcatering Walvis Bay +264 811294399 [email protected]
TSO00466 Gecko Adventures CC Swakopmund 813550847 [email protected]
VEH00082 Gecko Car Rental Windhoek 61309408 [email protected]
SHU00223 Gecko Tours & Transfers CC Windhoek 812361645 [email protected]
GHO00171 Geckos Guesthouse Gobabis 62565175 [email protected]
BBF00016 Gelbingen Lodge & Safaris Kamanjab 67330277 [email protected]
TPH00400 Gelbingen Lodge & Safaris Kamanjab 67330277 [email protected]
LOD00208 Gelbingen Lodge & Safaris Kamanjab 67330277 [email protected]
LOD01060 Gelnhausen Game Lodge CC Otavi +264 814846664 [email protected]
GFA00074 Gelukspoort Guestfarm CC Outjo 67312025 [email protected]
TFA01165 Gemsbok Namibia Safaris & Tours CC Rehoboth 0813119239 [email protected]
BBF00256 Geoline Bed & Breakfast Katima Mulilo 66252034 [email protected]
TPH00191 Gero Diekmann Okahandja 62518091 [email protected]
TFA01072 Gerrie's Tours and Travels Windhoek ++264 812730949 [email protected]
CMP00153 Gerus Campsite Otjiwarongo 813964158 [email protected]
GHO00048 Gesserts Guesthouse Keetmanshoop 63223892 [email protected]
TPH00202 Getaway Kalahari Safaris Gobabis 62571769 [email protected]
FOR00080 Getaway Tours & Safaris Malelalne 27137900609 [email protected]
VEH01051 GG Indongo Family Car Hire & Project Logistics CC Windhoek +264 61 301751 [email protected]
TFA00047 Ghetto Africa Safaris Windhoek 61261906 [email protected]
TSO00318 Ghost Coast Tours Henties Bay 64500585 [email protected]
PEN01022 Giardino Boutique Hotel Swakopmund +264 403210 [email protected]
TPH01111 Gibbs Hunting Safaris Mariental +264 81 4850100 [email protected]
TPH00527 Girib-Ost Jadg Farm Windhoek 61261641 [email protected]
TPH00582 Gladstone Hunting Grootfontein 67235056 [email protected]
SEL01355 Glamping Namibia Kameeldoring Camp cc Windhoek +264 814418980 [email protected]
CMP01112 Glamping Namibia Kameeldoring Camp CC Windhoek +264 81 441 8980 [email protected]
SEL01091 Glen's Selfcatering Swakopmund +264 64405781 [email protected]
TPH00194 Glenorkie Hunting Farm Windhoek 62561435 [email protected]
TFA01062 Global Birds Conservation And Tours Cc Windhoek +264 811 298415 [email protected]
FOR01022 Global Travel Alliance (Namibia) Cape Town 021-8337200 [email protected]
FOR00056 Globe Lotter Tours CC Cape Town 27216897742 [email protected]
GFA00168 Glyberg Guestfarm Windhoek 61257257
GHO01011 Glymil Investments T/a Da Gratia Guesthouse Windhoek +264 61 253006 [email protected]
LOD01064 Gnou Mini Lodge & Conference Okahandja +264 62500489 [email protected]
TSO01165 Go Gravel Photo Safaris CC Sesriem +264 811555512 N/A
BOO00140 Go Namibia Tours Windhoek 61246507 [email protected]
FOR00116 Go South and Go Explore Den Haan 31203505600 [email protected]
FOR00112 Go Tourism Promotions CC Cape Town 27214618455 [email protected]
RES01031 Goainikontes Oasis Swakopmund +264 64405976 [email protected]
RES00101 Goanikontes - Oasis Swakopmund 64405976 [email protected]
GFA01012 GoaniKontes Oasis Walvis Bay +264 64405776 [email protected]
RES00035 Goba Lodge & Rest Camp Gobabis 62564499 [email protected]
LOD00108 Goba Lodge & Rest Camp Gobabis 62564499 [email protected]
GHO00012 Gobabis Guest House Gobabis 62563189 [email protected]
TPH00488 Gobasib Hunting Farm Grootfontein 67240452
CMP01025 Gochas Village Council Campsite Gochas +264 63 250019 [email protected]
LOD00059 Gocheganas Nature Reservations Windhoek 61305527 [email protected]
SHU00144 Gocheganas Nature Reserve & Wellness Village Windhoek 61224909 [email protected]
GFA00070 Goedehoop Guestfarm Aranos 63275057 [email protected]
TPH00428 Goedehoop Hunting Safaris Omaruru 64571188 [email protected]
LOD00177 Goibib Mountain Lodge Keetmanshoop 63683130 [email protected]
TSO01073 Golden Tours and Safaris Swakopmund +264 64 463250 [email protected]
TFA00055 Goldwing Tourism CC Windhoek 61222506 [email protected]
TSO00449 Goldwing Tourism CC Windhoek 61222506 [email protected]
TFA01050 Gondwana Travel Centre Windhoek +264 61 427232 [email protected]
SHU01020 Good Will Investments Windhoek +264 81 421 851
GFA00087 Goodhope Country Gobabis 62563700 [email protected]
BBF01040 Goodliving Bed & Breakfast Windhoek +264 813400361 [email protected]
SEL01010 Gordon Trading Cc Walvis Bay +264 64 202543 [email protected]
SEL00018 Gory's Cave Walvis Bay 812449750
TSO00147 Gourmet Tours Windhoek 61231281
TPH00483 Gousland Safaris Windhoek 61237856
SEL01228 Gouws Self Caterings CC Windhoek 081199965 [email protected]
BBF00205 Grace Bed & Breakfast Windhoek 61306316
BBF00267 Grace Bed & Breakfast Swakopmund 811224293 [email protected]
GHO00193 Grand Mike Guest House Windhoek 61272222 [email protected]
LOD00089 Grande View Lodge Keetmanshoop 63683005 [email protected]
TSO00325 Grandeur Nature Safaris Windhoek 61306583 [email protected]
TFA00114 Granelli Di Sabbia Web Tour Operator CC Windhoek 812218343 [email protected]
LOD00062 Gras Game Lodge Kalkrand 63264141 [email protected]
TPH00288 Gras Hunting CC Kalkrand 63264141 [email protected]
BOO01002 Grass Root Travels Windhoek 812739088 [email protected]
ACT00030 Gravel Travel Motorbike Adventures CC Windhoek 61257053 [email protected]
SHU01130 Green Valley Shuttle and Tours CC Windhoek +264 81 2187760 [email protected]
TPH00316 Grobbelaar Hunting Safaris Grootfontein 67232616 [email protected]
SEL00589 Grobler Chalets Henties Bay 64500604 [email protected]
BOO01076 Grodt Booking Agent (Namibia) CC Windhoek +264 61 305601 [email protected]
GFA00139 Groot Gamsberg Ranch Windhoek 62572188 [email protected]
LOD00145 Grootberg Lodge Grootberg 67687043 [email protected]
GHO01194 Grootfontein Guesthouse Grootfontein +264 813172525 [email protected]
TPH00053 Gross - Okandjou Omaruru 64570225 [email protected]
GFA00043 Gross - Okandjou Omaruru 64570925 [email protected]
CMP01021 Gross Barmen Resorts Okahandja +264 62 401091 [email protected]
LOD01014 Gross Barmen Resorts Okahandja +264 62 501091 [email protected]
GFA00090 Grosswarlencourt Guestfarm Otjiwarongo 67306680 [email protected]
BOO00091 Ground Rush Adventures CC Swakopmund 64402841 [email protected]
ACT00039 Ground Rush Adventures CC Swakopmund 64402841 [email protected]
VEH00112 Grown Tours & Safaris Namibia Usakos 64530170 [email protected]
PEN01012 Grunau Country Hotel Grunau +264 63 262001 [email protected]
PEN00045 Grunau Country House Grunau 62262001 [email protected]
RES00058 Grunau Country House Grunau 63262001 [email protected]
RES00011 Grunau Motors Chalets Grunau 63262026 [email protected]
TPH00070 Grunental Hunting & Guest Farm Witvlei 62570312
SEL00140 Gudde Accommodation Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
BOO00187 Gudruns Tours Otjiwarongo 67306465 [email protected]
GFA00091 Guest Farm Ghaub Grootfontein 67687244 [email protected]
GFA00008 Guest Farm Kalkfontein Grootfontein 67243731 [email protected]
TSO00031 Guest Farm Kiripotib Windhoek 62581419 [email protected]
CMP00031 Guest Farm Niedersachen Windhoek 62572200 [email protected]
TPH00128 Guest Farm Niedersachsen Windhoek 62572200 [email protected]
GFA00023 Guest Farm Oase Otjiwarongo 67309010 [email protected]
TPH00313 Guest Farm Okomitundu Okahandja 62503901 [email protected]
GHO00063 Guest House Bavaria Rundu 66255377 [email protected]
GHO00161 Guest House Casa Bem Vindo Windhoek 61249249 [email protected]
BBF00134 Guest House Flats Oranjemund 63239400 [email protected]
GHO00077 Guest House Indongo Walvis Bay 64414750 [email protected]
SEL01013 Guest House Van Rhyn Henties Bay +262 62 568036 [email protected]
GFA00114 Guestfarm Etendero Omaruru 64570927 [email protected]
GFA00180 Guestfarm Ousema Okahandja 67306259 [email protected]
GFA00175 Guestfarm Woltemade Okahandja 62518075 [email protected]
GHO01149 Guesthouse Amora Opuwo +264 81 2535617 [email protected]
SEL01014 Guesthouse Biewenga Henties Bay +264 62 562348 [email protected]
BBF00084 Guesthouse Fischreiher Swakopmund 64462930 [email protected]
GHO01111 Guesthouse Fischreiher Swakopmund +264 64462930 [email protected]
GFA00135 Guesthouse Okatjiho Okahandja 62503835 [email protected]
GHO00049 Guesthouse Omeg Alle Tsumeb 67220631 [email protected]
GHO00051 Guesthouse Villa Nina Okahandja Okahandja 62502497 [email protected]
TPH00012 Gun and Bow Hunting Safaris Windhoek 811286821 [email protected]
SEL01240 Guns Reef Self-catering Accommodation Walvis Bay +264 811488088 [email protected]
BPH00063 Guo Guest House Katima Mulilo 6129961111
FOR00028 Gusko CC Cholchester 27414680055 [email protected]
GHO01048 Gwandobe Guesthouse Keetmanshoop +264 811275704
SHU01034 Gwanyemba Investments Cc Windhoek +264 61 2053119 [email protected]
FOR01003 Gyro Tours Africa OTHER +0027 31 5699100 [email protected]
SEL00006 H & H Accommodation Henties Bay 64500908 [email protected]
TFA00130 H B Viaggi Tours CC Windhoek 813280352 [email protected]
SEL00043 H J Blaauw Witvlei 62570326 [email protected]
SEL00283 H J Rietdakkies 1B Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
SEL00729 H Nel Henties Bay 64500245 [email protected]
TPH00207 H Pack Hunting Witlvei 62570327 [email protected]
TSO00093 H Pack Tours Witvlei 62570327 [email protected]
TPH00222 H. G. Voights Okahandja 62501379 [email protected]
TPH00204 H. Kieckebusch Windhoek 61232625 [email protected]
SHU00142 H.F Shuttle Service Rehoboth 62522802
SHU00120 H.K.S Airport Transfers Windhoek 813946594
TFA00092 H3Reizen Windhoek 61400981 [email protected]
TPH00007 Haasenhof Gaste Farm Okahandja 62503827 [email protected]
GFA00037 Haasenhof Guest Farm Okahandja 62503827 [email protected]
TNL01011 Habitas Lodge Windhoek +264 811294326 [email protected]
GHO00160 Hadassa Guest House Otjiwarongo 67307505 [email protected]
BBF01085 Hafeni Bed and Breakfast Walvis Bay +264 64 400731 [email protected]
ACT00109 Hafeni Cultural Tours Swakopmund 64400731 [email protected]
TSO01030 Hafeni Tours And Travel CC Swakopmund +264 64 400731 [email protected]
SHU01018 Hagios Feu Investments CC Windhoek +264 81 259 4150 [email protected]
CMP01070 Hai-//om Campsite Outjo +264 67 313790 [email protected]
SEL01195 Hai-//om Selfcatering Outjo +264 812900406 [email protected]
TSO01002 Hai-//om Tranfers - Shuttles and Safaris CC Outjo 812118048 [email protected]
TPH00162 Hairibib Jagd Grootfontein 67240329 [email protected]
TNC01024 HAIS RA /UI KAI TSUBES LODGE CC Khorixas +264 813868637 [email protected]
TSO00422 Hakahana Namibia Adventure Safaris CC Walvis Bay 64200324 [email protected]
GFA00029 Hakos Guestfarm Windhoek 62572111 [email protected]
TPH01130 Hakuna Matata Hunting Safaris CC Windhoek +264 812300207 [email protected]
LOD00055 Hakusembe River Lodge Rundu 66257010 [email protected]
CMP00027 Hakusembe River Lodge Rundu 66257010 [email protected]
TSO01265 Halala Africa Tour and Safari Windhoek +26461287187 N/A
RES00045 Halali Resort Tsumeb 67229400 [email protected]
SEL00393 Halfway Overnight Selfcatering Karibib 64550040 [email protected]
SEL00495 Hallie Investment Nr 133 CC Windhoek 61224898 [email protected]
SHU01092 HALLIE'S SHUTTLE AND TOURS Windhoek +264 61245190 [email protected]
TPH00129 Hamakari / W.G Diekmann Otjiwarongo 67306633 [email protected]
CMP00119 Hamakari Camping Otjiwarongo 67306633 [email protected]
GFA00079 Hamakari Guestfarm Otjiwarongo 67306633 [email protected]
SEL00015 Hametree Holiday Flat Walvis Bay 812296468
LOD00112 Hammerstein Lodge Maltahohe 63693111 [email protected]
RES00030 Hammerstein Rest Camp Maltahohe 63693111 [email protected]
FOR00049 Hanekom's Bus Services CC Cape Town 27219381452 [email protected]
SEL00340 Hanko Properties Johannesburg 64405226 [email protected]
FOR00095 Hannibal - Tours Gallen 41712791330 [email protected]
BOO00062 Hannie Booking Agent Hentiesbay 64500479 [email protected]
SEL00527 Hannie Booking Agent Henties Bay 64500479 [email protected]
SEL00231 Hannie Booking Agent Erf 1311 Oshakati 64500479
TPH00168 Hans Hunt Windhoek 61233903 [email protected]
SEL00629 Hans Kriess Properties CC Swakopmund 64402011 [email protected]
SEL00057 Hansa Haus Accommodation Luderitz 63306204 [email protected]
HOT00032 Hansa Hotel CC Swakopmund 64414200 [email protected]
BOO00170 Hansa Hotel CC Swakopmund 64414200 [email protected]
BOO01056 Hansen's Booking Agency CC Windhoek +264 (0)812048350 / +264 (0)818805134 [email protected]
GHO01254 Happy Forest Guest House & Campsite Katima Mulilo +26466252509 [email protected]
SHU00205 Happy Investment CC Windhoek 61210052 [email protected]
RES00043 Hardap Recreation Resort Mariental 63240381 [email protected]
TSO00122 Hardrock Safaris CC Windhoek 61226962 [email protected]
CON01001 Harlief Rooftop Bistro & Conference Centre Windhoek +264 61 267710 [email protected]
CMP01042 Harmonie C28 Campsite Windhoek +264 61 681065 [email protected]
TPH01103 Harmonie C28 Hunting Safaris Windhoek +264 61 681065 [email protected]
SEL01096 Harmonie C28 Selfcatering & Camping Windhoek +264 61681065 [email protected]
BOO00158 Harnas Wildlife Foundation Windhoek 811403322 [email protected]
BPH00053 Harnas Wildlife Foundation Gobabis 62568828 [email protected]
GFA00015 Harnas Wildlife Foundation / Guest Farm Gobabis 62568828 [email protected]
LOD00001 Harnas Wildlife Foundation Lodge Outjo 67687100 [email protected]
SHU00196 Harrys Airport & Tours Windhoek 813356396
TPH01112 Hartland Hunting Safaris Namibia Grootfontein +264 811 2593171 [email protected]
SEL00739 Hartmann Suites Windhoek 61230347 [email protected]
TPH00439 Haruchas Guest Farm Windhoek 63683071 [email protected]
GFA00145 Haruchas Guestfarm Windhoek 63683071 [email protected]
ACT00057 Hata and Angu Cultural Tours CC Swakopmund 64461118 [email protected]
TSO00153 Hata Angu Cultural Tours CC Swakopmund 64461118 [email protected]
TPH01009 Hatagob Trophy Hunting & Guest Farm Windhoek +264 61 245416 [email protected]
TPH00560 Hatari Hunting Safaris CC Henties Bay 812803584 [email protected]
CMP00069 Hauchabfontein Camping Windhoek 63293433 [email protected]
TFA00101 Haulamba Safaris Windhoek 811295147 [email protected]
SEL00272 Haus Am Meer No 11 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
BBF00052 Haus Estnic B & B Henties Bay 64501902 [email protected]
PEN00019 Haus Garnison Swakopmund 64403340 [email protected]
BBF00093 Haus Heide Mariental 63240531 [email protected]
GHO01075 Haus Henry Investments Cc Lüderitz +264 63 204198 [email protected]
BBF01086 Haus Mopanie Tsumeb +264 81 3658844 [email protected]
SEL01189 Haus Moselland Self-catering Accommodation Swakopmund +264 81464699 [email protected]
BBF00018 HAUS OL-GA Windhoek 61235853 [email protected]
SEL00403 Haus Rosemund 20 Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
SEL00004 Haus Sandrose Luderitz 63202630 [email protected]
GHO00024 Haus Sonneneck Windhoek 61225020 [email protected]
BBF00112 Haus Veronika Bed & Breakfast CC Swakopmund 64404915 [email protected]
SEL01084 Haven Ava SelfCatering Windhoek +264 61 229796 [email protected]
TPH00581 Hawk - Eye Safaris Tsumeb 812288048 [email protected]
TPH01171 Hawk-Eye Safari Tsumeb 0812288048 [email protected]
TPH00555 Hayas Hunting Otavi 67234512 [email protected]
VEH01009 HB Viaggi Tours Cc Windhoek +264 61 215558 [email protected]
BBF01018 Health & Aroma Wellness Centre CC T/A Farm Robyn Kamanjab +264 67 330280 [email protected]
SEL01221 Heavy Wave Motel Self-Catering Swakopmund +264 811429675 [email protected]
HOT00065 Hebhzibah Holdings Windhoek 61255011 [email protected]
TPH00341 Hebron Jagdfarm Otjiwarongo 67306527 [email protected]
TPH00115 Hefner Farming CC Windhoek 61257283 [email protected]
GFA00210 Heirachabis Guest Farm Ariamsvlei 63683533 [email protected]
LOD00085 Heja Game Lodge Windhoek 61257151 [email protected]
TPH00415 Heja Game Lodge CC Windhoek 61257151 [email protected]
TSO00062 Hello Namibia Safaris Windhoek 61238118 [email protected]
PEN00035 Helmeringhausen Hotel & Guest Farm Helmeringhausen 63283307 [email protected]
CMP00133 Helmeringhausen Hotel & Guest Farm Helmeringhausen 63283307 [email protected]
SHU00186 Henitzburg Executive Suites CC Windhoek 61411740 [email protected]
FOR00052 Hennie Adventures Pretoria 27125041852 [email protected]
ACT00017 Henry's Fishing Safaris Swakopmund 64404828 [email protected]
TSO00292 Henties Angling Tours Henties Bay 64500903 [email protected]
ACT00075 Henties Bay Angling Tours Henties Bay 64500903 [email protected]
BOO00055 Henties Bay Budget Accommodation Hentiesbay 64501019 NA
SEL00197 Henties Bay Budget Accommodation Henties Bay 64501019
SEL00198 Henties Bay Budget Accommodation Henties Bay 64501019
BOO00133 Hentiesbaai Akkommodasie Henties Bay 64500985 [email protected]
BOO00018 Hentiesbay Estates CC Hentiesbay 64500246 [email protected]
BOO00128 Heritage Travel & Tours CC Windhoek 61222307 [email protected]
SHU00155 Herman Tour & Transfer Windhoek 61217500
VEH00054 Hertz Windhoek 61256274 [email protected]
TPH00241 Herzog Hunting R/A Big Five Safaris Omaruru 64570555 [email protected]
TPH00147 Hetaku Safari Lodge Windhoek 62561441 [email protected]
TSO00015 Hetaku Safari Lodge Windhoek 62561441 [email protected]
GFA00148 Hetaku Safari Lodge Windhoek 62561441 [email protected]
BBF01057 Heua Bed & Breakfast CC Otjiwarongo +264 81 2567278 [email protected]
SEL01210 Heuschneider Platz Self-Catering Swakopmund +264 811274809 [email protected]
TFA01161 Hewa Bora Tours and Safaris cc Windhoek +264 61223080 [email protected]
TPH01041 HG T/A Omitara Hunting Omitara +264 62 560211 [email protected]
BBF01088 HH820 Bed and Breakfast Grootfontein +264 67 243401 [email protected]
TPH00332 Highlands Otjiwarongo 67304646
TFA00031 Highline tours & Travel Centurion 27126673656 [email protected]
FOR01012 Highline Travel Services OTHER +27(0)126673656 [email protected]
TSO00189 Highveld Tours CC Windhoek 811284445 [email protected]
SEL01036 Hillside Executive Accommodation Windhoek +264 61 248300 [email protected]
GHO01029 Hilltop Guesthouse Windhoek +264 81 296 2492 [email protected]
BPH01058 Hilma Mpingana Backpacker Hostel Ongwediva +265 65 250014 [email protected]
HOT00072 Hilton Windhoek Windhoek 612962929 [email protected]
TSO00059 Hinterland Safari Tours CC Windhoek 61252661 [email protected]
TFA01014 Hippos Adventure Tours Windhoek +264 81 284 6972 [email protected]
CMP00053 Hoada Camp-Site Windhoek 67687043 [email protected]
CMP00174 Hoanib Camp & Safaris CC horixas 65275560 N/A
TNC01005 Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp Windhoek +264 61 274500 [email protected]
TNL01002 Hoanib Valley Camp Sesfontein 083700202 [email protected]
CMP00142 Hoba Meteorite Bush Camp Grootfontein 67240485 [email protected]
BBF00187 Hobasen Montana Villa Rehoboth 62525704 [email protected]
GHO00188 Hochfeld Guesthouse Windhoek 62549073 [email protected]
CMP01069 Hochfeld Guesthouse and Camping Windhoek +26462549073 [email protected]
LOD00132 Hochfeld Lodge Hochfeld 62549133 [email protected]
SEL00662 Hochland Accommodation Units Windhoek 813920874
VEH00031 Hochland Gastefarm Windhoek 61232628 [email protected]
GFA00169 Hochland Guest Farm Windhoek 61232628 [email protected]
GHO01006 Hochland Guesthouse Windhoek +264 811288100 [email protected]
TPH00357 Hochland Hunting Ranch Windhoek 61257140 [email protected]
BBF00030 Hochland Nest Windhoek 61257006 [email protected]
TPH00628 Hohenfels M G Zu Bentheim No 153 Otjiwarongo 811241453
GHO00035 Hohenhorst Guestfarm Windhoek 61234328 [email protected]
LOD00119 Hohenstein Lodge Swakopmund 64530900 [email protected]
GFA00092 Hohewarte Guestfarm Windhoek 814261893 [email protected]
SEL00310 Holiday Flat Swakopmund 64405126 [email protected]
SEL00379 Holiday Flat Fischreier 88 Swakopmund 64407201
SEL00056 Holiday Flat Schmo Swakopmund 64402143 [email protected]
BBF00015 Holiday on the Farm Hochfeld 812458489
TPH01026 Holland &Holland Safaris Namibia Pty Ltd Windhoek +264 61 381400 [email protected]
GFA00048 Holstein Hunting and Gues Outjo 67312103 [email protected]
SEL01083 Home Inn Self Catering Windhoek +264 61 265232 [email protected]
TFA00145 Home Land Namibia Travel Windhoek 61223097 [email protected]
SEL00460 Home Sweet Home Keetmanshoop 811275397 [email protected]
LOD00224 Hoodia Desert Lodge Maltahohe 63683321 [email protected]
TSO00429 Hoodia Desert Tours Maltahohe 63683321 [email protected]
TPH00587 Hoodia Hunting and Ranch Safaris Windhoek 61248906
SEL00170 Hoona's Accommodation Karasburg 63270200 [email protected]
SHU01153 Hop Along Transfers CC Swakopmund +264 812447006 [email protected]
LOD00161 Hope Game Lodge Windhoek 62581609 [email protected]
SHU01051 Horizon Transfers Windhoek CC Windhoek +264 812574273 [email protected]
BOO01059 Horizon Travel Services CC Windhoek +264 61 220999 [email protected]
VEH01062 Hornbill Car Hire & Tow In Windhoek +264 61256155 [email protected]
SEL00402 Hos Tokkelos Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
ACT01032 Hot Air Ballooning Namibia Cc Swakopmund +264 64 463252 [email protected]
TSO01136 Hot Air Balooning Namibia CC Swakopmund +264 811270024 [email protected]
BOO00154 Hotel A La Mer Swakopmund 64404130 [email protected]
HOT00066 Hotel A La Mer Swakopmund 64404130 [email protected]
PEN00039 Hotel Bundu n See Swakopmund 64402360 [email protected]
HOT00071 Hotel Destiny Ongwediva 65231534 [email protected]
HOT00003 Hotel Deutsches Haus Swakopmund 64404896 [email protected]
HOT00002 Hotel Eberwein Garni CC Swakopmund 64414450 [email protected]
PEN00017 Hotel Heinitzburg Windhoek 61249597 [email protected]
PEN00011 Hotel Pension A La Mer Swakopmund 62581611 [email protected]
PEN00058 Hotel Pension Bahnhof Usakos 64530444 [email protected]
PEN00062 Hotel Pension Casa Africana Windhoek 61306633 [email protected]
PEN00042 Hotel Pension Cela Windhoek 61223322 [email protected]
PEN00002 Hotel Pension Christoph CC Windhoek 61240777 [email protected]
PEN00043 Hotel Pension d'Avignon Swakopmund 64405821 [email protected]
PEN00029 Hotel Pension Moni cc Windhoek 61228350 [email protected]
PEN00005 Hotel Pension New Nouveau Windhoek 61264319 [email protected]
PEN00003 Hotel Pension Palmquell Windhoek 61234374 [email protected]
HOT00039 Hotel Pension Rapmund Swakopmund 64402035 [email protected]
PEN00020 Hotel Pension Steiner CC Windhoek 61414400 [email protected]
HOT00045 Hotel Prinzessin Rupprecht Swakopmund 64412540 [email protected]
HOT01010 Hotel Rundu CC Rundu +264 66 267610 [email protected]
HOT00007 Hotel Schweizerhaus / Cafe Anton Swakopmund 64400331 [email protected]
HOT00073 Hotel Uhland Windhoek 61389700 [email protected]
PEN00067 Hotel Zum Kaiser Swakopmund 64417100 [email protected]
SEL00252 House Groeneveld Henties Bay 64500604 [email protected]
SEL00243 House Hugo Henties Bay 64500604 [email protected]
SEL00582 House Mudge Seaview Henties Bay 64500604 [email protected]
BBF01014 House On Olof Palme Windhoek +264 61 244742 [email protected]
GHO01247 House On Olof Palme Windhoek +264 61 244742 [email protected]
SEL01170 House Sibold Henties Bay +264 64 500245 [email protected]
SHU01046 HRP Trading Enterprises CC Windhoek +264 816122630 [email protected]
LOD00121 Huab Lodge Kamanjab 67312070 [email protected]
TSO00281 Hubis Tours & Safaris Otjiwarongo 67304909 [email protected]
CMP00079 Hudup Camping Site Maltahohe 63283512 [email protected]
SEL01003 Huis 2385 Henties Bay 064 500505 [email protected]
SEL00710 Huis Descande Henties Bay 64500512
SEL00703 Huis Fanie Nel Henties Bay 64500512
SEL00416 Huis Klipdrift Henties Bay 64501329 [email protected]
SEL00035 Huis Klipdrift Henties Bay 64501329 [email protected]
SEL00751 Huis Landsberg Henties Bay 64500245 [email protected]
SEL00618 Huis Moller Henties Bay 64500182 [email protected]
SEL00704 Huis Neethlin 6 Henties Bay 64500512
SEL01005 Huis Scherer Henties Bay +264 64 500505 [email protected]
SEL00159 Huis So-By-So Swakopmund 64402139 [email protected]
SEL00764 Huisie by die see Henties Bay 64500090 [email protected]
BPH01048 Hundred Percent backpackers Windhoek 061 300190 [email protected]
TPH00214 HuntAfrica Namibia Safaris Gobabis 62563700 [email protected]
TPH00058 Hunters Namibia Safaris Gobabis 62560238 [email protected]
GFA00189 Hunting / Guestfarm Otjohotozu Omaruru 64570336 [email protected]
GFA00167 Hunting & Guest Farm Aurora Windhoek 62503728 [email protected]
TPH00433 Hunting & Guestfarm Otjohotozu Omaruru 64570336 [email protected]
TPH00348 Hunting and Guest Farm Aurora Windhoek 62503728 [email protected]
TPH00223 Hunting and Guest Farm Wildacker Grootfontein 67687292 [email protected]
TPH00385 Hunting Farm Bernadette Otjiwarongo 812746211 [email protected]
TPH00266 Hunting Farm Erichsfelde Okahandja 62518383 [email protected]
TPH00305 Hunting Farm Eundo Okahandja 62503106 [email protected]
TPH00185 Hunting Farm Hohenau Windhoek 61681055 [email protected]
TPH00152 Hunting Farm Hummelshain Windhoek 62503735 [email protected]
TPH00276 Hunting Farm Huttenhain Okahandja 62518335 [email protected]
TPH00230 Hunting Farm Kachauchab Maltahohe 63283512 [email protected]
TPH00296 Hunting Farm Krumhuk Windhoek 61233645 [email protected]
TPH00143 Hunting Farm Moselle Outjo 67290321 [email protected]
TSO00055 Hunting Farm Moselle Outjo 67290321 [email protected]
TPH00273 Hunting Farm Okamatangara Windhoek 812206939 [email protected]
TPH00192 Hunting Farm Okuje Windhoek 61257245 [email protected]
TPH00362 Hunting Farm Omburo Omaruru 64570929
TPH00098 Hunting Farm Ongangasemba Otjiwarongo 67306555 [email protected]
TPH00041 Hunting Farm Otjitoroa Otjiwarongo 67290136
TPH00284 Hunting Farm Otjongoro Omaruru 67290329 [email protected]
LOD00154 Hunting Farm Rustig - Okarumuti Windhoek 61262722 [email protected]
TPH00397 Hunting Farm Rustig - Okarumuti Windhoek 61262722 [email protected]
TPH00215 Hunting Farm Urusis Maltahohe N/A [email protected]
TPH00443 Hunting Farm Valhal No 331 Otjiwarongo 67235002
TPH00272 Hunting Farm Wronin Gobabis 62561415 [email protected]
SEL00089 Hurib Selfcatering Apartments Swakopmund 64403218
SEL00229 Hy Voorsien Henties Bay 64500479 [email protected]
FOR01061 Hypo Vegies T/A Sc Projects Maun +267 74 303068 [email protected]
TSO00291 I Dream Africa Windhoek 61240081 [email protected]
TSO00299 I Dream Africa Windhoek 61240081 [email protected]
CMP00175 I Dream Africa Windhoek +264 61 229904 [email protected]
ACT00082 I Dream Africa Windhoek 61240081 [email protected]
CMP01068 I Dream Africa campsite Windhoek +264 61 229904 [email protected]
VEH00068 I Dream Africa Tours & Safaris Windhoek 61240081 [email protected]
TFA00070 I Dream Africa Tours & Safaris Windhoek 61240081 [email protected]
TPH00545 I E Jacobi Omaruru 67290126 [email protected]
BBF00217 I E Jacobi Omaruru 67290126 [email protected]
TSO01143 I Go Adventures CC Walvis Bay +264 811287037 [email protected]
BOO01024 I T Travel Agency cc Windhoek +264 818730055 [email protected]
SHU01036 Ian's Shuttle Solutions Cc Windhoek +264 61 233571 [email protected]
GFA00076 Ibenstein Guestfarm Dordabis 62573535 [email protected]
TPH00045 Ibenstein Hunting Farm Dordabis 62573543 [email protected]
TNL00011 Ichingo Management Services Katima Mulilo 2676250143 [email protected]
GHO00210 Ichobezi Moli Katima Mulilo 813278267 [email protected]
GHO00209 Ichobezi Mukwae Katima Mulilo 813278267 [email protected]
SEL00544 Ietsie Meer Henties Bay 811245039 [email protected]
CMP00083 Igowati Camping Khorixas 67331592 [email protected]
HOT00053 iGowati Country Hotel Khorixas 67331592 [email protected]
LOD01035 Ijaba Lodge Outjo +264 67 313665 [email protected]
BBF00216 Ilala Private Game Reserve ta Kamab Guest Farm Windhoek 62572124 [email protected]
TFA01107 Ileni Travel and Tours cc Windhoek +264 61401157 [email protected]
CMP01072 Illofa Clan Campsite Close Corporation Henties Bay +264 64 276338 [email protected]
BOO00134 Imbizi Safaris Windhoek 61309063 [email protected]
TFA01069 iMedia Productions and Tours Cc Windhoek +264 61 257551 N/A
GHO00095 Immaculate Conference Centre Mariental 63240900 [email protected]
LOD00061 Immanuel Wilderness Lodge Windhoek 61260901 [email protected]
AIR00006 Immenhof Hunting & Guest Farm + Air Safaris Omaruru 67290177 [email protected]
TPH00221 Immenhof Hunting and Guest Farm Omaruru 67290177 [email protected]
GFA00072 Immenhof Hunting and Guestfarm Omaruru 67290177 [email protected]
VEH00072 Impala Car Hire Windhoek 61247951 [email protected]
TFA00033 Impala Tours Windhoek 61247951 [email protected]
TSO00230 Impala Tours CC Windhoek 61247951 [email protected]
LOD00125 Impalila Island Lodge Katima Mulilo 26771303418 [email protected]
TFA01172 Inami Safaris Cc Windhoek +264 811404896 [email protected]
TFA00138 Inbuka Safaris Windhoek 811246639 [email protected]
FOR00017 Indaba Explorations CC Stellenbosch 27218877661 [email protected]
SEL00565 Indigo Self Catering Stampriet 63260032 [email protected]
TSO00338 Indiri Tours Swakopmund 64461618 [email protected]
FOR01046 Indonga Travel (PTY) Ltd Cape Town +27218515293 [email protected]
GHO01132 Indulge Guesthouse CC Swakopmund +264 64 414750 [email protected]
TFA01012 Infinite Horizons Safaris Windhoek +264 811 491478 [email protected]
SHU01198 Inner City Tour and Transfers cc Windhoek +2646124886 [email protected]
CMP01110 Intelligence Support Against Poaching Campsite Windhoek 26461230439 [email protected]
SHU00057 Intercape Mainliner Namibia Windhoek 61227847 [email protected]
GHO00045 Intermezzo Guest House Swakopmund 64464114 [email protected]
VEH00002 Into Africa Car Rental Windhoek 61253591 [email protected]
TSO00043 Into Africa Hunting Adventures Swakopmund 811281211 [email protected]
TPH00117 Into Africa Hunting Adventures Windhoek 811281211 [email protected]
BPH01050 Inzotima Accommodation and Transfer CC Windhoek +264 61 400373 [email protected]
BOO00188 Ipaha Travels Windhoek 814812955 [email protected]
BPH00017 Irmis Lodge Karibib 64550081 [email protected]
SEL00007 Island Cottage Luderitz 63203626 [email protected]
RES00033 Island View Lodge Katima Mulilo 66252801 [email protected]
ACT00091 Island View Lodge Windhoek 66252801 [email protected]
CMP00162 Island View Lodge Katima Mulilo 66252801 [email protected]
GHO01185 Issa Guesthouse Usakos +264 813740053 [email protected]
TSO01045 Itumeleng Safari and Tours CC Windhoek +264 817250171 [email protected]
TPH00116 Ivory Trails Grootfontein 67243925 [email protected]
SEL00457 J & M Koorts Henties Bay 64500182 [email protected]
GFA00138 J A N Rossuw Burgsdorf Guest Farm Maltahohe 63293200 [email protected]
SHU01033 J And R Transport Cc Windhoek +264 81 2847252 [email protected]
SEL00557 J B Swanepoel Walvis Bay 64205430 [email protected]
SEL00200 J C Balt Accommodation Henties Bay 64500264 [email protected]
SEL00203 J C Grobler Hentiebay 64500624 [email protected]
SEL00011 J H Flats Henties Bay 812510068
SHU01038 J J Shuttle and Transport Services cc Windhoek +264 81 1283897 [email protected]
SHU01088 J S City Cab CC Windhoek +264 812572188 [email protected]
SEL00048 J. Deysel Henties Bay 64500536
TPH00368 J. Heck Okahandja 62503820 [email protected]
TPH00616 J. M. P. D. Von Wielligh Otjiwarongo 67290141 [email protected]
SEL00074 J.D Coetzee Accommodation Henties Bay 64500604 [email protected]
BBF01023 J'Nissi Inn Oshakati +264 811277718 [email protected]
TFA01104 Jacana Safaris and Tours CC Windhoek +264 813448866 [email protected]
TNC01009 Jackalberry Tented Camp CC Katima Mulilo +264 811477798 [email protected]
TPH00489 Jacob-Kieferte Farming CC Omaruru 64570886 [email protected]
SEL00228 Jacobsohn Trust Aston Masor 27119791455 [email protected]
SEL00397 Jade Accommodation Henties Bay 64501940 [email protected]
GFA00025 Jadg / Gaste Farm Ombu Omaruru 64570849 [email protected]
TPH00101 Jadg Farm Kuhwaerder 114 Otjiwarongo 608999010 [email protected]
TPH00309 Jadg Farm Ombuwa Omaruru 64571162 ombu[email protected]
TPH00319 Jagd - Farm Damara Gobabis 62561461 [email protected]
GFA00047 Jagd & Gastefarm Metador Okahandja 062-518363 [email protected]
GFA00151 Jagd & Gastefarm Wilhelmstal Nord Okahandja 62503977 [email protected]
TPH00240 Jagd Farm Georg-Ferdinandshohe Kalkfeld 67290187 [email protected]
TPH00232 Jagd Farm Hamburg Otjiwarongo 67290144 [email protected]
TPH00030 Jagd Farm Maroela Otavi 62234332 [email protected]
TPH00209 Jagd Farm Mecklenburg Windhoek 62560059 [email protected]
TPH00271 Jagd Farm Okahua Windhoek 61257824 [email protected]
SEL00411 Jagd Farm Okahua Windhoek 61257824 [email protected]
TPH00037 Jagd Farm Ombujomatemba Otjiwarongo 67306677 [email protected]
TPH00087 Jagd Farm Onverwacht Windhoek 62581818 [email protected]
TPH00097 Jagd Farm Transvaal Outjo 67312129 [email protected]
TPH00126 Jagd Farm Weideland Windhoek 62560002 [email protected]
TPH00444 Jagdfarm Friesenland # 143 Windhoek 63265606 [email protected]
TSO00419 Jagdfarm Okahua /Okahua Tours /Okahua Selfcatering Windhoek 61257824 [email protected]
TPH00243 Jagdfarm Ombuerendende Windhoek 62560229 [email protected]
TPH00180 Jagdfarm Stoetzer Windhoek 62561445 [email protected]
TPH00105 Jagdfarm Tirol Otjiwarongo 67302202 [email protected]
TPH00380 Jagdfarm Tolene Windhoek 62549106 [email protected]
TPH00280 Jagdparadise Bismarck-Grasland Windhoek 61225927
TFA00067 Jaguar Tours Windhoek 812686550 [email protected]
CMP01010 Jakkalsputz Windhoek +264 61 400205 [email protected]
GHO00068 Jakkalswater Farming Windhoek 62581680 [email protected]
TPH00297 Jakkalswater Farming Windhoek 62581680 [email protected]
SHU00217 James Pizza Restaurant & Shuttle CC Windhoek 813223138 [email protected]
SEL01236 James Self Catering Walvis Bay +264 813223138 [email protected]
TPH00590 Jamu Traut Hunting Safaris CC Rehoboth 811473816 [email protected]
SEL00142 Jan Jonker Holiday Apartments Windhoek 61221236 [email protected]
TPH00138 Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris Kalkfeld 67290175 [email protected]
FOR01017 Jana Wilson Cape Town 27823518121 [email protected]
BOO01022 Jangwa Adventures Namibia Swakopmund +264 81 823 4620 [email protected]
TFA01070 Jangwa Tours & Safaris Swakopmund +264 818234620 [email protected]
SEL00321 Jankie se Dankie Henties Bay 64500209
GFA01017 Jansen Kalahari Guest Farm Mariental +26481 372 5147 [email protected]
CMP01061 Jansen Kalahari Self Catering & Camping Mariental +26481 372 5147 [email protected]
SHU00150 Japie`s Airport Transfers & Tours Windhoek 812740057 [email protected]
TPH01096 Japsie Blaauw Hunting Safaris Namibia CC Windhoek +264 81 1464959 [email protected]
TSO00306 Jaru Trading CC Windhoek 812463245 [email protected]
VEH00102 Jaru Trading cc Windhoek 812463245 [email protected]
SHU00072 Jaru Trading CC Windhoek 812463245 [email protected]
GHO01259 Jason Gurirab Guesthouse Walvis Bay +264 64 4570907 [email protected]
VEH00032 Jeep Rent Windhoek 811293300
SHU00028 Jenef Shuttle Safari & Tour Windhoek 812524187 [email protected]
TSO00204 Jenef Shuttle Safaris & Tours Windhoek 812524187 [email protected]
FOR00036 Jenman African Safaris Capetown 270216837826 [email protected]
SEL01030 Jennifer's Selfcatering Windhoek +264 61 225294 [email protected]
BOO01082 Jens Bookings Travel and Tours Walvis Bay +264 812934868 [email protected]
TSO01151 Jens Bookings Travel and Tours Walvis Bay +264 812934868 jen[email protected]
SHU00123 Jepa Transfers and Tours Windhoek 812501148 [email protected]
SHU01202 Jerry's Shuttle and Tours CC Walvis Bay +264 81 221 4600 [email protected]
BBF01027 Jessma Beb & Breakfast Walvis Bay +264 64206965 [email protected]
SEL00266 Jetty House 12 Erf 3557 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
SEL00001 Jetty Self Catering Swakopmund 64400226 [email protected]
BBF00237 Jetu Lodge CC Windhoek 61250978
TFA01098 JI Hang Tours Windhoek +264 61221619 N/A
GHO01074 Jinxin Investment T/A Jinxin Leisure Guesthouse Windhoek +264 81 561557 [email protected]
SEL00061 Jireh Okahandja 62549040 [email protected]
VEH01054 Jireh Car Hire & Travel Namibia Windhoek +264 0811 404544 [email protected]
TPH01107 JJ Hunting Safaris Grootfontein +264 812736258 [email protected]
VEH01012 Joan Rental Services (Pty) LTD Windhoek +264 811267403 [email protected]
BBF00178 Jodo Tours CC Usakos 64530578 [email protected]
TSO00314 Jodo Tours Close Corporation Usakos 64530578 [email protected]
TPH00465 Joey Coetzee Hunting Safaris Gobabis 62568951 [email protected]
SHU01014 Joey's Transfers Tours and Trading CC Windhoek +264 81 6322135 Joey'[email protected]
TPH01173 Jofie Lamprecht Hunting No: 2 Windhoek +264 811298765 [email protected]
TPH00484 Jofie Lamprecht Safaris Windhoek 811298765 [email protected]
TPH00609 Johan Kotzer Safaris CC Okahandja 62518358 [email protected]
SEL00209 Johanna de Bryyn Trust Henties Bay 64500552
SEL00102 Johannes Hendrik Augus Agenbach Henties Bay 64500245 [email protected]
GHO00239 John / Peny Group T/A Ekamuti Town Lodge Ondangwa 65246357 [email protected]
TSO01112 Johns Tours Cc Walvis Bay +264 812855346 [email protected]
TSO01112 Johns Tours Cc Walvis Bay +264 812855346 [email protected]
BBF00011 Jones Bed & Breakfast Walvis Bay 64209410 [email protected]
SEL01110 Jordi's Self Catering Ongwediva +264 815888793 [email protected]
SEL00021 Jorisa Accommodation Swakopmund 64461925 [email protected]
TSO00169 Jorn Derrick Schuster Miller Helmeringhausen 63683314 [email protected]
VEH01008 Joy Car Hire CC Windhoek +264 61 308316 [email protected]
TSO00486 Joy Travel Windhoek 61308316 [email protected]
TFA00147 Joy Travel CC Windhoek 61308316 [email protected]
TFA01095 Joyfull Adventure CC Windhoek +264 813284145 [email protected]
TPH01092 JSB Hunting Safaris CC Windhoek +264 812627872 [email protected]
FOR01027 Jua Safaris and Tours Pretoria 27741389105 [email protected]
TFA01108 Jublia Travel and Tours Agency cc Windhoek +264 813415237 [email protected]
LOD01079 Juda Haus Lodge Katima Mulilo +264 61 254 298 [email protected]
SEL01032 JULOMAG INVESTMENT CC Windhoek +264 61250182 [email protected]
VEH01053 JuniCar Rentals cc Walvis Bay +264 64204252 [email protected]
TSO00268 Junior Airport Shuttle & Tourism Windhoek 61236039 [email protected]
SHU00069 Junior Airport Shuttle & Tourism Windhoek 61248586 [email protected]
GHO00023 Junior Guest House Oshakati 65231944 [email protected]
TFA01081 Junita's Extreme Adventures Namibia CC Swakopmund +264 812844325 [email protected]
BOO00065 Just Holidays Windhoek 61253276 [email protected]
SEL00615 Just Judys Grootfontein 67240379
TSO00412 K & Q Tours and Safaris CC Windhoek 61260614 [email protected]
SHU01075 K A T/A S.P. Kapasete Shuttle and Transport Windhoek +264 812282013
TPH00248 k Kretzschmar Otjiwarongo 67290105 [email protected]
TSO00109 K Kretzschmar Otjiwarongo 67290105 [email protected]
SHU00226 K Moses Airport Transfers & Tours CC Windhoek 817622663
SEL00593 K W Self Catering Unit Windhoek 61232685 [email protected]
TFA01066 K-Factor Safaris TA Kobo Safaris Windhoek +264 61 225474 [email protected]
SHU01150 K. J. Airport Tours CC Windhoek +264 816390000 [email protected]
TSO00321 K.H Coetzee Windhoek 812629797
SEL00747 Kabouter Flats Henties Bay 64500534 [email protected]
SEL01190 Kadhila Amoomo S P Selfcatering Windhoek +264 811296453 [email protected]
BBF00100 Kadies Bed & Breakfast Rehoboth 62522054
BOO00137 Kai - Koro Reservations Swakopmund 64461677 [email protected]
BPH00045 Kai-Oms Backpackers Outjo 67313597 NA
BOO00080 Kaia Namibia Swakopmund 64404800 [email protected]
GHO00237 Kairos Cottage Luderitz 816505598 [email protected]
CMP00113 Kaisosi River Lodge Rundu 66686012 [email protected]
LOD00169 Kaisosi River Lodge Rundu 66686012 [email protected]
ACT01064 Kaizzy Catamaran Tours and Dune Adventures CC Walvis Bay +264 816546363 [email protected]
LOD00204 Kakumba Island Lodge & Tours Katima Mulilo 26771363436 [email protected]
LOD00097 Kalahari Anib Lodge Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
CMP00090 Kalahari Anib Lodge Campsite Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
TNC01017 Kalahari Auob Camp Windhoek +264 63 265304 [email protected]
GFA00171 Kalahari Bush Breaks Gobabis 62568936 [email protected]
CMP00019 Kalahari Bush Breaks Trust Gobabis 62568936 [email protected]
TPH00065 Kalahari Bush Breaks Trust Gobabis 62568936 [email protected]
VEH00039 Kalahari Car Hire Windhoek 61252690 [email protected]
GHO00183 Kalahari Farm House Windhoek 61230066 [email protected]
SEL00745 Kalahari Farmstall Koes 63693115 [email protected]
CMP00034 Kalahari Game Lodge Mata-Mata 063 252 052 [email protected]
LOD00074 Kalahari Game Lodge Mata-Mata 063 252 052 [email protected]
TPH00421 Kalahari Game Lodge Mata-Mata 063 252 052 [email protected]
TPH00329 Kalahari Hunting Safaris Aroab 63683211 [email protected]
TSO00035 Kalahari Namibia Tailor Made Tours Windhoek 61228017 [email protected]
LOD01054 Kalahari Oasis Lodge and Spa Aranos +264 81 4822217 [email protected]
BBF00249 Kalahari Partys Bed & Breakfast CC Windhoek 61260103 [email protected]
LOD00233 Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge Kalkrand 63264288 [email protected]
HOT00043 Kalahari Sands Hotel Windhoek 612800101 [email protected]
FOR00031 Kalahari Skies Gaborone 2673900575
SEL01017 Kalahari Sunset game Farm Keetmanshoop +264 63 252005 [email protected]
CMP01007 Kalahari Sunset Gamefarm Keetmanshoop +264 63 252005 [email protected]
SHU01110 Kali Logistics CC t/a Kali Shuttle and Tours Swakopmund +264 64 462497 [email protected]
TFA01055 Kalidona Passion Tours Okahandja +264 62 518099 [email protected]
SEL01027 Kalifatis Henties Bay +264 64 500090 [email protected]
RES00069 Kalimbeza Rest Camp Katima Mulilo 66253334 [email protected]
CMP00096 Kaliombo Safari Camp Swakopmund 64503975 [email protected]
TPH00322 Kaliombo Safari Lodge CC Swakopmund 62503975 [email protected]
SHU00081 Kalizo Fishing & Photographic Safaris Katima Mulilo 66686803 [email protected]
LOD00142 Kalizo Fishing & Photographic Safaris Katima Mulilo 66686802 [email protected]
CMP00073 Kalizo Fishing & Photographic Safaris Katima Mulilo 66686802 [email protected]
ACT01024 KALIZO FISHING & PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARIS (PTY) LTD Katima Mulilo +264 66 686 802 [email protected]
PEN00038 Kalkfontein Hotel Karasburg 63270172 [email protected]
RES00099 Kalkrand Restcamp & Tea Garden Kalkrand 63264114 [email protected]
SHU01136 Kallie Alberts Shuttle and Transfers Walvis Bay +264 64 270887 [email protected]
TSO00011 Kallisto Tours and Services Swakopmund 64402473 [email protected]
GFA00093 Kamab Guest Farm Windhoek 62682115 [email protected]
TPH00050 Kamab Guest Farm Windhoek 62682115 [email protected]
TPH00174 Kamabaku Game Farming + Safari Tours Otjiwarongo 67306292 [email protected]
BBF00192 Kamaku Guesthouse CC Otjiwarongo 67307408 [email protected]
BBF00009 Kamanjab Rest Camp Kamanjab 67330290 [email protected]
CMP00005 Kamanjab Rest Camp Kamanjab 67330290 [email protected]
TPH00111 Kamanjab Trophy Hunting Kamanjab 67330044 [email protected]
TSO00079 Kambaku Lodge & Safari Otjiwarongo 67306292 [email protected]
LOD00080 Kambaku Lodge & Safari CC Otjiwarongo 67306292 [email protected]
TSO01022 Kambaku Lodge and Safaris Cc Otjiwarongo +264 67 306292 [email protected]
BBF00247 Kameeldoring Bed & Breakfast Rehoboth 62523440 [email protected]
GHO00022 Kamelruhe Guest House CC Gochas 63250224 [email protected]
PEN00073 Kamhos Hochland Pension Hotel CC Windhoek 61217431 [email protected]
BBF00037 Kamma - Kastag Bed & Breakfast Windhoek 61220706
TPH00522 Kampala Hunting Safaris Kamanjab 67687172 [email protected]
TPH00552 Kampala Hunting Safaris Cc Kamanjab 67687172 [email protected]
TSO01093 Kampala Hunting Safaris Cc Kamanjab +264 67 687172 [email protected]
GFA00006 Kamrav Guestfarm Grootfontein 67231564 [email protected]
RES00063 Kanaan Investments CC Keetmashoop 63683119 [email protected]
CMP01050 Kanaan Naankuse Desert Retreat KARAS +264 63 683119 [email protected]
FOR00115 Kananga Barcelona 34932687795 [email protected]
SEL00698 Kandanga Holiday Inn Self Catering and Tours Swakopmund 64405357 [email protected]
TPH00528 Kanona Safari Ranch CC Omaruru 64570772 [email protected]
TSO00116 Kansimba Game Lodge Windhoek 62503966 [email protected]
TPH00264 Kansimba Game Lodge Windhoek 62503966 [email protected]
LOD00099 Kansimba Game Lodge Windhoek 62503966 [email protected]
BOO01071 Kaoko Travel and Tours Windhoek +264 61 306595 [email protected]
SEL00295 Kapena Ilonga Henties Bay 64500391
TSO01167 Kapgen Tours Outjo +264 18472004 [email protected]
TNL00029 Kapika Falls Lodge Windhoek 61305072 [email protected]
LOD01080 Kapps Farm Lodge CC Windhoek +26461 233913 [email protected]
PEN00036 Kapps Hotel Luderitz 63202345 [email protected]
FOR01038 Kapstadt Exclusive Tours OTHER +002721 8470005 [email protected]
TPH00164 Karagombe Hunting Otavi 67235009 [email protected]
BBF00034 Karas Cottages Karasburg 63270349 [email protected]
SEL01209 Karee Self Caterings Gobabis +264 62 564666 [email protected]
BBF00279 Karibu Guesthouse Rundu 812707529
TSO00040 Karibu Safari Namibia Windhoek 61251661 [email protected]
TPH00347 Karivo Hunting Windhoek 812926010 [email protected]
TSO00195 Karl-Heinz Jakob Montermann Safaris Outjo 67312029
FOR00088 Karoo Biking CC Cape Town 27214474759 [email protected]
TPH00144 Kaross Hunting Kamanjab 67687107 [email protected]
GHO00165 Kashana Guesthouse Omaruru 64571434 [email protected]
LOD00083 Kashjuna Hunting Lodge Okahandja 62503710 [email protected]
ACT00138 Kasie Adventures Windhoek 813860010
TPH00534 Kassandara Hunting & Safari Ranch Omaruru 64570885 [email protected]
SEL01229 Katamaran Self Catering CC Swakopmund +264 814780252 N/A
TPH00304 Kataneno Hunt Windhoek 62549085 [email protected]
SHU01017 Katele Airport Shuttle Windhoek +264 812731366
SEL01117 Katima Holy Family Self-Catering Accommodation Katima Mulilo 066253141 [email protected]
SEL01035 Katiti Henties Bay +264 64500090 [email protected]
TSO00408 Katiti Safaries Namiba Windhoek 61221434 [email protected]
SHU01055 Katjijova Tours and Shuttles CC Windhoek +264 81 1279704
ACT00135 Katu Tours Windhoek 813032856 [email protected]
RES00053 Kaumbangere Cultural Reth Camp/Lodge Otjinene 62567879 [email protected]
TSO00134 Kaurimbi Expeditions Otjiwarongo 811283025 [email protected]
TSO00341 Kaurimbi Expenditions Otjiwarongo 811283025 [email protected]
SEL01006 Kavango 1297 Henties Bay +264 64 500505 [email protected]
CMP00165 Kavango Busch Camp Rundu 856068771 N/A
RES00010 Kavango River Lodge ( Rest Camp ) Windhoek 66255244 [email protected]
GHO01066 Kavena's Haven Guesthouse Cc Oshakati +264 817147692 [email protected]
LOD00069 Kavita Lion Lodge Kamanjab 67687107 [email protected]
TSO00056 Kavita Photo Safaris Kamanjab 67330224 [email protected]
GHO01085 Kawina Guesthouse Katima Mulilo +264 813142818
LOD00192 Kayova River Lodge Rundu 66686051
ACT01061 Kazondwe lodge & Camping Kongola +264 811276706 [email protected]
SEL01347 Kazondwe Lodge & Camping CC Self-Catering Kongola +264 811276406 [email protected]
TNC01032 Kazondwe Lodge and Camping CC Kongola +264 811276706 [email protected]
TSO01011 KDA Tours & Transfer Khorixas +264 67 331424 [email protected]
VEH00055 Kea Campers Windhoek 62540202 [email protected]
BOO00182 Kebe Enterprises Cc Walvis Bay 64207024 [email protected]
HOT01030 Keetmanshoop Town Hotel Keetmanshoop +264 811273714 [email protected]
CMP00145 Keibeb Game Ranch - Kukarib Camp Grootfontein 811270903 [email protected]
TPH00393 Keibeb Safaris Grootfontein 812457721 [email protected]
LOD00100 Kempinski Mokuti Lodge Tsumeb 67229084 [email protected]
SHU00146 Keumbo Tours CC Windhoek 61258134 [email protected]
CMP00087 Khan River Campsite Okahandja 62503883 [email protected]
TPH00049 Khan River Hunting Lodge Okahandja 62503883 [email protected]
LOD00031 Khan River Lodge Okahandja 62503883 [email protected]
ACT00102 Khoi San Sand Boarding Swakopmund 812734936 [email protected]
GHO01015 Khoi-Khoi Guesthouse Otjiwarongo +264 67 302004 [email protected]
SHU01119 Khoisan Shuttle Transfer & Tours Cc Windhoek +264 817325386 [email protected]
SHU00169 Khomas Airport Transfers & Tours Windhoek 612113553
GFA00219 Khomas Farming Windhoek 61300327 [email protected]
TPH01013 Khomas Farming Windhoek +264 61 300327 [email protected]
TPH00343 Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris Windhoek 61232633 [email protected]
TPH00426 Khomas Safaris & Guestfarm Walvis Bay 64204726 [email protected]
GFA00101 Khomas Safaris and Guestfarm Walvis Bay 64204129 [email protected]
LOD00034 Khorab Safari Lodge Otavi 67234352 [email protected]
CMP00018 Khorab Safari Lodge Otavi 67234352 [email protected]
RES00061 Khorixas Lodge Khorixas 67331196 [email protected]
CMP00131 Khowarib Community Campsite Opuwo 65275341 N/A
TNL00026 Khowarib Lodge and Safaris CC Opuwo 64402779 [email protected]
FOR00006 Kiboko Safari Johannesburg 27114626414 [email protected]
TSO00100 Kidogo Safaris Windhoek 61243827 [email protected]
TPH00238 Kienitz Tours & Safaris CC Outjo 813330218 [email protected]
BOO00028 Kienitz Tours & Safaris CC Outjo 811245612 [email protected]
TSO00104 Kienitz Tours and Safaris CC Outjo 811245612 [email protected]
SEL00351 Kiewiets Nest Swakopmund 811245548 [email protected]
GHO00238 Kiinge Investment CC Oshakati 812443909 [email protected]
TPH00593 Kilari Safaris Kalkarand 63264198 [email protected]
SHU01019 Kilimandjaro Tranfers and Tours Windhoek +264 81 251 3429
SEL01112 Kindart Yard Swakopmund +264 64 464170 [email protected]
CMP00214 Kivo Camping Windhoek 812926010 [email protected]
LOD00256 Kivo Lodge Windhoek 812926010 [email protected]
TFA000137 Klabri Safaris Windhoek +264 61 239597 [email protected]
TPH00130 Klawerberg Game Ranch Windheok 62560007 [email protected]
TPH01135 Kleeberg Safari's Windhoek +264 814356205 [email protected]
SEL01092 Kleeberg Self Catering & Safaris Windhoek +264 814356205 [email protected]
BBF00186 Kleepforte Windhoek 61560000 [email protected]
TPH00073 Kleepforte CC Windhoek 62560000 [email protected]
CMP00045 Klein - Aus Vista CC Aus 63258116 [email protected]
LOD00109 Klein - Aus Vista CC Aus 63258116 [email protected]
TNC01004 Klein Arendthoff Tented Camp Windhoek +264 61 259804 [email protected]
GFA01003 Klein Barmen Guest Farm Okahandja +264 62 503778 [email protected]
TPH01046 Klein Barmen Hunting Safaris Okahandja +264 62 503778 [email protected]
SEL00768 Klein Eden Gasteplaas Omaruru 64570620 [email protected]
PEN00013 Klein Heim under Polytechnic of Namibia Windhoek 61248200 [email protected]
GHO00016 Klein Windhoek Guesthouse Windhoek 61239401 [email protected]
SEL00467 Klein Windhoek Self Catering Windhoek 61307545 [email protected]
TSO00413 Klein-Aus Vista CC Aus 63258116 [email protected]
GFA00111 Kleinbegin Guestfarm Karasgurg 811280140 [email protected]
BBF00051 Kleines Nest B & B Walvis Bay 64203203 [email protected]
GHO01189 Klippenberg Guesthouse Karibib +264 64550693 [email protected]
SEL01215 Klippenberg Self-Catering Karibib +264 64550693 [email protected]
FOR00077 Knaier Tours Into Africa CC Somerset West 27827353850 [email protected]
BOO01055 Knowledge Wisdom Understanding Travel Agency Windhoek +264 814198454 [email protected]
GFA00177 Kobo Kobo Hills Walvis Bay 811274712 [email protected]
SHU01163 Koch Tours and Transfers cc Windhoek +264 814769132 [email protected]
FOR00137 Kodiak Island Investments (Pty) Ltd Windhoek 812457782 [email protected]
GFA01013 Koedoeberg Guest Farm Omaruru +264 64 570853 [email protected]
CMP00041 KoelKrans Camp Keetmanshoop 61230066 [email protected]
TPH00588 Koga Hunting Farm Mariental 63242140 [email protected]
GHO00109 Koha Guesthouse Mariental 63242140 [email protected]
SEL00059 Kolb Klause Swakopmund 64405888 [email protected]
SEL00227 Kom Weer No 210 Henties Bay 64500125
RES00065 Komeho Ben - Hur RDC(Tjsaka) Gobabis 62568466 [email protected]
GHO00251 Kondja Guest House Otjiwarongo 811282867 [email protected]
TPH00260 Konigsberg Hunting Safaris Windhoek 62561460 [email protected]
CMP00129 Konigstein Guesthouse & Restaurant Swakopmund 64504120 [email protected]
GHO00025 Konigstein Restaurant & Guesthouse Uis 64504020 [email protected]
RES00016 Konklep Lapa Restcamp Betanie 813828824 [email protected]
FOR00099 Koonono Tours CC Windhoek 61232556 [email protected]
GHO01008 Koonyaka Guesthouse CC Oshakati +264 65 220165
VEH01061 Korean Namibia Rentals Windhoek +264 61 240874 [email protected]
SEL00409 Kosmos 1215 Henties Bay 64500505 [email protected]
TPH00189 Kossmann Outjo 67312000 [email protected]
BOO00064 Kotie Van Wyk Hentiesbay 64500552 NA
TPH01015 Kou Kuas Adventure Safaris Grootfontein +264 67 232033 [email protected]
CMP01067 Kou Kuas Camping Grootfontein +264 67232033 [email protected]
TPH00333 Kous Hunting Farm Windhoek 62581409 [email protected]
TPH00371 Kowas Adventure Safaris Windhoek 62581558 [email protected]
TNC01030 Kowas Adventure Safaris Rundu 081 295 6581 [email protected]
SHU01032 Koyo Airport Transfers and Tours Windhoek +264 816453559 [email protected]
SEL00391 Kraan 798 Henties Bay 64500479 [email protected]
SEL00461 Krabbenhoeft & Lampe Luderitz 63202674 [email protected]
GHO01190 Kramersdorf Guesthouse Swakopmund +264 816471904 [email protected]
PEN00037 Krantzplatz Luderitz 63202458 [email protected]
TPH00118 Krings Farming Cc Otjiwarongo 67306680 [email protected]
SEL00701 Kruispunt Accommodation Luderitz 608066966 [email protected]
CMP00190 Kruispunt Accommodation Luderitz 608066966 [email protected]
PEN00023 Kubata City Hotel Windhoek 61224608 [email protected]
TPH00352 Kudu Game Ranch Outjo 811272571 [email protected]
SHU00050 Kudu Radio Taxi Windhoek 812490439
ACT00042 Kuiseb Delta Adventures Walvis Bay 64202550 [email protected]
CMP00222 Kuiseb Delta Campsite Walvis Bay 812352219 N/A
TFA01011 Kuiseb Delta Tours and Safaris Walvis Bay +264 812428360 [email protected]
TPH01140 Kuiseb Hunting Safaris Windhoek +264 62682085 [email protected]
SEL00588 Kuiseb Kaias Henties Bay 64500604 [email protected]
TFA00075 Kuiseb Wilderness Tours & Safaris Walvis Bay 64207103 [email protected]
TNL00005 Kulala Desert Lodge Windhoek 61274500 [email protected]
TNC00004 Kulala Wilderness Camp Windhoek 61274500 [email protected]
ACT01058 Kum Kum Adventure Tourism PTY Ltd Karasburg +264837837065 [email protected]
TSO00378 Kunene Conservancy Safaris Namibia Swakopmund 64406136 [email protected]
LOD00058 Kunene River Lodge Ruacana 65274300 [email protected]
TSO00141 Kunene Tours and Safaris Swakopmund 64402779 [email protected]
TPH01022 Kungula Big Game safaris Cc Windhoek +264 61 264 207 [email protected]
TPH00603 Kungulu Hunting Safaris Windhoek 813917504 [email protected]
GHO00234 Kuomboka Bar Guesthouse Katima Mulilo 66252822 [email protected]
VEH01005 Kuomboka CarHire Katima Mulilo +264 66254315 [email protected]
TFA00078 Kuoni Private Safaris Windhoek 612898000 [email protected]
TSO00342 Kuoni Private Safaris (pty) Ltd Windhoek 612898000 [email protected]
VEH00084 Kuoni Private Safaris Namibia Windhoek 612898000 [email protected]
TSO00121 Kupenda Safaris CC Windhoek 61255922 [email protected]
HOT00070 Kupferquelle Resort tsumeb 67220139 [email protected]
CMP00183 Kupferquelle Resort Tsumeb 67220139 [email protected]
TPH00472 Kurts Hunting & Safaris CC Otjiwarongo 67290110
BPH00031 Kutako Guesthouse & Backpackers Windhoek 61259804 [email protected]
TPH00604 Kuwinamab Hunting & Safaris Windhoek 61243965 [email protected]
GFA00036 Kuzikus Africa Safaris Windhoek 62581600 [email protected]
TPH00033 Kuzikus Africa Safaris Gobabis 62581664 [email protected]
TPH00225 Kuzikus-Caprivi Hunting Safaris Windhoek 62581600 [email protected]
GHO00253 Kwahae Guesthouse Otjiwarongo 67302263 [email protected]
BBF00094 L & B Bed and Breakfast Ongwediva 65230830 NA
SEL00145 L Health 2 Gether 4 Ever Henties Bay 64500536
TPH01045 L J Hunting Safari's CC Keetmanshoop +264 63 683580 [email protected]
TPH01132 L K Hunting Safaris CC Windhoek +264 811483595 [email protected]
SEL00754 L Neethling Henties Bay 64500245 [email protected]
BBF00195 LA CASETTA B & B Swakopmund 64405614 [email protected]
SEL00696 La Primavera Selfcatering Guesthouse Windhoek 61229835
GFA01004 La Rochelle (PTY) LTD Hunting and guestfarm Tsumeb +264 67 221326 [email protected]
SEL00277 La Rochelle 5 Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
SEL00286 La Rochelle No 4 Hanties Bay 64405226 [email protected]
BBF00088 La Vida Inn Bed & Breakfast Mariental 63242121 [email protected]
TPH01054 La--Rochelle (pty) LTD Tsumeb +264 67 221326 [email protected]
GHO01054 LA-GOTCHA GUEST HOUSE AND INVESTMENT CC Eenhana +264 65 263382 [email protected]
SEL00254 La-Ro Property Six CC (La Rochelle) Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
LOD00156 Lafenis Game Lodge Keetmanshoop 63224316 [email protected]
CMP00100 Lafenis Game Lodge Keetmanshoop 63224316 [email protected]
TSO00361 Lafix Travel & Tours Windhoek 61239080 [email protected]
RES00032 Lagoon Chalets Walvisbay 64219701 [email protected]
SEL00002 Lagoon Cottages Walvis Bay 61233353 [email protected]
SEL00619 Lagoon Garden Accommodation Walvisbay 64204682 [email protected]
GHO00056 Lagoon Loge Walvis Bay 64200850 [email protected]
SEL00503 Lagoon View Walvisbay 64209226 [email protected]
TPH00331 Lahnstein Hunting Farm Otjiwarongo 67304646 [email protected]
LOD00147 Lala Panzi Guest Lodge Grootfontein 67243648 [email protected]
SEL00769 Lalandi 10 Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
SEL00335 Lalandi 59 Windhoek 61223215
SEL00355 Lalandi 8 Beachfront Swakopmund 64405226 [email protected]
TPH01094 Lambandje Hunting Safaris and Tours Windhoek +264 61 250269 [email protected]
BOO01043 Lanalu Booking Agency Swakopmund +264 812475283 [email protected]
FOR00090 Landscape Tours & Safaris Cape Town 27218517706 [email protected]
TPH00550 Langeveldt Hunting Safaris Windhoek 812716085 [email protected]
LOD00193 Lapa - Lange Boutique Lodge Mariental 63241801 [email protected]
CMP00104 Lapa - Lange Campsite Mariental 63240801 [email protected]
SEL00320 Lapa Lange Self Catering Mariental 63241801 [email protected]
BBF01082 Lapalanie Swakopmund +264 811224252 [email protected]
TSO01033 Laramon Tours Swakopmund +264 64 402359 [email protected]
ACT00070 Laramon Tours CC Windhoek 64402359 [email protected]
TFA00179 Lark Journeys Namibia CC Windhoek 61213887
BBF00163 Larochelle Bed & Breakfast Keetmanshoop 63223845 [email protected]
RES01029 Las Vegas Namibia Windhoek +264 818027064 [email protected]
TSO00078 Latitude 24 Safari and Tour Operator Windhoek 61239440 [email protected]
RES00104 Lauberville Restcamp Walvis bay 814815247 [email protected]
LOD00093 Le Mirage Desert Lodge & Spa Windhoek 63683019 [email protected]
SEL01197 Le Roux Sunset Chalets Karasburg +264 63270733 [email protected]
BOO00104 Leading Lodges Of Africa Windhoek 61375300 [email protected]
TSO01108 Leaflove Safaris CC Windhoek +264 811249572 [email protected]
SHU01085 Lebo City Airport Shuttle & Car Rental Windhoek +264 811496611 [email protected]
BPH00070 Lee's Loding house Windhoek 811277085
SEL00045 Leisure Stays Self Accommodation Henties Bay 64500820 [email protected]
SEL00210 Lekker Bly Henties Bay 64500214 [email protected]
SHU00099 Leleco Shuttle & Tour Services CC Windhoek 812807000 [email protected]
BBF01035 Lemur B + B Windhoek +264 811460148 [email protected]
TFA01162 Leni Safari and Tour Windhoek +264813672394 [email protected]
TPH00629 Leo von Watzdorf Mariental 63240351
SEL00638 Leo Von Watzdorf Mariental 63240351
TPH00565 Leopard Legend Hunting Safaris Outjo 812360833 [email protected]
LOD00016 Leopard Lodge Windhoek 62540409 [email protected]
TPH00034 Leopard Lodge Windhoek 62540409 [email protected]
VEH00007 Leopard Tours - Car + Camper Hire Windhoek 61236113 [email protected]
TFA00174 Lerico Bushcamp Safaris Windhoek 814352718 [email protected]
SEL00394 Lesley's Place Mariental 63244555 [email protected]
FOR00129 Letaka Safaris Maun 2676800363 [email protected]
TPH00310 Leventina Karibib 64550821 [email protected]
SEL00160 Levo Dolphin Tours & Chalets Walvisbay 64207555 [email protected]
TSO01122 Levo Dolphin Tours CC Walvis Bay +264 64204477 [email protected]
ACT00001 Levo Tours Walvis Bay 64207555 [email protected]
RES00098 Libertas Walvis Bay 813221926 [email protected]
SEL00625 Libra Backpackers CC Windhoek 61255853 [email protected]
TSO00270 Libra Tours And Transport CC Rehoboth 61249112 [email protected]
TPH00607 Lichtenstein Hunting Safaris Windhoek 61233543
BBF00286 Lieb's Bed & Breakfast Rundu 856019662 [email protected]
SEL00157 Liebenhoff No. 2 B CC Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
SEL01086 Liebenrust Selfcatering Accommodation Karasburg +264 63 262087 [email protected]
TSO00404 Life Time Adventures Tours Walvis Bay 64204682 [email protected]
FOR01008 Light and Land Ltd OTHER +441 747 824 727 [email protected]
TSO01049 LIHENDENI TOURS OTHER +264 812310393
BBF00174 Lilys Bed & Breakfast Walvis Bay 64204971
LOD00165 Limbandungila Country Lodge Ondangwa 65241062
SEL01213 Limestone House Okahandja +264 811282016 [email protected]
SHU01068 Limkan Airport Transfers and Tours Cc Windhoek +264 81 248 3532 [email protected]
BOO00176 Linda Crafford Real Estate Swakopmund 64200102 [email protected]
TPH00461 Lindenhof Safaris Windhoek 62561401 [email protected]
GHO01239 Lion Den Guesthouse Otjiwarongo +26467304205 [email protected]
TFA00095 Lion King Travel Windhoek 61309888 [email protected]
BOO00126 Lion King Travel Windhoek 61309888 [email protected]
BBF00028 Little Bush Rest B & B Omaruru 64570436 [email protected]
TNL00006 Little Kulala Windhoek 61274500 [email protected]
LOD00195 Little Ongava Lodge Windhoek 61274500 [email protected]
CMP00106 Little Sossus Campsite Maltahohe 811555512 [email protected]
BOO01041 Live It ! Properties & Booking Agency Swakopmund +264 81 2436812 [email protected]
TSO00159 Living Desert Adventures Swakopmund 64405070 [email protected]
SHU01012 Lizi Airport Transfer & Shuttle Cc Windhoek +264 812722472
LOD00187 Lodge Inn Kombat 817327690 [email protected]
BOO00011 Logufa Windhoek 61226979 [email protected]
SEL01162 Lokeinge Self catering Windhoek +264 61309441 [email protected]
SEL00154 LondBeach Tourism CC Walvis Bay 64203424 [email protected]
GHO00084 Londiningi Guesthouse Windhoek 61242378 [email protected]
LOD00050 Long Beach Lodge Swakopmund 64218820 [email protected]
CAR00002 Long Beach Resort Walvis Bay 64200163 [email protected]
BOO01083 Longbeach Booking Agent Swakopmund +264 64220403 [email protected]
PEN00040 Longholm Hotel Walvis Bay 64209230 [email protected]
TPH00517 Longwalk Big Game Hunting Safaris Windhoek 811501500 [email protected]
TPH00615 Lopaz Investments CC Swakopmund 64463010
SEL00630 Loraine Farming Windhoek 62581662 [email protected]
TPH00491 Lorraine Farming CC Windhoek 62581662 [email protected]
SHU01152 Lot Tour Service CC Walvis Bay +264 813884455 [email protected]
SHU00032 Lottie & Corrie Transfers Windhoek 61272129 [email protected]
SEL00136 Loubser's Tours Walvisbay 64203034 [email protected]
TSO00224 Loubsers Tours (Namibia Camping Tours) Walvis Bay 64203034 [email protected]
SHU01105 Louw and Isaacs Transfer and Tours CC Windhoek +264 61 211268 [email protected]
SEL01087 Lovebird's Rest Guest house Windhoek +264 811 289096 [email protected]
SEL00137 Lovedale Farm Holidays Helmeringhausen 063 683 031 [email protected]
CMP00037 Lovedale Farm Holidays Helmeringhausen 813118008 [email protected]
SHU01053 Lovemore Airport Shuttle Windhoek +264 814818010 [email protected]
TPH01121 Lovu Zdar Hunting Safaris CC Windhoek +264 811292131 [email protected]
VEH01068 Low Cost Car Rental Windhoek +264 811272983 [email protected]
BOO00129 Loxo Safaris Windhoek 612902676 [email protected]
TFA00097 Loxo Safaris Windhoek 612902676 [email protected]
TFA01018 LTJ Tours ( PTY ) LTD t/a Live the Journey Walvis Bay +264 64220571 [email protected]
TSO01084 LTJ Tours (PTY) LTD T/A Live The Journey Walvis Bay +264 64 220571 [email protected]
SHU00135 Luciano Airport Transport & Tours Windhoek 813061558 [email protected]
BOO01038 Lucky Sky Travel and Tours cc Windhoek +264 61402776 [email protected]
BPH00009 Luderitz Backpackers Luderitz 63202000 [email protected]
HOT00035 Luderitz Nest Hotel Luderitz 63204000 [email protected]
TSO00420 Luderitz Nest Hotel Luderitz 63204000 [email protected]
BOO00067 Luderitz Safaris & Tours Luderitz 63202719 [email protected]
ACT00052 Luderitz Safaris and Tours Luderitz 63202719 [email protected]
BPH01012 Luis Investments CC Backpackers OTHER +264 65 256234 [email protected]
VEH01028 Lukzet Tourism CC Henties Bay +264 816801064 [email protected]
VEH01100 Lumeris Rentals CC Swakopmund +264 64 404030 [email protected]
TSO01150 Lumona Tours and Travels cc Windhoek +264 81217635 [email protected]
BOO00099 Luna Properties CC Walvis Bay 64209444
SEL00760 Lushof Henties Bay 64500820
TPH01061 Luti Ati Hunting Safari Leonardville +264 811249285 [email protected]
SHU00164 Lutuma Airport Shuttle & Tours Windhoek 812712517 [email protected]
FOR00069 Luxcamp Safaris & Tours Cape Town 27227721865 [email protected]
SEL00470 Luxury Hill Accommodation Windhoek 61238152 [email protected]
BOO00057 Lyda Deyser Agent Hentiesbay 64500536 NA
SEL01232 Lyn's Self Catering Swakopmund +264 64462164 [email protected]
SEL00706 M & H Guesthouse Suiderhof Windhoek 812209830 [email protected]
SHU00035 M & M Airport Shuttle Transfers Windhoek 812851459
FOR00097 M & M Solutions Destination Management Cape Town 27214627758 [email protected]
SHU00114 M and M Airport & Transport Service Windhoek 812423737 [email protected]
TSO00339 M Du Plessis t/a Sunset Tours Swakopmund 64404030 [email protected]
SEL01230 M Kamble Self Catering CC Walvis Bay +264 812285812 [email protected]
SHU01111 M Shuttle Services cc Walvisbay +264 64 220375 [email protected]
SEL00110 M Thom Henties Bay 64500425 [email protected]
SEL00201 M Viviers Accommodation Henties Bay 64500246 [email protected]
SHU00207 M. Antonio Transfers & Tours Windhoek 61210618 [email protected]
SHU00037 M.E.C Liners Airport Shuttle Windhoek 61213695 [email protected]
TPH00602 Maanlig Hunting Farm Grootfontein 67232623 [email protected]
TSO00212 Mabaruli African Safaris Windhoek 61301563 [email protected]
SHU00130 Mabasen Tours & Shuttle Services Windhoek 61227911 [email protected]
GHO01116 Mabula Guest House cc Rundu +264 66256335 [email protected]
SEL00770 Mac's Landing CC Swakopmund 64405442 [email protected]
TNC01012 Madisa Camp Swakopmund +264 816982908 [email protected]
CMP01029 Madisa Camp Swakopmund +264 816982908 [email protected]
TFA00024 Madiza Tours Windhoek 811298920 [email protected]
TSO01052 Madiza Tours Windhoek +264 61 233884 [email protected]
TFA00064 Madume African Expendition CC Omaruru 64570891 [email protected]
TPH01069 Mafuba Hunting Safaris Outjo +264 812355520 [email protected]
SEL00156 Maggie`s Self Catering Swakopmund 812739309 [email protected]
FOR00132 Magic Adventure GmbH Lehmen 4926077730700 [email protected]
TSO00166 Magic Destinations Windhoek 61230439 [email protected]
TSO00418 Magic Moments Tours Swakopmund 64402138 [email protected]
TSO00028 Magic Tour Swakopmund 64462411 [email protected]
TSO01007 Mahangu Safari Lodge Rundu +264 66 259037 [email protected]
CMP00123 Mahangu Safari Lodge Divundu 66259037 [email protected]
LOD00086 Mahangu Safari Lodge Divundu 66259037 [email protected]
TSO00222 Mahonda Hunting Safaris Windhoek 62572136 [email protected]
TPH00410 Mahonda Hunting Safaris Windhoek 62572136 [email protected]
BBF00254 Main Street Bed & Breakfast Omaruru 64570636 [email protected]
SEL01075 Main Street Bed and Breakfast Karasburg +264 63270681 [email protected]
GHO01037 Maisan Ambre Guesthouse CC Windhoek +264 61233834 [email protected]
GHO00235 Majaju Guesthouse Ruacana CC Ruacana 811477747 [email protected]
BOO01033 Majestic Travel And Tours CC Windhoek +264 81 2077687 [email protected]
TFA00154 Mal Thirteen Investments / Kanabo Safaris Windhoek 61223190 [email protected]
FOR00014 Malachite Tours Stellenbosch 27218833370 [email protected]
TNL01003 Malansrus Tented Lodge and Campsite Windhoek +264 812632477 [email protected]
HOT00050 Maltahohe Hotel CC Maltahohe 63293013 [email protected]
RES01032 Malubasi Rest Camp Katima Mulilo +264 81300193 [email protected]
TNCC00002 Malyo Wilderness Camp Katima Mulilo +264 81 128 8549 [email protected]
BPH00056 Mama Felly Windhoek 812119727 [email protected]
BPH00048 Mama Titi Guesthouse Windhoek 61223805
SEL01088 Mamsy Palace Selfcatering Windhoek +264 61 244137 [email protected]
GHO01077 Manani Guest House Grootfontein +264 67 241028 [email protected]
FOR01029 Mandiwave Pty Ltd T/A Carlou Safaris OTHER +61 466643715 [email protected]
FOR01050 Mangetti Africa Tours Cape Town +27795376824 [email protected]
GHO00195 Mango Guest House Oshakati 65231688 [email protected]
TSO01059 Mannor Safaris Namibia Windhoek +264 818577667 [email protected]
TSO00424 Maoma Tours Cc Swakopmund 811271579 [email protected]
TFA00113 Maoma Tours CC Swakopmund 811271579 [email protected]
RES01022 Maori Rest Camp Grootfontein +264 67 242351 [email protected]
TFA01109 Marang Safaris and Tours Windhoek +264 813146537 [email protected]
SEL00724 Maria Bed & Breakfast Kamanjab 812994039
HOT00054 Mariental Hotel Mariental 63242466 [email protected]
RES01009 Mariental Restcamp Mariental +264 63241546 [email protected]
GHO00082 Marietjie's Guesthouse Swakopmund 64400121 [email protected]
HOT01019 Marigold Hotel Windhoek +264 61380000 [email protected]
SEL00695 Marina Guesthouse No 2 Swakopmund 812439258 [email protected]
ACT00097 Mario Oprandi Swakopmund 812080678 [email protected]
TSO00405 Markin' Africa Safaris and Tours Windhoek 812807887 [email protected]
BOO01127 Marobella Safari Booking Agency CC Windhoek +264 812227427 [email protected]
GHO00214 Maroela Guesthouse CC Windhoek 61308552
TPH01028 Martin Britz Hunting Safaris Windhoek +264 61 259017 [email protected]
SHU01159 Martin Shuttle CC Windhoek +264 812149924 [email protected]
TSO01128 Marula Game Ranch Windhoek +264 62573649 [email protected]
TPH00158 Marula Game Ranch Windhoek 62573649 [email protected]
LOD01055 Marula Lodge Windhoek +264 62573649 [email protected]
BBF00232 Mary Jo Bed & Breakfast Windhoek 812426579 [email protected]
TPH00102 Mashete Safaris Outjo 67312121 [email protected]
ACT00141 Mashi River Safaris CC Mayuni 814619608 [email protected]
BBF00227 Masizas Bed & Breakfast Walvis Bay 813792553 masizab&[email protected]
FOR01006 Mask Expeditions (pty) LTD OTHER +27 11 8752083 [email protected]
TSO01162 Massmen Car Hire and Safaris Windhoek +264 813977068 [email protected]
TSO01066 Mat-Travel Tours and Safaris Walvis Bay +264 812059934 [email protected]
SHU01104 Matatura Travel & Tours CC Windhoek +264 81 866483 [email protected]
TSO00072 Matiti Safaris CC Windhoek 61259041 [email protected]
GHO01019 Mattie Investments 85 CC t/a Stay @ Swakop Swakopmund +264 64 403138 [email protected]
GFA00030 Matunda Guest Farm Outjo 67313863 [email protected]
TPH01170 Matutwe Safaris Okahandja 0811423200 [email protected]
CMP01039 Mavinga Campsite Ruacana +264 811286890 [email protected]
CMP01013 Mavunje Camp Site Cc Katima Mulilo +264 81 6925702
GHO01257 Maxrose Guest House Tsumeb +264 813721682 [email protected]
TNL00003 Mazambala Island Lodge Katima