Together with Chile and Hawaii, Namibia is considered to be one of the top three destinations for stargazing in the world. With its generally cloudless night sky, especially in the dry winter months, minimal contamination by artificial light and air pollution, and excellent view of the southern constellations, Namibia has superb stargazing conditions. As such it is favoured by professional and amateur astronomers alike.

Namibia was chosen as the best site for the multi-national Max Planck High Energy Stereoscopic System experiment (H.E.S.S.), now fully operational on Farm Gaulschau near the Gamsberg. Many lodges have medium-sized telescopes (up to 16" diameter) for use by guests, and provide novice stargazing guests with a laymen's introduction to astrology.

The Khomas Hochland/Gamsberg area west of Windhoek has the third-clearest, least light-polluted sky in the world. An impressive 'farm' of telescopes and other equipment is maintained by the German-based International Amateur Observatory at the guest farm Hakos on top of the Gamsberg Pass, two hours' drive away from Windhoek.

SOLNA, Namibia's first space observation learning centre, is a company that deals with astronomy education, astrophotography, telescope sales and stargazing tourism

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Namibia Starmap for March 2014

Star Map Windhoek 21 March 06h00

Star Map Windhoek 21 March 21h00