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Namibia is a land of endless horizons. Sky scraping dunes crash into jagged coastline. Joyful music rings over the Savannah. Adventure is at every turn.The people of Namibia invite you to share their country and explore the rugged, natural, soulful, liberating place they call home.Their Namibia can one day be yours.

Learn more from locals about what makes Namibia one of the world's most inspiring places.

Share My Lüderitz

  • Located at the southern tip of Namibia's rugged coast, Luderitz explodes with bright colors, a vibrant engagement wit... click to read more

Share My Fish River Canyon

  • Located in the 'deep south' of Namibia, the Fish River Canyon is a spectacular natural phenomenon and is home to o... click to read more

Share My Caprivi

  • Bordering Angola, Botswana and Zambia, the Caprivi region is a mosaic of woodlands, rivertine forests, swamps and ... click to read more

Share My Central Namibia

  • The Waterberg Plateau, with its flambouyant brick-red sandstone formations and lush green vegetation prese... click to read more

Share My Coast

  • Once upon a time the entire coastline of Namibia was called 'The Skeleton Coast' due to the scores of shipwrecks l... click to read more

Share My Kalahari

  • The physical beauty of the Kalahari only enhances its true allure - the liberating silence and solitude fo... click to read more

Share My Northwest Namibia

  • Damaraland and Kaokoveld in the northwest of Namibia demand a certain level of respect. Occupying a huge, harsh str... click to read more

Share My Owambo

  • Dotted with tiny villages and wide open plains, Owambo offers an atmosphere of stunning scenery, lush vegetation a... click to read more

Share My Sossusvlei

  • Climbing up one of the highest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei provides breathtaking views of perhaps Namibia's mo... click to read more

Share My Damaraland

  • Damaraland is one of the most scenic areas in Namibia, a huge, untamed, ruggedly beautiful region that offers trav... click to read more

Share My Etosha

  • Seeing vast herds of game against the backdrop of the pan, referred to in the local vernacular as 'the great white pl... click to read more

Share My Windhoek

  • Due to Namibia's complex and intertwined history, you will see people of all colors and cultures in our capital of W... click to read more