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Located at the southern tip of Namibia's rugged coast, Luderitz explodes with bright colors, a vibrant engagement with the sea, and an energetic culture. Sem Shikongo, a Luderitzbutcher, shares his Luderitz...

describe the image“Southern Namibia is an ancient landscape with a rich, mixed cultural history. Visitors should visit Kolmanskop, once a thriving mining town and now abandoned to the ghosts and photographers looking for a great shot. A trip into the Sperrgebiet not only gives more exposure to our history of diamond mining, but it is also one of the world’sbiodiversity hot spots! Visit the wild horses at Aus, take a trip around the peninsula to see Diaz point where the first European landed in Namibia, or a catamaran cruise on the sea to Halifax Island where there is a deserted whaling station that is now occupied by penguins. These are just some of the amazing places near Lüderitz that I’d like to share.

A Lüderitzbuchter or `’Buchter” is not just someone born in Lüderitz. Buchter defines a very special group of people who enjoy life to the fullest. There is an expression for Lüderitz and its people, “the Bucht tires you!” because we can never get enough of talking, of laughing and having a good time!

The southern extremes of Namibia are defined by five special elements: the ocean, wind, fish and crayfish, parties and contrasting scenery. We have an affinity for the sea, for obvious economic reasons, but it’s more than that. We sit on Agate Beach or just on a rock and absorb the energy of the ocean and dream of far away places.When you visit Lüderitz, this is the type of spirit you canexpect! If you visit us during the Crayfish Festival, which is normally in April or May, you’ll experience the best of the Buchter food and spirit!

In the south, we talk about the wind, because it is the wind that defines the weather. No wonder it even has its own name Souwi (South-West) If it is windy, it is good for fishing so the fishermen are out but everyone else is inside so it’s an excellent time to visit friends. Interestingly all guys in the Bucht are called “Jack” and all girls are called “My Sista!”

The wind also influences personalities. It causes you to take sharp focus because you are generally looking down to keep the sand out of your eyes you look up, take focus quickly before looking down again and on you go. After the wind, we have calm days and through the fog, we find the sun; in short the Bucht has all four seasons in one day! There is peace in knowing that one dramatic element ultimately brings a peaceful one.

There are no traffic lights in Lüderitz; we maintain the feeling of freedom, of doing our own thing the Buchter way! So, Check you in the Bucht!’