Research Center

The Research and Statistics Division is based at the NTB head office and is responsible for collecting, consolidating and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data. The Research and Statistics Division produces specific statistics concerned with the supply and demand markets.

The following documents below are available to download.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017-2018

Annual Report 2015-2016

Namibia Tourist Exit Survey

Report - Namibia Tourist Exit Survey 2012-2013

Tourist Arrival Statistics Reports

Tourist Arrival Statistics Report (MET, 2017)

Tourist Arrival Statistics Report (MET, 2016)

Tourist Arrival Statistics Report (MET, 2015)

Tourist Arrival Statistics Report (MET, 2014)

Tourist Arrival Statistics Report ( MET, 2012 AND 2013)

Tourist Arrival Statistical Report (MET, 2011)

Tourist Arrival Statistical Report (MET, 2010)

Domestic Tourism Reports

Domestic Tourism Report 2007

Tourism Satellite Account Reports

Tourism Satellite Account 2015

Tourism Satellite Account 2012

Tourism Satellite Account 2010

Tourism Satellite Account Report Cover 2008

Tourism Satellite Account 2008

Tourism Satellite Account 2006

Domestic Tourism Expenditure Survey

Domestic Tourism Expenditure Survey 2015

Domestic Tourism Expenditure Survey 2007