Flying & Gliding

Namibia has extensive airstrips across the country providing an extensive air transport system. Fly-in safaris are popular with visitors to Namibia who wish not to travel long distances and periods by road. Pilots or novices visiting the country have various options. craft can be hired or flown in, and training or recreational flying can be done in Namibia at various locations.

The popular location for flying in Namibia is at Bitterwasser Lodge, which is situated between Uhlenhorst and Hoachanas. Bitterwasser Lodge gives visitors an ideal opportunity to experience the unspoiled beauty of Namibia on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, with the comfort of a beautifully situated lodge. The Bitterwasser saltpan with its diameter of 3 kilometers is used as a runway system. Soon, the extraordinary thermal conditions of the Kalahari Desert became world famous.

Not only incredibly fast, but also exceptionally long glider flights have been and are flown regularly in Bitterwasser. As one of the world's leading soaring centers, Bitterwasser offers soaring, scenic flights with a glider, micro-light or motorized planes, hot air ballooning, as well as nature drives, a swimming pool and biking.