We are constantly developing new sales tools to help you sell and promote Namibia.

Feel free to contact us if you have a suggestion! Below are the list of tools currently available.

1) Looking for photos for marketing materials? Check out our Flickr Page here. Please contact us and we will send you the photo in the required size right away.

Here are some of our favourite videos on Namibia that are great for sharing on your website to promote the Destination:

2) Online Sales Guide - This comprehensive reference tool contains in-depth information on travel in Namibia and is designed to be the "text-book," for the Specialist Programme.

3) Discover Namibia App - Click here to download the Discover Namibia App (only available in European App Store)

4) Namibia iPad App - Click here to download the "Namibia" app for iPad.

5) Unbranded Map of Namibia - Download this map that you can use to show your clients the different regions of Namibia. The side with the photos will be on the outside when folded into 8. The print version is CMYK colour, A2 size. The screen version is RGB, A3 size.

6)Sales Toolkits: We have been developing sales toolkits to share key information on niche markets. Click below to download these short guides:

7) Conservation Fact Sheet - Namibia is a conservation destination! Learn more about our remarkable communal conservancy program and more initiatives by downloading this fact sheet.