Dolphin Cruises

The cold Atlantic waters off the Namib coast harbor a wealth of marine life, including two dolphin species and a large colony of Cape fur seals resident at Pelican Point.

The 1.3-metre-long Heaviside's dolphin is endemic to the west coast and sightings are 99% successful, while the larger Atlantic bottlenose and dusky dolphins are seen less often. In season, larger mammals like the southern right and humpback whales may be spotted, and with a bit of luck, the mighty killer whales (orcas). Rare sightings of sunfish (mola mola) and leatherback turtles also keep guests on the lookout.

Walvis Bay-based Mola Mola Safaris has been conducting dolphin cruises for many years. The company has a high success rate in tracking down the dolphins and giving clients close-up views of Cape fur seals. Levo Tours, also based in Walvis Bay, takes guests on dolphin and seal tours, which last for approximately four hours. A variety of birds such as pelicans, flamingos and cormorants can be seen and wild seals are fed by hand on the ski-boat. Fresh oysters, champagne and snacks are enjoyed at the seal colony where dolphins join the fun around the boat. Another way to experience the marine life around Pelican Point and Walvis Bay is through Catamaran Charters. Conducted on one of three catamarans, the chances of encountering dolphins, whales, turtles, seals and mola molas (sunfish) make the search for the Marine Big 5 an adventurous excursion.