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    <p>Safari Car Rental Namibia offers you brand-new, premium 4×4 vehicles for your adventurous African self-drive safari together with an <strong>i</strong>nnovative new pricing system that passes available discounts directly on to you at the very moment you book.</p><p>Our 4×4 vehicles are technically upgraded to the highest standards so you can effortlessly negotiate our beautiful but often remote and harsh African roads. You’ll find that our 4x4s are the safest, most comfortable, and certainly most fun to drive.</p><p>We don’t configure new camping equipped off-road vehicles as we like them but as you like them. When we bring our unique 4x4s on the market we do not ask ourselves “How much can we rent them out for?” but “How little can we rent them out for?”. We don’t tell you what the best service is; we ask you how we can be best of service to you.</p><p>We want you to experience the uniqueness of our Namibian wilderness, our African wildlife and your off-road adventure totally carefree and turn it into an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can count on us to help you make this come true! <br></p>

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