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    <p> We are a destination management company, owned and managed by born and bred Namibians, with a passion for Namibia and Tourism. Our focus is on offering safaris, beneficial to both the environment, wildlife and the local people. Together we have 20 years experience in the tourism industry and thus have deep routed knowledge of Namibia. We have staff members that read, write and speak German. Aabadi Safaris specializes in cultural tours and we offer our guests a unique and rare opportunity to interact with and learn the customs of Namibia's indigenous people and culture, especially if the opportunity avails itself and we are fortunate to arrive at a village where there is a wedding or birthday celebration. Our aim is to give our guests the most enjoyable and memorable experience of our beautiful country. We also engage in assisting film crews and other media with guided itineraries, research as well as obtaining work visas. In addition, we own a Bush Camp, situated 130 km northwest of Windhoek, where we offer walking/bush trials with San trackers. Our guests are given this experience and the opportunity to learn about this ancient San culture. It is an experience not to be missed by any guest wanting to learn and/or witness first-hand edible foods in nature, tracking, traditional fire making, craft making and much more. </p> <p> We took over ownership & Management of Aabadi Safaris in October 2009 and that of Aabadi Bush Camp, in December 2009. The product is very well received in International Markets and we have established relationships with German Tour Operators and are busy establishing new ones with Chinese Tour Operators. Aabadi Safaris is currently emerging popular in China and thus far 95% of our customers, who undertake tours with us, are from China. </p>

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