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read moreFarm Xaragu Tented Camp

Farm Xaragu Tented Camp located at Farm Bethenie 514 in , ERONGO Khorixas

read moreGästefarm Niedersachsen

From the castle-like homestead on a hill one can enjoy a panoramic view over 18.535 hectares of undulating Savannah scenery, bordered by the distant mountain ranges of the Khomas Hochland in the east

read moreGelukspoort Guestfarm CC

Gelukspoort Guestfarm CC located at Gelukspoort Farm 358 Outjo C39 in , Kunene Outjo

read moreGirib-Ost Jadg Farm

Girib-Ost Jadg Farm located at 30 Kalie Root Street,Northern Industry in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreGlenorkie Hunting Farm

Glenorkie Hunting Farm located at Farm Glenorkie No.225 Omaheke in , Omaheke Windhoek

read moreGlyberg Guestfarm

Glyberg Guestfarm located at Glynberg No 480 in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreGoedehoop Guestfarm

Goedehoop Guestfarm located at Farm Goedehoop No 463 Aranos in , Hardap

read moreGroot Gamsberg Ranch

Groot Gamsberg Ranch located at Farm Groot Gamsberg No 900 Windhoek in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreGross-Okandjou Hunting & Western Riding Ranch

Natural Horsemanship * Horse Trails * Sustainable HuntingA down - to - earth family farm. Minimum stay: 3 days

read moreGrosswarlencourt Guestfarm

Grosswarlencourt Guestfarm located at Farm grosswarlencourt No 1141 in , OTJOZONDJU Otjiwarongo

read moreGrunental Hunting & Guest Farm

Grunental Hunting & Guest Farm located at Farm Grunental No.1031 in , Omaheke

read moreGuestfarm Ousema

Guestfarm Ousema located at Farm Ousema No 201 D2404 B1 in , OTJOZONDJU Okahandja

read moreGuestfarm Woltemade

Guestfarm Woltemade located at Farm Woltemade No 254 Okahandja in , OTJOZONDJU Okahandja

read moreHakos Astro Farm

Sternführungen auf Hakos Wenn sie bereits durch unser Land gereist sind, wird Ihnen der prachtvolle Sternenhimmel aufgefallen sein. Vielleicht sind wir auch Ihr erster Halt und Ihnen kann

read moreHakos Guestfarm

Hakos Guestfarm located at 135 km from Windhoek C26 Gamberg No 91 in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreHatagob Trophy Hunting & Guest Farm

Hatagob Trophy Hunting & Guest Farm located at Farm Bergvallei 753, Kamanjab Kunene Region in , KHOMAS Windhoek

read moreHeirachabis Guest Farm

Heirachabis Guest Farm located at Farm Heirachabis No 60 in , Karas

read moreHochland Guest Farm

Hochland Guest Farm located at Farm Khomas No 334 Windhoek District in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreHochland Hunting Ranch

Hochland Hunting Ranch located at No.37 Farm Hochland in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreHohenhorst Guestfarm

The magnificent farmhouse, a cool and spacious colonial style farm residence with gleaming wooden floors, was built in 1939. In the main house are three en-suite double bedrooms, while the Hunt

read moreHohewarte Gästefarm

The Hohewarthe Guest Farm is located about 20 minutes from the International Airport (Hosea Kutako). The guestfarm will arrange for guests to be transported to and from the airport. It is set at

read moreHoliday on the Farm

Holiday on the Farm located at Farm Okowiruru South No 105 in , OTJOZONDJU

read moreHunting / Guestfarm Otjohotozu

Hunting / Guestfarm Otjohotozu located at Farm Otjohotozu 85 Omaruru D2315 in , Erongo Omaruru

read moreHunting & Guest Farm Aurora

Hunting & Guest Farm Aurora located at Farm Aurora 159 in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreHUnting & Guest Farm Katemba

Katemba is one of the most scenic farms in Namibia, situated southwest of the Etosha National Park, close to Kamanjab. Accommodation: Accommodation is offered in three th

read moreHunting Farm Bernadette

Hunting Farm Bernadette located at Farm BErnadette No 171 in , OTJOZONDJU Otjiwarongo

read moreHunting Farm Erichsfelde

Hunting Farm Erichsfelde located at Farm Erichsfelde No 44 in , OTJOZONDJU Okahandja

read moreHunting Farm Eundo

Hunting Farm Eundo located at Farm Eundo Okahandja in , OTJOZONDJU Okahandja

read moreHunting Farm Hohenau

Hunting Farm Hohenau located at Farm Hohenau No.81 in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreHunting Farm Hummelshain

Hunting Farm Hummelshain located at Farm Hummelshain No.154 in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreHunting Farm Huttenhain

Hunting Farm Huttenhain located at Farm Huttenhain No.34 in , OTJOZONDJU Okahandja

read moreHunting Farm Kachauchab

Hunting Farm Kachauchab located at Farm Kachauchab No.40 in , Hardap Maltahöhe

read moreHunting Farm Krumhuk

Hunting Farm Krumhuk located at Farm Krumhuk Windhoek in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreHunting Farm Moselle

Hunting Farm Moselle located at Farm Moselle in , Kunene Outjo

read moreHunting Farm Okamatangara

Hunting Farm Okamatangara located at Okamatangara Farm 280 Part 6 in , OTJOZONDJU Windhoek

read moreHunting Farm Okuje

Hunting Farm Okuje located at Farm okuje No.474 Windhoek in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreHunting Farm Ongangasemba

Hunting Farm Ongangasemba located at Farm Ongangasemba in , OTJOZONDJU Otjiwarongo

read moreHunting Farm Otjongoro

Hunting Farm Otjongoro located at Farm Otjongoro No.226 Omaruru District in , Erongo Omaruru

read moreHunting Farm Ottawa Safaris

Hunting Farm Ottawa Safaris located at Farm Ottawa in , Omaheke

read moreHunting Farm Urusis

Hunting Farm Urusis located at Farm Urusis 179 in , Hardap Maltahöhe

read moreHunting Farm Wronin

Hunting Farm Wronin located at Farm Wronin 1013 Gobabis in , Omaheke Gobabis

read moreIbenstein Hunting Farm

Ibenstein Hunting Farm located at farm Ibenstein 55 in , Khomas Dordabis

read moreIlala Private Game Reserve ta Kamab Guest Farm

Ilala Private Game Reserve t\a Kamab Guest Farm located at Farm Klein Chausib, No 408 in , Khomas Windhoek

read moreImmenhof Guest Farm

The unique setting of Immenhof covers a diverse landscape ranging from open plains to thorn bush savannah, along dry river beds winding through solid granite outcrops. Accommodation cons

read moreJ A N Rossuw Burgsdorf Guest Farm

J A N Rossuw Burgsdorf Guest Farm located at Farm Burgsdorf Maltahohe District in , Hardap Maltahöhe

read moreJadg / Gaste Farm Ombu

Jadg / Gaste Farm Ombu located at Farm Ombu 130 Omaruru D2315 in , Erongo Omaruru

read moreJadg Farm Kuhwaerder 114

Jadg Farm Kuhwaerder 114 located at Kuhwaerder No 114 in , OTJOZONDJU Otjiwarongo

read moreJadg Farm Ombuwa

Jadg Farm Ombuwa located at Farm Ombuwa D 2316 in , Erongo Omaruru

read moreJagd - Farm Damara

Jagd - Farm Damara located at Farm Damara No.201 in , Omaheke Gobabis

read moreJagd Farm Hamburg

Jagd Farm Hamburg located at Farm Hamburg 75 in , OTJOZONDJU Otjiwarongo