The Ghosts of Etosha

24th of September 2014 11:54

The “white ghosts” of Etosha are something that any explorer of Namibia's national park should try and catch a glimpse of. Namibian photographer and elephant lover, Anja Denker, is here to tell you what it is like spending time with these gentle giants and how you can observe and photograph these magnificent creatures. The Ghosts of Etosha Photos and words byAnja Denker   The great white place The word Etosha literally means “great

Capture Namibia: Photography tips from Marina Cano

19th of September 2014 12:27

Marina Cano is an award winning Spanish photographer who recently spent some time in Namibia. She took several amazing shots of the Land of the Brave and its creatures. We tracked her down and got her to share some of her wisdom and a few of her favourite shots from her trip. Tell us about your most unforgettable moment while shooting in Namibia. There were many incredible moments in Namibia, it’s difficult to choose just one. But early one mo

Where to Stay in Etosha National Park

11th of September 2014 09:02

So, you want to visit Etosha National Park? Of course you do. It is one of the most highly regarded national parks in Africa. The park has an enormous amount and variety of wildlife and guests are frequently treated to sightings of several rare and endangered animals. If you are going to visit Etosha, you will need a place to over night. This blog will give you the low down on where to stay while you explore this national treasure. A dazzle of z

Four Scenic 4x4 Mountain Passes in Namibia

20th of August 2014 01:32

If you are into 4x4 adventures, Namibia has some beautiful mountain passes just for you. We have selected four passes on routes that start in Windhoek and head down the face of the Great Escarpment and into the Namib Desert and beyond. Namibia's mountainous regions are well-worth exploring.   A Short Note on 4x4’s in Namibia Upon arriving in Namibia for the first time you would be forgiven for thinking that much of the driving you do arou

Driving through Namibia with Carlo van Wyk

11th of August 2014 12:07

Namibia: A Solo Overland Trip by Carlo van Wyk Every now and then, we all need a break. A few weeks ago I decided to take a much needed escape from the daily grind, and set out on a 3000 mile road trip through the south of Namibia. I didn’t have a set itinerary, just a road map, my four-wheel drive vehicle, cameras, and enough supplies to be self-sufficient for more or less two weeks. The famous Dead Vlei.   Taking a break and traveling s

What to do in Namibia during Winter

9th of August 2014 10:33

Winter in Namibia is a great time of year to explore our vast and diverse country. The weather is more moderate than in other months of the year and our country is a great option if you want to avoid the huge crowds of the northern hemisphere's summer months. Read on for a few more reasons why we think you should visit Namibia in the winter months. Winter is a great time to explore Namibia- find out why below.   The Manageable Weather As yo

The National Parks of Namibia- Nkasa Lupala and Dorob

1st of August 2014 12:34

Namibian national parks like Etosha National Park and the Waterberg Plateau Park are world-renowned and well-visited by international and national tourists. This blog post is not about those parks. Today we want introduce you to two national parks run that you may not have heard of before... A Land Rover with Sandwich Harbour in the background.One of the best things to do in Namibia is to explore locations that are off the beaten path.(Image via

Three Shipwrecks on Namibia's Skeleton Coast

28th of July 2014 05:51

Namibia has several thousand shipwrecked vessels strewn across its vast coastline. The Skeleton Coast’s rough seas, roaring winds and strong ocean currents are primarily responsible for many of these beached ships’ fate. (Image via I Dream of Africa)   Many of the wrecks on the harsh coastline have been completely destroyed by the sun, sea, and wind but a few are still visible. The vessels' remains can be seen up close by explorers who

Explore Namibia's Precious Coastline and Dunes with Chris Nel

11th of July 2014 10:46

Chris Nel is a tour guide who runs the Living Desert Adventure through the Namib Desert near Sossussvlei. On these tours he shares his wisdom and expertise with visitors. Chris was also involved in the establishment of the Dorob National Park in 2010 along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. We had a chance to sit down and chat with Chris about desert conservation and the role that ordinary citizens can play in protecting Namibia’s natural treasures.

The Ngepi Camp in Namibia's Zambezi Region

4th of July 2014 08:35

Bush-bound Girl has written for us once before and now she is back for a second time. In her recent post she shares her experience of staying in one of the most unique accommodations in Namibia: The Ngepi Camp in the Zambezi (Caprivi) region. Read on to find out what makes this camp so special... My George-of-the-Jungle tree house in the Caprivi by Rachel Lang   Ngepi Camp.(Photo © Ngepi Camp)   Ever since watching George of the Jungl

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