Exploring Etosha's Newly Opened Western Region

18th of March 2015 09:20

Situated in the previously restricted western section of the Etosha National Park  there’s a campsite that you may not yet have heard of... It's called Olifantsrus and it offers up unique game viewing experiences. Here is a bit more information on this awesome place. Olifantsrus is more than a resting place for Elephants...It is a camping and game viewing experience of a lifetime. It is located approximately 60kms from Galton Gate, 130km

A Dillish Trip Through Namibia

12th of March 2015 09:10

Celebrity, Dillish Matthews, went on a Namibian road trip of a lifetime. See what the Big Brother star had to say about touring her home country and plan your own adventure around Namibia with the Dillish itinerary. Dillish’s roadtrip hits Solitaire!   1. Which part of the trip surprised you most? That would be the Epupa Waterfalls. I was taken away by the scenery, the crocodiles and, of course, my favourite of all was when we went water

Over the Dunes and Faraway- Hot Air Ballooning Over Namibia

9th of March 2015 11:06

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to soar above the world’s oldest desert then read on. Angie Cosey is the star of our latest guest blog and in her piece she recalls the wonder and peace one experiences when floating along the wind currents of Namibia. Pictures and words by Angie Cosey Get ready for flight!   It was our Second day in Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert of Namibia. Dwight and I went on a hot air balloon

10 Extreme Ways to Experience Namibia

27th of February 2015 12:09

Going on holiday in Namibia is not just about serene landscapes and safaris. The Land of the Brave has loads of extreme adventure on offer for visitors looking to get their blood pumping. In this blog we’ll be looking at ten activities for all you adrenaline junkies, speed freaks and explorers out there. Get ready for adventure…(Image via Cazenove + Loyd)   Kitesurfing The fresh south westerly winds that reach Walvis Bay lagoon make thi

Capture Namibia: Photography tips from Anette Mossbacher

23rd of February 2015 11:06

Anette Mossbacher is a professional photographer who has lived in Africa and Asia and has spent a great deal of time in the remote wilderness and bush getting face to face with wildlife. Anette’s nature and wildlife photographs have been published in magazines, books, commercials and have won several awards including the International Photography Awards in 2014. In this blog post she shares with us a few tips for taking photos in Namibia..

Where to eat: Swakopmund Restaurants

20th of February 2015 11:08

The seaside town of Swakopmund is a regular destination for local and international tourists. The town always bustles with activity and there are plenty of places to eat and drink in the little holiday town. Here is just a taste of what’s on offer... Breakfast in Swakop Image courtesy of Village Café Village Café 21 Sam Nujoma Ave +264 64 404723  Loved by locals and tourists alike for its quirky character and good service. Perfect

Namibia's "Other" Photography Spots

18th of February 2015 06:19

If you’ve been Namibia before, or if you’ve read about it, you know that it is a wildly popular place for photographers to visit. Sites like Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, Kolmanskop and Etosha National Park are all spectacular places to capture on film… But what if you want something a little different from your photography safari? Well don’t worry we’ve got you covered- Here are some alternative photographic destinations in Namibia…

100% Namibian art in Swakopmund

16th of February 2015 11:54

There’s a new Arts & Crafts Centre in the holiday town of Swakopmund and it’s 100% Namibian. On the surface, it is a fantastic venue for locals and tourists to soak up Namibian art and enjoy something to eat and drink at the new Yambeke restaurant. But at its heart lies a grander ambition: the training and uplifting of local artists. Namibian people have a vibrant, diversified culture, which this Centre wants to promote and develop.

What to do in Namibia during Spring

12th of February 2015 09:47

Springtime in Namibia is from September to November and is a wonderful time to travel. The temperatures start to climb but it rarely gets too too hot. The land begins to slowly stir and there is a buzz in the air as everyone and everything waits in restless anticipation of the coming rains. The popcorn tree – better known as a blossoming Swarthaak.   In a country where sun and warm temperatures are pretty much all year round, a more relia

5 Essentials for a Safari in Namibia

3rd of February 2015 11:46

Johanna Read runs Travel Eater, a blog focused on food and travel. Today she shares with us five essentials that will help you make the most of your safari through Namibia...      +++++++   Namibia Safari Essentials Photos and words by Johanna Read Safari in Namibia- there's nothing quite like it. Namibia is a great place to go on safari. Not only will you see amazing animals — leopard, cheetah and desert-adapted elephant

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