Photography in Namibia

3rd of May 2012 03:12

The late Des Bartlett said, “photography is painting with light.”  Des and his wife, Jen, who filmed and photographed wildlife on six continents for more than 50 years, found inspiration in Namibia. Their work here won Emmy awards, was featured on National Geographic magazine covers, and inspired other photographers to come and experience Namibia in all its shining light. Sunrise and sunset are usually the best times to photograph,&

Conservation Hero – John Kasaona

2nd of May 2012 01:27

The son of a wildlife poacher turned protector, John Kasaona is a new breed of conservationists: one that understands the past, works tirelessly in the present and is excited to inspire the future generation of conservationists. Under South African rule, wildlife numbers in Namibia shrank dramatically. After independence, the Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC) turned to local communities - like John's - to beco

Discover Namibia’s Iconic Etosha National Park

1st of May 2012 04:06

View one of the greatest wildlife spectaculars on earth where herds of elephant, black-maned lions, and the world’s last remaining populations of black rhino roam the plains. More than 110 large and small animal species call Etosha National Park home, and 340 bird species soar above the plains. Savor the thrill of spotting animals hidden in the bush while you drive along Etosha’s 763km of open roads - or simply wait for animals to come to you

Namibia’s Progressive Conservation Policies

30th of April 2012 06:51

When Namibia gained its independence in 1990, there were many wounds to heal and issues to address. From poverty alleviation to government institutions to language and education, the country was deeply involved in the basics of ‘nation building.’ But Namibians didn’t fight long and hard for their Independence without a deep respect for the future – and this includes respect for and protection of the environment.

Guest blog – Sem Shikongo, Director of Tourism

30th of April 2012 03:16

What is so significant about the fact that 42% of Namibia’s land is under conservation management?  This shows real commitment to conservation, management and sustainable utilization of natural resources as per the Namibian constitution. It is pushing boundaries and standing out amongst the rest.  It is important to recognise that all natural resource based production systems depend on the functioning of the ecosystems for their perfo

Self-drive Adventures in Namibia

26th of April 2012 05:35

Namibia is a long, long haul destination, from many parts of the world, but once the plane lands, adventures in Namibia don’t require another flight. All you need is an international driver’s license, a good map and a strong desire to explore. Namibia’s infrastructure is well established, its people are friendly and the combination lends itself to self-exploration. Fill up a sedan car or a 4x4 and off you go! The country has a vast, well-ma

Conservation Hero – Garth Owen Smith

25th of April 2012 12:55

How to capture in a single paragraph a lifetime of cutting edge conservation efforts tenaciously achieved in isolated areas with Namibia’s local communities? Fortunately, we don’t have to, because Garth Owen Smith has done it for us. His book, An Arid Eden: A Personal Account of Conservation in the Kaokoveld, details his extraordinary life and his efforts to involve local communities in the conservation of their land and their wildlife. It is

Dorob National Park

24th of April 2012 06:02

Dorob National Park, which incorporates core conservation areas and multiple use areas for adventure tourism, is a park of great imagination. Running from just south of Walvis Bay to the Ugab River in the north, it is a key piece of the puzzle along Namibia’s coast that allows for the entire 976 mile (1,570km) coastline of the country to be protected. Collectively, this area is known as the Namib Skeleton Coast National Park, and it conso

Meet Holden the Golden Mole

24th of April 2012 02:46

Holden Mole here, at your service, straight out of the NRNR. That’s the NamibRand Nature Reserve for you unhep folks out there. I bet you think that’s a typo. That’s why you’re unhep. I’m hip to the underground scene. I’m always on the lookout for vibrations that may indicate approaching danger or dope beats. I was listening to Armin van Buuren before Armin van Buuren was listening to Armin van Buuren. Ever heard of Pierre Pienaar? Of

Meet Roger the Rhino

24th of April 2012 10:18

What do you want?  Don’t you know I’m a solitary man? I’m Roger, yeah, Roger the Rhino. Laugh all you want. My eyesight isn’t that great, but I can hear ya and sure can smell ya! I’m 3,000 pounds of power and I don’t like being laughed at. I like peace and quiet and space, but peace isn’t so easy to find these days. So I guess it’s time to talk, because man you are killing me. Not ‘me’ exactly, but my brothers and sisters

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