Adventure Run Through Namibia's Fish River Canyon Breaks Record

1st of August 2012 02:21

One of Namibia's most iconic desitnations, the Fish River Canyon, is more than just a must-see travel destination. It is an adventure and a challenge. For years, the 84km trail that descends through the canyon has served as a race course for elite runners. The Fish River Challenge Race invites athletes from all over the world to tackle extreme conditions and terrains. In 2003, Namibians Russell Paschke, Charlie du Toit and Coenraad Pool set a re

8 Things Namibia Taught Me

18th of July 2012 04:50

Namibia is a land of adventure and spectacle. Amazing natural parks, free-roaming wildlife, and iconic open spaces can inspire anyone. WWF Travel's Director Elissa Leibowitz Poma recently joined WWF's Chris Weaver in Namibia and came back with a few lessons that she originally posted on the WWF Travel Blog: 1. Black rhinos have a more sensitive disposition than white rhinos. Among several reasons why, according to Jeff Muntifering of the Sav

What should I pack for my holiday in Namibia?

9th of July 2012 11:52

So you've decided to take a magical holiday in Namibia. You've planned the route, booked the rental flights, the rental car in waiting for you in Windhoek. Now you have just one more dreaded activity before your adventure have to pack! Luckily, we're here to help with a list of 10 essentials for your winter holiday in Namibia. Sun hat - Winter days are clear and sunny. Sunglasses - Namibia's gravel roads give

Be an Ecofriendly Traveler in Namibia

5th of July 2012 01:20

Conservation is a cornerstone of the Namibian experience. Here are a few steps you can take as a traveler to help ensure the sustainability of Namibia's wildlife and natural resources. Personal - Bring or buy biodegradable toiletry products for use while camping, to ensure that you leave no harmful chemicals behind. Driving - Switch off your vehicle's engine while viewing wildlife - it saves on fuel, fumes and noise, and prevents

10 Tips for Photographing Local Cultures

2nd of July 2012 04:31

A highlight of any visit to Namibia is meeting the local people whose culture may be vastly different to your own, but whose warmth makes you feel quite at home. However, photographing local people is a delicate thing, and we want to offer ten quick tips to properly prepare you. It is illegal to take photos of men and women in uniform, except when they are performing in a public parade or similar. Taking a picture of a police officer on du

NamibRand Becomes Africa's First International Dark Sky Reserve

27th of June 2012 07:38

Namibia’s NamibRand Nature Reserve (NRNR), pioneered by conservation hero J.A. Albi Brückner, is one of Africa’s largest private nature reserves. Recently NRNR has expanded its conservation role to include preserving the star-filled nighttime skies that shine above its dunes and mountains. These efforts in night sky conservation have earned the reserve high honors as the International Dark-Sky Association newest International Dark Sky Reserv

Tips for Driving in Namibia

26th of June 2012 03:12

Namibia has an excellent road system that reaches just about every popular tourist destination in the country. However, the majority of the roads are gravel, and in the more remote areas they become tracks, which require careful driving, and for safety considerations, a second vehicle. Here are some tips to help get you to your destination safely. First and foremost, in Namibia we drive on the left side of the road. Passengers in the back as

Conservation Hero – Ou Jan Tsumib

5th of June 2012 10:16

With global green awareness currently rising, conservation heroes tend to be very public individuals, whose achievements are well documented in the media. Amongst these is a small cohort of people whose actions go unnoticed, but whose efforts almost subconsciously inspire those around them to care more for our planet: We know them as “unsung heroes”.  Namibia's Ou Jan Tsumib is one such person. Ou Jan, a Hei//om bushman, born i

Tracking Desert-Adapted Rhino In Namibia

31st of May 2012 01:43

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to stare down an 1,100 kilogram beast with no fence between the two of you? Ron Swilling recently went tracking with the Save the Rhino Trust in the Kunene Region of Namibia. The following is an excerpt of her account of the experience. A lone cloud trails though a true-blue Namibian sky. Everything slows down and freezes as I face the Damaraland denizen, his prehistoric form linking me momentarily to gen

Discover Namibia's Sperrgebiet National Park

29th of May 2012 04:07

The Sperrgebiet National Park is one of Namibia’s newest National Parks and while the park is largely undeveloped and much of it remains inaccessible to visitors there are still ways explorers can access this wild landscape. Sweeping vistas abound in the park. The Sperrgebiet (meaning ‘forbidden territory’) covers 26,000 km2 and used to be the site of a massive diamond mining industry. While there is still some small scale diamond mining g

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