Experience Namibian Life in Owamboland

25th of October 2012 09:52

The home of the Owambo people, once known as Ovamboland, is today divided into the Omusati, Ohangwena, Oshana and Oshikoto regions. These regions are now often referred to as the four 'O' regions and offer visitors a chance to experience daily life in Namibia. The dead silence of the desert, the myriad of stars at night and the emptiness that stretches to the horizon in Namibia provide an awe-inspiring antidote to the stress of life back home. W

Namibia's Living Culture Museums

24th of October 2012 01:20

There is an old African proverb which states: "If an old man dies in Africa, a whole library burns to the ground”. This proverb refers to the oral nature of the cultures on the African continent. The ancient traditional knowledge has not been written down in books, but is passed on orally from one generation to the next. His knowledge is saved in the cultural memory of the people. Without a circulation within the respective language group, this

Visiting Windhoek, Your Gateway to Namibia

16th of October 2012 02:58

Namibia’s capital is Windhoek: a small, yet bustling city with a population of 300,000, known as the ‘city of many faces’. Here you will see people of all colors and cultures, each possessing a wonderful sense of pride, hope and ambition. It's not only the perfect place to start and finish your holiday, but well worth a visit in its own right.  Top 3 things to do in Windhoek 1. The Namibia Craft Centre Situated in Windhoek's histo

Discover how Tourism is Preserving Etosha's Hai||om Culture

15th of October 2012 08:23

“The Etosha Pan has been called many things: the Great White Place, the Big Emptiness... but the Hai||om call it the Lake of a Mother’s Tears. A mother who has lost a child will feel such grief that she will cry enough tears to fill the pan,” a park ranger tells me. “This isn’t just part of our history; it is part of our souls.”  Moments like these, when personal stories of the people who once lived in Etosha come alive, are

Experience Namibia's Cultural Diversity with Community Tourism

11th of October 2012 09:40

Namibia is a fascinating cultural melting-pot, combining early African populations with a wide array of western explorers. Since gaining independence in 1990, Namibians have worked on mending Apartheid-era wounds, and today they are celebrating their rich heritage. Namibia's colourful African vigour infuses old Europe into a distinctive Namibian spirit, creating unique architecture, food, customs and art. What has emerged is a true sense of unity

"Share My Namibia" and Experience Endless Horizons

8th of October 2012 08:40

The people of Namibia invite you to share our country and explore the rugged, natural, soulful, liberating place we call home.  A visit to Namibia is the experience of a lifetime. With the tallest sand dunes, one of the deepest canyons, and the friendliest faces in the world - Namibia is a place that will always stay with you. But don't take any one person's word for it... take everyone's word for it. Visit our "Share My Namibia" Faceb

Get up close with Namibia's Marine Big 5

30th of September 2012 10:53

The cold waters off the Namib coast harbor a wealth marine life. The chance of encountering dolphins, whales, turtles, seals and mola molas while sipping on a glass of champagne and enjoying fresh oysters makes the search for the Marine Big 5 an adventurous excursion. 1. The two whale species normally found in Walvis Bay are the humpback and the southern right whales. The humpback whale, the more common of the two, gets its name from its humped d

Experience the excitement of Namibia's rainy season

19th of September 2012 01:07

Namibians are a funny lot. When it starts to rain they get a strange look in their eyes, jump into their vehicles and start driving around. The more torrential the downpour, the more active they become. They want to see the rivers flow, the dams fill and experience the rarity of rain firsthand. This no doubt comes from living in a desert. Most people in more temperate climates avoid rain and find shelter. Not Namibians. They must feel it, s

Namibia to Host Adventure Travel World Summit in 2013

21st of August 2012 10:48

The Adventure Travel & Tourism Association announced today that it has chosen Namibia to be the site of its annual Adventure Travel World Summit in October 2013.  Namibia is excited to welcome nearly 600 of the world's leading tour operators, travel agents, destination managers, outfitters, and media professionals for an engaging five days of networking and learning focused on adventure travel.  The Summit will take place in Windhoe

5 Must Read Books on Namibia

8th of August 2012 12:39

                The Sheltering Desert by Henno Martin   In 1935 Henno Martin left Germany with his friend and colleague, Hermann Korn, for geological research in then South-West-Africa. In 1940, facing internment by the South African government, Martin and Korn decided to move into the desert and wait out the war, where they lived for two and a half years. The Sheltering Desert describes the intense p

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