Camping in Namibia - Waking up in Wild Landscapes

1st of March 2013 07:30

The serenity of camping.(Photo source: African Exlporations)   Aaah, the great outdoors! There aren’t many things that beat the feeling of unzipping your tent at the first cry of a guinea fowl and stepping out to the sight of pink-tinged skies and trees full of twittering birds. Of course, dozing off next to the camp-fire while counting shooting stars comes pretty close. For the eternal photographers and the adventurous at heart, Nam

Fast facts: The Herero of Namibia

27th of February 2013 11:20

The world can’t seem to get enough of the Herero fashion, thanks to the launch of the book by photographer Jim Naughten, “Conflict and Costume”. But it's not just their clothing that makes them fascinating. Here are some interesting facts about the Herero culture and how you can encounter them on your next trip in Namibia. A Herero woman outside her home in Mondesa Township  Fast Facts Language: Otjiherero (Bantu language) 

EXTREME NAMIBIA - One of Africa's LARGEST Concentrations of Rock Art

27th of February 2013 09:25

This is the last of our EXTREME NAMIBIA blog posts! In this weekly series we have explored some of our country's extremes, and shared with you practical information on how you can come and discover them for yourself. In the bleak expanse of Damaraland, huge red sandstone boulders are piled high against deep orange cliffs - a dramatic sight even before you take a step closer and discover what has been etched onto the surface of these rocks. T

THE NIGHTSHIFT: What lurks in the darkness of Namibia?

25th of February 2013 01:08

As the sun sets over Namibia's endless horizons, the stars light the way across the grasslands, wetlands and deserts. Creatures that lie sleeping in the scorching heat of the day awaken, and a new world emerges... Spellbinding video of the Namibian Nights by Marsel van Oosten, from Squiver on Vimeo  Night falls on the barren deserts And with it, the temperature drops dramatically. The cool breeze

Namibia Travel Planning Checklist

22nd of February 2013 11:37

Want to be sure you've got everything organised before your holiday in Namibia? Here's a handy checklist covering everything from visas and driving licenses to vaccinations and currency to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Then all that's left to do is pack - and get excited! Two months before departure: Visit your doctor or a travel clinic to check your vaccinations are up-to-date. If you are travelling from an affected co

EXTREME NAMIBIA - Some of the World's Most COMPLEX Languages

20th of February 2013 05:19

In this weekly EXTREME NAMIBIA blog series we explore some of our country's extremes, and share with you practical information on how you can come and discover them for yourself. Are you one of those people who like to pick up a bit of the local lingo when you travel? Do you pack a phrasebook and attempt to order your lunch in the native language? Do you like to greet people on the street? Well, in Namibia that might be a little harder than you t

Kolmanskop - Swallowed by the Dunes

18th of February 2013 05:56

The "ghost town" of Kolmanskop in southern Namibia is one of our most photogenic locations. Its existence is due to one man - Namibian worker Zacharias Lewala - who found a diamond here in 1908 and showed it to his German boss. Realising the area was full of diamonds, the German government prohibited entry to virtually the whole of Namibia's southern coast - and named it "Sperrgebiet" - meaning "forbidden zone". Kolmanskop was built in this gem-r

World Pangolin Day

15th of February 2013 05:33

Waking pangolin by Marc Eschenlohr Is it a pine cone? Is it an artichoke? No - it's a pangolin! And February 15th is World Pangolin Day. But - what is a pangolin? Pangolins are seriously odd creatures. Though they are scaly, they are not reptiles - they are mammals. The scales are useful as when the pangolin is threatened it rolls into a ball with the scales acting as impenetrable armour. Anyone who tries to prise the pangolin open is likel

EXTREME NAMIBIA - The World's Second EMPTIEST Country

13th of February 2013 05:36

In this weekly EXTREME NAMIBIA blog series we explore some of our country's extremes, and share with you practical information on how you can come and discover them for yourself. We think of travel as going in search of something - we are lured to a destination because of all that exists there - the wildlife, culture, events, restaurants, monuments, museums... And yet Namibia draws visitors for precisely the opposite reason. They literally travel

Namibia Featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013!

12th of February 2013 10:19

Model Adaora poses with the Namibian flag in Deadvlei Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition is a highly anticipated publication. Featuring a winning combination of exotic locations and models in swimwear, it reaches more than 70 million people annually. This year’s 50th anniversary edition highlights seven continents and 17 wonders. Namibia was chosen as the African destination, and in June 2012, three supermodels and a top fashion photographe

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