Wheels, Wings and Walking Shoes: Getting Around Namibia

20th of March 2013 07:35

This month, our theme is Landscapes - but we're well aware that there's more than one way to view Namibia's "endless horizons". There are some sights you need to get that little bit closer to - and others that can only truly be appreciated from the air. Here's a roundup of different ways you can get around Namibia - for those who are fit and fearless, and those who seek calm and comfort.   On Foot Namibia's harsh terrain means that to reall

Fast Facts: The Himba of Namibia

18th of March 2013 05:10

Tall and slender, the proud yet friendly Himba are noted for their unusual sculptural beauty, enhanced by intricate hairstyles and decorations. Their skins rubbed with red ochre, they seem to be forgotten by the rest of the world, but this is only as a result of their extreme isolation and conservative way of life. Find out more about this ancient tribe. Photo by Mikael Castro Fast facts The Himba (singular: Omuhimba, plura: Ova

In search of the Himba in Namibia

18th of March 2013 02:28

The Himba are an ancient tribe, living in the north-west region of Namibia. The north-west is a remote corner of the country that few tourists visit, leaving it relatively unexplored and perfect for the adventurous traveller. However, this remoteness and the large distances involved make it quite tricky to get to. We've put together some information and some operators to can help you organise the ultimate cultural encounter with the Himba pe

Travel with a cause: Volunteer in Namibia

15th of March 2013 08:34

Ever dream of getting away from it all and truly immersing yourself in another culture, a conservation effort or simply taking the time to give back? Namibia offers a host of different volunteer programs focused on wildlife conservation, health care, the environment and teaching. Most volunteers commit to a longer time to really get the most out of it. But there are shorter programs available for those of you who are a little hard pressed for tim

Five Things to do in Downtown Swakopmund

13th of March 2013 10:04

Swakopmund is known as Namibia's adventure tourism capital - but in between surfing down sand dunes, kayaking with seals and quad biking across the coastal desert, it's worth taking a day to explore some of the town's more urban pleasures. Here's five of our favourite: 1. National Marine Aquarium of Namibia Main tank at the aquarium, where sharks swim above your head The newly-renovated attraction showcases the marine species that thrive in the

[un]Homesick: Longing for Namibia

11th of March 2013 12:15

All photos and text by guest writer and intrepid traveller Megan Mow Have you ever been homesick for somewhere you knew wasn't home? Wait, let me narrow that down a little bit more... not just somewhere you knew currently wasn't home, but that you knew couldn’t be for a long time? I've been dealing with that a lot lately. Recently I traveled to South Africa and Namibia, and I connected with Namibia in a way that I never thought I could with an

Drive through Africa Top Gear Style (without the stress!)

7th of March 2013 10:44

The crazy folks down at Top Gear have just aired the part one of their epic drive through Africa, calling it “one of the most fun trips we’ve ever undertaken”. Self-drives are one of the best ways to experience Africa. It can sound a little daunting at first, but with the right information and planning, you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime.   Here in Namibia, we’ve got it all – the long open roads of easy-riding tar, grueling

The Sundowner: Six Top Spots to Toast the Sunset

6th of March 2013 10:07

Life on safari can be chaotic - the 5am wake-up calls; being held up by an elephant plodding in front of your vehicle; travelling to the rhythm of wildlife and weather, rather than the hands of your watch. But there is one thing that remains constant: the welcome, refreshing cocktail every day at dusk. Have a drink as the sun goes down and celebrate all that you have achieved during your day in paradise. The sundowner can take many forms: a pools

Our Top Namibia Videos Online

4th of March 2013 03:05

Namibia has some truly magnificent landscapes. In fact, it’s hard to take a bad photo in this place! But some people manage to capture something truly special when documenting the natural beauty of Namibia. We’ve been rummaging through all the great videos posted on Vimeo over the years to bring you five of the best from all corners of our land. Sit back and enjoy.   Deadvlei's Winter Dream from Amniótica on Vimeo A

The Great Family Escape: Adventure in Namibia

4th of March 2013 10:54

Looking for a getaway destination for you and the kids, that doesn't involve jam-packed fairgrounds, 24hour Xbox relays or shopping malls and cinemas? When children come into the mix, it can really leave you stumped for holiday ideas. Somehow "the desert" doesn't come to mind. But it should. There's a reason why National Geographic ranked the Namib Desert as the best family trip in the world. Cast your family out into the middle of

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