Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Matthew Hood

27th of May 2013 11:17

Matthew Hood is no stranger to Africa. Having filmed for the likes of Animal Planet, he recently embarked on his own film making adventure: "Namib Grand". Watch the trailer below and find out more about Matthew's travels to one of the world's last untouched landscapes, Namibia. Tell us about your most unforgettable moment while shooting in Namibia.  Watching the sunrise on the dunes around Sossusvlei was one of the most beautiful things I h

Getting Married in the Middle of Nowhere... Namibia

24th of May 2013 12:20

Imagine tying the knot in one of the most sparsely populated places in the world. Where you feel like the only people on earth. Where Mother Nature has taken care of the décor. Where dramatic thunderclouds rolling over the grasslands or red sand clashing with blue skies provide the ultimate backdrop. A wedding in Namibia is sure to be not only unusual, but unforgettable. Top wedding destination ideas in Namibia       #1 The Deser

National Geographic Best Ecolodges: Damaraland Camp Namibia

22nd of May 2013 12:44

Damaraland Camp in Namibia has been selected as one of National Geographic Traveler’s “25 Best Ecolodges” for 2013 - a nod to the great conservation work with local conservancies in Namibia. The camp is a joint venture between Torra Conservancy and Wilderness Safaris. “We are extremely proud of our partnership with the community of the Torra Conservancy at Damaraland Camp and of our ongoing commitment to ecotourism in Namibia”, sa

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Hougaard Malan

17th of May 2013 09:19

  Professional photographer Hougaard Malan tells of magical tales while journeying through Namibia and shares some lessons on how to best to Capture Namibia.   Tell us about your most unforgettable moment while shooting in Namibia.  The Sandhof Lily pan is a clay plain in the southern region of Namibia near Maltehohe. When it fills to about 30cm after the first heavy rains of summer, the Crinum Paludosum lily comes up for

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Roy van der Merwe

10th of May 2013 10:31

Born and raised in Namibia, Roy van der Merwe has had the great privilege of being exposed to the beauty of the Namibian landscapes all his life. Does he ever tire of taking photos of the same place? Never. We asked Roy to share in what is a pretty emotional experience for him – capturing Namibia… Photo by Roy van Merwe   Tell us about your most unforgettable moment while shooting in Namibia.  Many people feel I am too emotionally

The Magic of the Namibian Skies

8th of May 2013 08:10

Namibia may be home to more wildlife than people, and boast some of the most spectacular landscapes, but perhaps the most impressive backdrop to all this natural beauty is the Namibian sky... We know the sky stretches on for eternity, but in Namibia you feel it. And the daily performance the sky puts on, never fails to impress. Waking up in the morning, you will almost always be greeted by the sun shining bright in a brilliant blue sky.  Som

A word from our "Share My Namibia" competition winners!

7th of May 2013 11:35

Last year, we ran the Share My Namibia contest, where Facebook users could pick a dream itinerary. The winner, Vivienne Simon from Boston, was picked randomly from several thousand entries.   She chose her sister, Jane, to take along - and after quickly mastering left hand side driving, the sisters were off on an epic road trip of Namibia. This is what the winner, Vivienne, had to say about her experience:   I love contests. I believe

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Bill Gozansky

3rd of May 2013 09:49

As an award winning photographer and photographic safari mentor, Bill Gozansky has come a long way from his home town in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the magnificent landscapes of Namibia. We found out why he thinks Namibia is a photographer’s paradise...   Sossus Pan, Photo Credit: © Bill Gozansky   Tell us about your most unforgettable moment while shooting in Namibia. Wow, this is a difficult question as I have so many amazin

The Lüderitz Crayfish Festival

29th of April 2013 02:16

  The colourful fishing town of Lüderitz is getting ready to hold the annual Crayfish Festival from 30th May to 1st June 2013 - don't miss out! What to do at the festival Take a walk around the festival stalls, taste-testing the different crayfish recipes and sauces of our local “masterchefs”, watch them battle it out in a crayfish cooking competition and browse the many stalls of Namibian made products. Take in the

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Paul van Schalkwyk

25th of April 2013 09:52

Paul has been photographing Namibia from the land and the skies for over 40 years. His keen eye has won him more than 50 awards, both locally and internationally. We asked this Hasselblad Masters finalist to tell us just how he manages to capture the unusual, the unseen, the unreal…     One of his six photos nominated for 2014 Hasselblad Masters awards "Etosha Rain", photo by Paul van Schalkwyk Tell us about your most unforgettable m

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