Who’s won a Landscape Escape to Namibia?

21st of June 2013 01:12

After a grueling few weeks of voting, the judges have made their selection from the top 5 entrants. Thanks to everyone who participated, the competition was tight! But we’re pleased to announce that Kevin Read from Canada is going on a landscape escape to Namibia.   Ruth & Kevin Here’s what Kevin had to say:  “I’m going to take my wife, Ruth. We're now 51 years old, with two adult children, one grandchild and another on the

Namib Sand Sea a UNESCO World Heritage Site

21st of June 2013 12:04

We’re proud to announce that on Friday 21 June 2013, UNESCO enlisted the Namib Sand Sea as a World Heritage Site. It is a triumph for not only for Namibian tourism and conservation, but for this beautiful desert that has already dazzled many visitors with its vastness and beauty.    Namib Sea Sand  As UNESCO put it: “Namib Sand Sea (Namibia) is the only coastal desert in the world that includes extensive du

75 nights in Namibia up for grabs with Gondwana & VW

18th of June 2013 01:18

If you love your VW and Namibia, then this is just the competition for you... In Namibia, we love our driving - probably because we have to do so much of it in a country that's as big and empty as ours! So what better way to win a holiday in Namibia than to remember our trusty cars that take us to all four corners of this beautiful land. Celebrate 75 years of Volkswagen and win 75 Gondwana nights by entering the Gondwana Volkswagen Jubilee C

A Bicycle Tour through Katutura

14th of June 2013 11:25

To pass through Windhoek and not experience the bustling life of Katutura is to miss out on what is everyday life for most Namibians living in the capital.   Katutura means “The place where people do not want to live” in Otjiherero, and was Windhoek’s former “blacks only” suburb during Apartheid rule. Today, the township is home to 60 % of the people living in Windhoek, and represents the vibrant soul of the capital.   Travel

What’s Up Windhoek! Discover Hidden Gems in new City Guide

12th of June 2013 04:30

Looking for a Windhoek City Guide? We have just the thing! The Namibia Business Innovation Center (NBIC) has produced a Windhoek City Guide to help you navigate this dynamic capital.     Exploring Windhoek is great fun, it is a safe city and everyone can feel comfortable exploring it on foot. But don’t be surprised if you get out of breath, Windhoek sits in the Khomas Highlands at 1,700 meters above sea level (a great

Capture Namibia: Photography Tips from Ted Alan Stedman

7th of June 2013 11:17

Bizarre Desert Plants of Namibia

5th of June 2013 11:39

Trees that cut their own branches? Jurrassic plants? The Namib Desert sure is home to some of the world’s rarest and most interesting flora and fauna. Guest blogger K Kristie has pulled together the facts on these strange life forms found in Namibia...   Namib Desert, photo courtesy of TravelNewsNamibia.com   The Namib is a largely unpopulated and inaccessible desert in Namibia and southwest Angola which forms part of

Is Deadvlei the 8th Wonder of the World?

3rd of June 2013 05:27

With tree skeletons, hundreds of years old, lost in the middle of the desert, it’s little wonder Deadvlei has been nominated as the 8th Wonder of the World. Click on the image below to vote for Deadvlei and read on to learn more about this natural spectacle.     The Wonder of Deadvlei Amidst the towering red dunes of the Namib Rand, just outside Sossusvlei, lies the haunting and spectacular Deadvlei. The name Deadvlei means dead mars

Books for Namibia travel & photography inspiration

31st of May 2013 12:57

Any keen photographer who has travelled to a distant land can tell you finding the right places to visit can be tough. It becomes tougher still when you wish to do more than simply snap shots of the passing landscape with little regard for the gems a place like Namibia has hidden beneath her sands. Thinking of heading to Namibia? Or on the look out for a photographic destination? Here are just some books we’ve pulled out to whet your appetite.

2013 Namibia Tourism Expo: Join in!

29th of May 2013 02:36

2013 marks the 15th Annual Namibia Tourism Expo, and this year is set to be bigger and better than the last. At the heart of this year’s expo will be ADVENTURE… in honour of Namibia having been selected as the first African country to host the 2013 Adventure Travel Summit. The expo is all about bringing together the people of the hospitality industry, getting the word out about new and exciting products and services, as well as being a place

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