Why Namibia is a Great Safari Country

18th of July 2017 08:57

As a former author for Lonely Planet guidebooks, I have travelled to many countries in East Africa and Southern Africa. Namibia has always been one of my favourite destinations. So, when safari tourists and African travel experts rated Namibia as the best safari country for scenic views on http://www.safaribookings.com/, I was not surprised. Here are three reasons why I love Namibia for its scenic views: Namibia has Jaw-

Interesting Things to Do in Windhoek

17th of November 2016 08:22

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and is located on the epicentre of the country which makes it easy to travel to any parts of the country from the capital city. Located on all three sides by mountains, Windhoek displays a fine amalgamation of European as well as African culture. Though it is situated in the deeper regions of Africa, Windhoek has all the modern amenities and it is also regarded as one of the cleanest African cities. It also h


10th of October 2016 07:47

In the Namib, dunes make up some 35% of the desert, including the main Namib Sand Sea south of the Kuiseb River; the sand dunes in the Skeleton Coast Park; and the dune field south of Tombua in Angola. In the Sahara Desert the proportion is as low as 10%. The rest of the area is made up of rocky desert, coarse-grained desert pavements, occasional river courses, alluvial fans, and ephemeral lakes or pans. Despite the initial appearance

Can we dance for you?

16th of November 2015 09:23

A day with the San community By: Martha Kamkuemah "Can we do a dance for you?" asks Theresia, an elder in the small San community we are visiting. I say yes. The women start to chant and clap while the men and children dance around them. Theresia and her clan are Naro, a San tribe that occupies parts of the Omaheke Region. That afternoon my tour guide from Uakii Wilderness Survival had brought me to Zelda Guest Farm situate

Opuwo and the Himbas - a metaphor for balance

19th of October 2015 08:43

OPUWO – a metaphor for balance Opuwo is a beautiful and complex metaphor for how what is perceived as modern, and that which is seen as purely traditional, could live in harmony. In this capital of Namibia’s Kunene Region, the OvaHimba people – whether dressed in their cultural attire or in the Western apparel now seen as the norm – are completely at home. In Opuwo, you walk the streets of this small town of

Olukonda – an intersection of culture and religion…past and present

1st of October 2015 10:25

Olukonda – an intersection of culture and religion…past and present By: Nangula Shejavali It’s easy to take for granted the nuances of one’s own culture, when we don’t stop to think and learn about the traditions, practices and history – whether our own or imported – that shape our human experience. Today, at the Nakambale museum and Olukonda village, I had the chance to contemplate these things. Loca

The Etosha Magic

24th of September 2015 02:06

Etosha delivers amazement…yet again! By: Nangula Shejavali The past two days in Etosha have been glorious! Despite the scorching summer heat (though it’s only the start of the Spring season) and the arid conditions that currently characterize this vast national park of over 23,000 square km, the animals came out to play. And this made me incredibly happy! After paying our dues (N$30 for Namibians, N$60 for SADC

Nomad: The African Spa experience

16th of September 2015 04:54

Nomad: The African Spa Experience By: Sirkka Halweendo As we face every day pressures, a day seemingly starts going faster, an hour goes in a blink of the eye and our to-do list is merely half way by the time the day are over. If not nipped in a bud, this cycle can become a pattern and perhaps lead to stress. The way we deal with stress and hectic lives could make the difference between yelling at someone who wronged us, or ackn

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