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7th of September 2015 08:09

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Uniquely Namibian Food

31st of March 2015 12:38

When you travel one of the best ways to experience local culture, and to get a sense of what a country is really all about, is to try the food. A traveller who does not eat adventurously will not really be travelling adventurously and with that, let’s take a look at some of Namibia’s most popular and distinctive food. Oysters at Swakopmund. Kapana If you are exploring Katatura in Windhoek then you hav

The Ngepi Camp in Namibia's Zambezi Region

4th of July 2014 08:35

Bush-bound Girl has written for us once before and now she is back for a second time. In her recent post she shares her experience of staying in one of the most unique accommodations in Namibia: The Ngepi Camp in the Zambezi (Caprivi) region. Read on to find out what makes this camp so special... My George-of-the-Jungle tree house in the Caprivi by Rachel Lang   Ngepi Camp.(Photo © Ngepi Camp)   Ever since watching George of the Jungl

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