And we have a Sweepstakes Winner!

28th of December 2012 02:26

        Many of you have been asking, “Who won the Share My Namibia Grand Prize?” Well – we’re sorry, but unfortunately it wasn’t you. Our lucky winner is Vivienne from Boston, Massachusetts. A life coach and lifelong environmental activist, she is serendipitously on a year's sabbatical. Vivienne chose her sister Jane, a potter and graphic artist, to travel with her, and the two will take a 12 day road tr

Unique, ethical Christmas gifts - in Swakopmund

21st of December 2012 03:32

For anyone with hard-to-please relatives, in search of last-minute stocking fillers, or simply trying to shop in a more ethical way this Chrismas, a little shop in Swakopmund may just have the answer. Kubatsirana Arts and Crafts shop sells a range of unique products, including natural creams and salt scrubs made from locally-sourced !nara seeds (used by indigenous people to soothe thhe skin for generations); !nara seed cooking oil; hand-stitched

Travel News Namibia Summer Edition Out Now!

20th of December 2012 03:41

The new summer edition of Travel News Namibia magazine is live on our Namibia Info app - with lots of ideas for ways to spend your coastal holiday away from the heat of the interior! Feature articles include a trip to Sandwich Harbour; information about the Desert Dash - the ultimate mountain biking challenge; Tsumeb - a hidden jewel near Etosha; the Living Desert Snake Park; and a recipe for the rare omajova mushrooms. The app is available in A

Guest Post: Paola's Namibia

19th of December 2012 09:35

Paola Sartori is a guide with Canada's Gray & Co, who has led tour groups on cycling trips around the world. She describes her traveling style as "curious, active, engaged; I want to see it all, to experience everything." Paola came to Namibia in November for a ten day introductory tour of the country, and says it is a "vast, passionate, surprising" country. Here she shares some of her thoughts about Namibia: For me, the highlight of th

A Taste of Namibian Wine at Kristall Kellerei

17th of December 2012 09:41

Located between Namibia’s national capital - Windhoek - and adventure capital - Swakopmund - is the small artists' community of Omaruru. Turning off the highway, visitors are immediately greeted by twisting knots of wood, several meters high, carved into elephants and giraffes; photographers' galleries; and pleasant, shaded cafes. Omaruru is a unique Namibian town with a not-so-well-kept secret: a picturesque vineyard with internationally renow

Namibia's Desert Dash - 24 Hours of Cycling Endurance

13th of December 2012 10:19

"More than an endurance mountain bike race, the FNB Desert Dash is a wild beast that lures you, challenges you and allows only a few to stay on its back. It's a 369km, 24 hour fight between human and nature, body and mind." - Photo from Desert Dash Tomorrow, 14th December, around 450 hardcore cyclists will be strapping on helmets, stretching calves and pumping up tires in preapration for Namibia's eighth annual Des

Meet Pally - Swakopmund's ULTIMATE Sandboarding Instructor

10th of December 2012 06:16

Namibia is known as the "Land of the Brave" - but that's not the way many people would feel if they found themselves lying face down at the top of an enormous sand dune, preparing to whizz down it on a piece of waxed hardboard at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour. But if you ever find yourself in Swakopmund - recently voted one of Africa's Best 25 Destinations in Africa on TripAdvisor - this is just the position you may find yourself in. S

FAST Facts About Cheetahs!

4th of December 2012 01:47

Did you know that today, 4 December, is International Cheetah Day? Namibia's own Cheetah Conservation Fund hopes the day will "increase worldwide awareness about Africa and Iran’s most endangered cat.” Namibia's commitment to conservation has provided a healthy environment for studying about the cheetah population and how to strengthen its numbers. To help you mark International Cheetah Day, here are some FAST facts about the world'

What Makes Namibian Oysters So Special?

29th of November 2012 07:14

For most people, the words "Namibian cuisine" probably conjure up images of a succulent springbok steak, a bag of cured kudu biltong or perhaps even the infamous fried mopane worm - chewy and spicy. But one of Namibia's greatest culinary treats is surely more associated with Parisian restaurants and Champagne than with Africa: the oyster. However, visitors to our coast would beg to differ that the French have all the fun when it comes to the ori

International Cheetah Day - Support Big Cat Conservation in Namibia!

27th of November 2012 07:00

December 4th marks the second International Cheetah Day. As you know, we in Namibia are passionate about these graceful big cats, aprobably something to do with having the largest population of cheetahs in the world - around 2,500, out of a total population of 10,000! This is partly thanks to our fabulous big cat conservation organisations such as AfriCat, N/a’an ku sê, and the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). CCF's Founder and Exe

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