Windsurf and Kite Surf Records Tumble during Lüderitz Speed Challenge

Luderitz Speed Challenge Namibia

Lüderitz, on Namibia’s southern coast, is sandwiched between baking desert and cold Atlantic. This leads to some seriously strong winds… and, for those brave enough to take to the waves, some serious speed.

Luderitz Speed Challenge, Namibia - windsurfing

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge is an annual competition held on the waters off of this remote town – and since this even started just five years ago, dozens of national and international speed records have been broken by windsurfers and kite surfers who flock to the fastest place on earth for six weeks each year. 

Bruno de Comarmond, marketing manager for the Lüderitz Nest Hotel (one of the Challenge's sponsors) and committed speed fan, reports for us from the ground on what promised to be the fastest, most exciting year yet!:


Day 4 of the 2012 Lüderitz Speed Challenge was the most amazing day so far, as every single record was broken!

Both Anders Bringdal from Sweden and Cedric Bordes from France have broken the world windsurf record today, reaching over 50 knots, but Antoine Albeau from France improved both their records, with an incredible 50.59 knots!

Anders again created a new world record for production boards - now 50.46 knots.

Zara Davis (UK) improved her own world record for women again - now standing at 44.69 knots.

The world record for tandem windsurfing (one board, two sails and two riders) was also broken: 38.12 knots. What at a sight to see!

Tandem windsurfing at Luderitz Speed Challenge

Multiple national records were broken, including Swedish, French, Turkish (women), South African, Namibian, Dutch, Swiss, Greek, German and British (men and women). There was literally not a single windsurfer today who did not break a record! Proof that Lüderitz is the premier windsurfing and kite surfing spot in the world.

The international windsurfing community has never had such an onslaught on records on one day!

More to come – we are certain!

Thanks Bruno - we hope so!

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