Self-drive Adventures in Namibia

Namibia self-drive safariNamibia is a long, long haul destination, from many parts of the world, but once the plane lands, adventures in Namibia don’t require another flight. All you need is an international driver’s license, a good map and a strong desire to explore. Namibia’s infrastructure is well established, its people are friendly and the combination lends itself to self-exploration. Fill up a sedan car or a 4x4 and off you go!

The country has a vast, well-maintained road network with international links to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia; cell phone coverage that spans virtually the entire country; and accommodation that varies from community-based campsites to five star luxury.

English is the widely-spoken official language, and many Namibians also speak German, so many visitors Europeans find the country easy to navigate - both on the roads and with the locals!


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