Photography in Namibia

The late Des Bartlett said, “photography is painting with light.” 

Des and his wife, Jen, who filmed and photographed wildlife on six continents for more than 50 years, found inspiration in Namibia. Their work here won Emmy awards, was featured on National Geographic magazine covers, and inspired other photographers to come and experience Namibia in all its shining light.

Sunrise and sunset are usually the best times to photograph, and each season brings it own inspiration. Frans Lanting is one of the latest top international photographers to be captivated by Namibia and to - in turn - captivate us with his stunning photographs of the country.

camel thorn tree dune 375

Photo: Frans Lanting/National Geographic

Namibia is a diverse and contrasting place to photograph. Photography safaris offer both amateur and professional photographers a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve their portfolio and experience one of Africa’s truly unique destinations.

But as one Roël at Roë points out

"Don’t forget to really “see” things. Sometimes, we photographers get so caught up in trying to capture the perfect picture that we don’t fully enjoy what is right in front of your eyes. The wildlife and landscape in Namibia are simply breathtaking – the best image you will ever create is by putting your camera down and just taking in everything through your senses – all of them. I especially remember being in Deadvlei and feeling the emotional impact this place had on me – and I hadn’t even picked up my camera yet. I just stood there in awe of it. It was so hauntingly beautiful and I felt an immediate connection with everything there. No camera could ever record that. Just put the camera down periodically and take it all in."

So get your camera ready and join the guides of established tour operators like Wild Safari Africa on the ultimate photographic experience in Namibia.

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