Meet Holden the Golden Mole

Golden MoleHolden Mole here, at your service, straight out of the NRNR. That’s the NamibRand Nature Reserve for you unhep folks out there. I bet you think that’s a typo. That’s why you’re unhep. I’m hip to the underground scene. I’m always on the lookout for vibrations that may indicate approaching danger or dope beats. I was listening to Armin van Buuren before Armin van Buuren was listening to Armin van Buuren. Ever heard of Pierre Pienaar? Of course you haven’t. But I have. You don’t need eyes to survive in my world, you just rely on your ears to seek out what’s deck. I spend most of my days swimming through the sand, but if the groove is right, I might just spend some time on the surface. It doesn’t matter what how hot or cool your scene is, I can change my body temperature to fit my surroundings. I know all the cool cats in the desert environment, and if you’re lucky, I just might introduce you to some of them.

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