Meet Dara the Tern

describe the imageTweet! I’m Dara Tern, I’m like, um, two and a half weeks old, but so far I’ve spent my whole life inside this cozy egg, mostly just, like, playing Angry Birds on my  smartphone, so there’s not too much to tell.

But I’m ready to face the outside world. When I crack out of this egg in a few days, its not going to be easy. Chirp! I’m about to be in the fight of my life, literally. I need to make sure I don’t get eaten by jackals or scary gulls – only, like, a third of us doesn’t end up as dinner to predators.

The odds may be stacked against me, but with a little determination and a fighting spirit I’ll be happily soaring over the ocean and making the annual journey north in no time. Tweeeeet!!!!

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