How 44 People Can Spread the Word about Conservation

How can 44 people in Switzerland spread a message about conservation in Namibia?

1) Give them matching shirts – because matching shirts mean togetherness.

2) Give them music.

3) Make sure they are from Namibia!

Namibia's 42% campaign at the ATWS in Lucerne

Team Destination Namibia recently took the Adventure Travel World Summit in Lucerne,
Switzerland by storm, with their simple message: 42%.

42% is the amount of land under conservation management in Namibia – more than
any other country in the world. This number is a testament to Namibia’s innovative
conservation policies that put conservation in communities’ hands.

Team Destination Namibia sported t-shirts with 42% across the front, and were armed with
maps to show delegates from around the world exactly what 42% looked like and meant to
Namibians. The Director of Tourism, Mr. Sem Shikongo, was right, when he invited the 700
delegates to Namibia, and said “I know we can inspire you.”

Namibia’s passion was contagious, and on the closing night, hosted by Namibia, when the
choir performed, the music literally brought tears to peoples eyes. Not just the Namibians,
but delegates from Egypt, Mexico and Switzerland said they were moved by the authentic
voices resonating through the concert hall.

Watch a video about the 42% here.

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