Go Big Namibia Day 8: BIG RUSH

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Emeritta Lillo is on the road with the #GoBigNamibia tour. Each day she'll be sharing their adventures, so stay tuned for some handy travel tips and inspiration. Follow the team on Twitter @NamibiaHorizons #GoBigNamibia and Facebook for a chance to win

Our eighth day on the road and we’re still going strong. Today’s adventure started with the Living Desert Tour through the Namib Desert along the western coast of the country, just outside Swakopmund. As impressive as the coastal dune belt is, it was the fascinating variety of desert-adapted wildlife that really charmed us.

Watching our guide Chris handle a Namib dune gecko, gently persuade a Namaqua chameleon to feed and pointing out a Peringuey's adder deftly camouflaged in the sand made us all appreciate the hidden gems of the Namib desert. Chris' dedication to conservation in the Dorob National park and passion for the resilient flora and fauna of this region was truly inspiring. 

After lunch we headed back into the desert for adrenalin inducing sandboarding. There’s nothing like barreling down the side of a dune at high speed, whether it’s on a sandboard or a piece of plywood.

Stay tuned for more adventure travel in Sossusvlei tomorrow!

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A Peringuey's adder well hidden in the sand

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A Namaqua chameleon - he is a black color in order to absorb heat during the cold morning.

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A Palmato Gecko - one of two types of geckos living in the Namib Desert. Check out their webbed feet which make it easier for them to move on the sand.

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Our energetic guide, Chris, describing the wonders of the desert to us.

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 The Go Big Team, in the afternoon, getting ready to carry their sandboards up the dunes.

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What goes up....

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Must come down! Emeritta crusing down the dunes.

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Liz about to take off on the lie-down board.

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Ending the day with a well-deserved sundowner at the Tiger Reef on the beach.

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