Go Big Namibia Day 2: Big Cats at the Cheetah Conservation Fund

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Today our Go Big van rolled out of Windhoek and headed straight for the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) 44km from Otjiwarongo. CCF has been working in Namibia for over 25 years to protect cheetahs in Namibia, as a result of their work (and others) Namibia has the largest population of free-roaming cheetahs in the world.

Sunday lunch for the cheetahs is at 12, so soon after we arrived we helped the CCF staff prepare for the feeding by taking the food into their pens - a scrumptuous lunch of donkey ribs and supplements (the white powder). After that we visited the Kraal to see the CCF goats and then feasted on their delicious cheese for lunch.

We also saw some of the Anatolian Shepherd dogs from the CCF Livestock Guarding Dog program. The dogs protect farmer's livestock from cheetahs, which reduces the human wildlife conflict and ultimately saves more cheetahs - what a brilliant idea.

We said goodbye to the cheetahs, dogs and goats, and headed back towards Otjiwarongo where we met Ees who has just landed from Munich. The Go Big Van now has some real NamFlava on board!

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Slicing and dicing - Laurel and I get our hands dirty

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Donkey ribs, anyone?

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Hanging out with the goats

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David (our tour guide) with our new Go Big companion Ees


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