Discover Namibia’s Iconic Etosha National Park

View one of the greatest wildlife spectaculars on earth where herds of elephant, black-maned lions, and the world’s last remaining populations of black rhino roam the plains. More than 110 large and small animal species call Etosha National Park home, and 340 bird species soar above the plains.

Savor the thrill of spotting animals hidden in the bush while you drive along Etosha’s 763km of open roads - or simply wait for animals to come to you. Herds of wildebeest, lines of zebra and flocks of ostrich emerge from the heat haze to drink at one of seeps found at the edge of the blinding Etosha Pan. At one of the 86 springs, fountains and waterholes, springbok spark, kudu drink, and giraffe approach cautiously, as they all try to elude Etosha’s predators.

At night, soak in both the silence and the charged atmosphere at one of the three floodlit waterholes where you never know what might appear out of the darkness. Grab a seat - Etosha National Park stages live theatre at its best!  

If you are looking to spend some time within Etosha on your visit, Namibia Wildlife Resorts operate the only accommodation within the park. They offer a range of lodging options, whether you are looking for adventurous camping, or a luxury five star resort. And for the first time in the 100 year history of the park, guided night drives from the three camps in are being offered, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience an entirely different side of Etosha's wildlife treasures.

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