Camping in Namibia - Waking up in Wild Landscapes


The serenity of camping.
(Photo source: African Exlporations)


Aaah, the great outdoors! There aren’t many things that beat the feeling of unzipping your tent at the first cry of a guinea fowl and stepping out to the sight of pink-tinged skies and trees full of twittering birds. Of course, dozing off next to the camp-fire while counting shooting stars comes pretty close.

For the eternal photographers and the adventurous at heart, Namibia is a camping paradise. The terrain varies from the harsh, barren, stony plains around the Fish River Canyon, past the vast red dunes of Sossusvlei; along the windswept shores of the cold Atlantic Ocean to the seemingly endless plains and rocky mountains of Damaraland; and to the humid forests on the banks of the Zambezi River in Caprivi. Each option holds a secret treasure of its own.

There’s a wide choice of sites all over Namibia for seasoned campers, as well as for nervous novices on their first camping holiday, from luxury campsites under shady trees and grassy lawns, to wild places under a camelthorn tree.

And what could be better than camping under the Milky Way? One of the spectacular features of the southern night sky, best viewed under some of the world's darkest skies in Namibia.

What to pack for your Africa camping adventure:

  • The usual gear – tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, food, emergency supplies and a first­aid kit

  • Binoculars - for tracking down those untamed creatures

  • Toilet paper – always handy, in allsorts of emergencies

  • Hand sanitizer - it can be difficult to find clean water or facilities in some places

  • Something for campsite fun – like balls, kites, frisbees etc. especially when travelling with kids

  • Insect repellent - for those buzzing and flying annoyances. Remember, in some parts of northern Namibia, malaria is endemic, so check before you go

  • Books and magazines - for when relaxing under a tree

  • Water, water, water – rather too much than too little. Remember, Namibia is a desert country

  • Rope – use it to pull your car out of a patch of thick sand or even as an emergency washing line

  • Sunscreen – with Namibia’s ample sunshine, it’s always a good move to cover up

  • Locks and protective covering for your valuables - holiday stories are just not the same when the camera disappears halfway down the line

  • Two spare tyres – you can never be too careful

  • A relaxed mood - The wild open spaces of Namibia are best enjoyed with by unwinding and allowing the awe-inspiring views to sink in properly

Remember to drive slowly and keep an eye out for the smaller treasures of the land – a beautiful desert succulent, a curious chameleon, or a colony of meerkats. There is invariably more than meets the eye.

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