Be an Ecofriendly Traveler in Namibia

Conservation is a cornerstone of the Namibian experience. Here are a few steps you can take as a traveler to help ensure the sustainability of Namibia's wildlife and natural resources.

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Personal - Bring or buy biodegradable toiletry products for use while camping, to ensure that you leave no harmful chemicals behind.

Driving - Switch off your vehicle's engine while viewing wildlife - it saves on fuel, fumes and noise, and prevents disturbance to other game-viewers.

Camping - Take away everything you brought with you and camp only in designated campsites.

Lodging - Switch off the air conditioning and lights every time you leave your room. Keeping curtains and windows closed during the day helps to keep the room cool in summer. Opening windows and curtains in winter lets the warm, fresh air in.

Katutura marketShopping - Don't accept plastic bags for your groceries. Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to disintegrate and become 'plastic dust' - they never truly biodegrade. Bring a soft fabric bag for buying groceries or even use your backpack/daypack.

Eating - Buy organic vegetables and eggs where possible. The biomarket on Uhland Street in Windhoek is a good place to find these products. Its open every Saturday from 8:30am - noon - treat yourself to fresh coffee and homemade cakes in the cafe!. Nearly all game meat you will find in Namibia will be free-range, organic and local.

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