Abstract Beauty - A Flying Safari over Namibia

Safari (noun) /səˈfɑː.ri/a journey or expedition, for hunting, exploration, or investigation, especially in Africa.

Namibia's landscapes and wildlife are like none other in Africa, and a Namibian safari reflects this. The classic image of driving round an East African game park in search of the Big Five doesn't apply here; instead visitors can track rhino on foot, ride horseback past herds of giraffes, take a hot air balloon safari above Sossusvlei at sunrise, or park for the day by an Etosha waterhole.

But Namibia's true trump card is its vast landscapes, and the best way to see them is not necessarily from the ground. This requires quite a different type of safari - one that takes in endless seas of dunes, classic shipwrecks hundreds of meters from the shoreline, flocks of flamingoes flying over green lagoons, and flat-topped mountains whose plateaus are as high as the tiny plane you are flying in.

A flying safari presents Namibia's land and seascapes as you have never envisaged them, and is sure to bring out the inner artist in even the most reluctant photographer. Enjoy our gallery of seemingly abstract aerial photographs, and see if you can tell where they were taken!

Flying over NamibRand Nature Reserve

Flying over Namib-Naukluft National Park

Flying over the Namib Desert

Flying over Sossusvlei

FLying over Sandwich Harbour, Namibia

Flying over Walvis Bay

Flying over Sandwich Harbour

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