A word from our "Share My Namibia" competition winners!

Last year, we ran the Share My Namibia contest, where Facebook users could pick a dream itinerary. The winner, Vivienne Simon from Boston, was picked randomly from several thousand entries.   She chose her sister, Jane, to take along - and after quickly mastering left hand side driving, the sisters were off on an epic road trip of Namibia. This is what the winner, Vivienne, had to say about her experience:

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I love contests. I believe that the odds are against me winning. But I enter lots of contests anyway, because if you want to win, you have to play, right? So, when I saw that the Tourism Board of Namibia was hosting a contest to win a trip to Namibia, I filled out my name and email on Facebook, sent it in and forgot about it. And it was only weeks later that I was on the phone with my sister, asking if she would like to accompany me on my all expenses-paid trip to Africa... "No, this isn't a scam. Yes, it is for 2 people. Well, wanna go?!"

It had been about 15 years since my sister and I did any real traveling together. We visited Guatemala and Ecuador and traveled well together. This would be a chance not only to visit Africa, and see the big animals but to do this together. We had talked about taking a trip together in 2013 and here it was! We had also talked about our "bucket list" - Africa and the big five were at the top of our list.

It was as if our plans were overheard and magically manifested. The trip stretched beyond our expectations. The lodges were spectacular, the art, design, animals, landscapes...all fantastic. The trip was so well organized by Margo Bishop at ATI. We really just showed up and all the work was done.

We had a great time driving through Namibia, listening to music, catching up, reading out loud, taking in the landscape, sunsets, climbing the sand dunes, meeting with the Bushmen and new people, buying crafts and giving thanks for our great, good fortune.


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All photos by our competition winners Jane and Viv on their Namibian adventure

Thanks, Jane and Viv for coming out to Namibia and we are thrilled you had such a good time!

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