A Dillish Trip Through Namibia

Celebrity, Dillish Matthews, went on a Namibian road trip of a lifetime. See what the Big Brother star had to say about touring her home country and plan your own adventure around Namibia with the Dillish itinerary.

Dillish Namibia Solitaire

Dillish’s roadtrip hits Solitaire!


1. Which part of the trip surprised you most?

That would be the Epupa Waterfalls. I was taken away by the scenery, the crocodiles and, of course, my favourite of all was when we went water rafting. It was such a great experience!


2. How did the trip change you?

I had a different view on life, travelling and of my country. We were surrounded by so much beauty, but unfortunately most Namibians have no idea of these beautiful hidden adventures.


3. If you could suggest a place in Namibia for a Namibian to visit, where would it be?

Definitely the dunes, Sosussvlei to be exact. I conquered the "Big Daddy", got to see the famous Deadvlei and had the best sundowner of my life on a beautiful red dune. I was just so taken away. Felt like a dream!


A Gallery of Dillish's Incredible Trip 

Dillish Namibia Himba Visit

Dillish meets the Himba

Dillish Namibia Grootberg Lodge

Dillish at Grootberg Lodge

Dillish Namibia Ongula Homestead

Dillish at Ongula Homestead

Dillish Namibia Sossusvlei 2

Dillish and the fruits of the desert

Dillish Namibia Deadvlei 2

Dillish at the world famous Deadvlei

Dillish Namibia Omaruru chocolate factory

Dillish at Omaruru Chocolate Factory

Dillish Namibia Sossusvlei

Dillish with some Nam flava at Deadvlei

Dillish Namibia Tropic of Cancer

Dillish crosses the Tropic of Capricorn

Dillish Namibia Hafeni Mondesa Township tour

Dillish and the crew from
Hafeni cultural tours

Dillish Namibia Neuras Wine Tour

Dillish on a Wine Tour at Neuras

Dillish Namibia Sossusvlei 3

Dillish hits the shade

describe the image

Dillish takes some time out

Dillish Namibia Epupa Falls

Dillish river rafting at Epupa

Dillish Namibia Spitzkoppe

Dillish hikes the Spitzkoppe

Dillish Namibia Tsauchab River

Dillish at the Tsauchab River


Dillish's Itinerary 




Day 1

Gondwana self-sustaining centre

Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate

Day 2

Neuras wine tours

Tsauchab River

Sunset Dune Drive into the Gondwana Namib Park

Namib Desert Lodge

Day 3



Sossus Dune Lodge

Day 4

Hafeni - Mondesa Township tour

Moon Valley visit

Swakopmund Guesthouse

Day 5

morning hike

Omaruru chocolate factory

Damara Mopane Lodge

Day 6

Grootberg Hike in the Klip River

Grootberg Lodge

Day 7

village visit

Opuwo Country Hotel

Day 8

Epupa Falls

Half day hiking route

Epupa Falls Lodge

Day 9

Omulunga route

Ruacana springs

Afternoon game drive at Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge

Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge

Day 10

Pottery making and early lunch
at Ongula Homestead

Onkoshi Camp

Day 11  

Lake Otjikoto

Back to Windhoek!

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