100% Namibian art in Swakopmund

There’s a new Arts & Crafts Centre in the holiday town of Swakopmund and it’s 100% Namibian. On the surface, it is a fantastic venue for locals and tourists to soak up Namibian art and enjoy something to eat and drink at the new Yambeke restaurant. But at its heart lies a grander ambition: the training and uplifting of local artists. Namibian people have a vibrant, diversified culture, which this Centre wants to promote and develop.

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The Centre provides a fantastic venue for open-air events – keep an eye out for the latest happenings on the COSDEF Arts & Crafts Facebook page.

The Centre is a project of COSDEF (Namibia Community Skills Development Foundation); a non-profit organization that provides disadvantaged communities, unemployed youth, and vulnerable people the opportunity to learn skills to earn an income. The Swakopmund Centre helps the community to develop the skills needed to be self-sustainable by providing an outlet for products and artisans as well as training and mentorship programs (these programs include business and design skills).

The Centre offers a host of different artistic courses ranging from an Introduction to Fine Arts, to Jewellery and Fashion design. The Centre has its very own craft shop and Gallery that show cases 100% Namibian craft sourced from all over the country.

It also provides a space for small retail shops where local business men and women have the opportunity to both produce and sell their goods - jewellery, knitting, t-shirt printing, textiles, photography, art work and local food. You’ll also find some well-known local artisans at the Centre - Karakulia Weavers, Desert Hills’ Nara products and Kubatsirana Helping Hands.

The Arts & Crafts Centre also has a beautiful Amphitheatre and stage, a conference hall and an art gallery which you can rent for events.

The new Yambeke Restaurant inside the Centre provides the perfect spot for lunch with local flavour. They also serve daily specials that can be pre-ordered to take home for dinner.

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Soak up the creative atmosphere as you munch some brunch at the Yambeke Restaurant.

Some events to watch out for:

  • African Dance & Drumming classes; two classes during the week during business hours and certain Saturdays (from 3 March 2015)

  • Easter market with egg hunting for the kids and a performance by a local African group (4 April 2015)

  • Monthly themed film showcases (dates TBA)

  • Art exhibitions (dates TBA)

  • Saturday Kiddies activities (dates TBA)

Follow COSDEF Arts & Crafts Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest events and dates.

Opening hours:

Shops & Yambeke Restaurant: Weekdays 9am – 5pm & Saturdays 9 – 4pm.

Road Perspective

Look out for the brightly coloured Centre on the Swakopmund Airport Road.


The Centre’s many different stalls showcasing Namibian art and providing budding artists with a platform for success.

Karakulia Weavers

Locals are trained in many artistic forms to improve their skills and livelihoods.


Take a browse through the art gallery to discover truly Namibian talent.

Kubatsirana Helping Hand

Pick up some 100% Namibian crafts and support the local community!

All images courtesy of COSDEF.

MCA-Namibia (Millennium Challenge Account) helped to develop and fund the Centre’s building and equipment. MCA strives for economic improvement through infrastructure development, capacity building and vocational training to provide greater opportunity for economic growth and livelihood improvement.


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