Exploring South Eastern Namibia

2nd of November 2015 07:52

Exploring South Eastern Namibia By: Martha Kamkuemah There is a saying in a local language that loosely translates to, "You don't travel, you don't see". I began my 7-day tour of south eastern Namibia with stopover in the town of Gobabis. I learned there is more to this town famous for its cattle. The word Gobabis has two meanings. Gobabis is a Khoe-Khoe Gowab word. Linguistic proponents and oral traditions say that Gobabis is

Opuwo and the Himbas - a metaphor for balance

19th of October 2015 08:43

OPUWO – a metaphor for balance Opuwo is a beautiful and complex metaphor for how what is perceived as modern, and that which is seen as purely traditional, could live in harmony. In this capital of Namibia’s Kunene Region, the OvaHimba people – whether dressed in their cultural attire or in the Western apparel now seen as the norm – are completely at home. In Opuwo, you walk the streets of this small town of

Olukonda – an intersection of culture and religion…past and present

1st of October 2015 10:25

Olukonda – an intersection of culture and religion…past and present By: Nangula Shejavali It’s easy to take for granted the nuances of one’s own culture, when we don’t stop to think and learn about the traditions, practices and history – whether our own or imported – that shape our human experience. Today, at the Nakambale museum and Olukonda village, I had the chance to contemplate these things. Loca

The Etosha Magic

24th of September 2015 02:06

Etosha delivers amazement…yet again! By: Nangula Shejavali The past two days in Etosha have been glorious! Despite the scorching summer heat (though it’s only the start of the Spring season) and the arid conditions that currently characterize this vast national park of over 23,000 square km, the animals came out to play. And this made me incredibly happy! After paying our dues (N$30 for Namibians, N$60 for SADC

Nomad: The African Spa experience

16th of September 2015 04:54

Nomad: The African Spa Experience By: Sirkka Halweendo As we face every day pressures, a day seemingly starts going faster, an hour goes in a blink of the eye and our to-do list is merely half way by the time the day are over. If not nipped in a bud, this cycle can become a pattern and perhaps lead to stress. The way we deal with stress and hectic lives could make the difference between yelling at someone who wronged us, or ackn

Diary of a Local traveller: Part 1

7th of September 2015 07:00

I am so excited to share with you my Eastern Namibia Adventure. Arriving late in the afternoon after a flight from Windhoek, a stopover at Katima Mulilo and a two hour road trip from Rundu, River Dance Lodge is the best place to unwind after a hectic day. The River Dance Lodge Located about 30 kilometres from Divundu, in the Kavango east region, the lodge offers a scenic view of the Kavango River. With a taste of cal

Uniquely Namibian Food

31st of March 2015 12:38

When you travel one of the best ways to experience local culture, and to get a sense of what a country is really all about, is to try the food. A traveller who does not eat adventurously will not really be travelling adventurously and with that, let’s take a look at some of Namibia’s most popular and distinctive food. Oysters at Swakopmund. Kapana If you are exploring Katatura in Windhoek then you hav

The Golf Courses of Namibia

24th of March 2015 09:04

Whether you’re on holiday, or just looking to blow off some steam over the weekend, a round of golf is a good way to take in some wonderful scenery and spend some time with friends. Now many people may not know this but the Land of the Brave is home to several unique courses. Let’s take a look at some of them… Sticking to the fairways at the world class Omeya course.(Image via Omeya Golf and Residential Oasis)   Windhoek Golf and Coun

Exploring Etosha's Newly Opened Western Region

18th of March 2015 09:20

Situated in the previously restricted western section of the Etosha National Park  there’s a campsite that you may not yet have heard of... It's called Olifantsrus and it offers up unique game viewing experiences. Here is a bit more information on this awesome place. Olifantsrus is more than a resting place for Elephants...It is a camping and game viewing experience of a lifetime. It is located approximately 60kms from Galton Gate, 130km

A Dillish Trip Through Namibia

12th of March 2015 09:10

Celebrity, Dillish Matthews, went on a Namibian road trip of a lifetime. See what the Big Brother star had to say about touring her home country and plan your own adventure around Namibia with the Dillish itinerary. Dillish’s roadtrip hits Solitaire!   1. Which part of the trip surprised you most? That would be the Epupa Waterfalls. I was taken away by the scenery, the crocodiles and, of course, my favourite of all was when we went water

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