10th of October 2016 07:47

In the Namib, dunes make up some 35% of the desert, including the main Namib Sand Sea south of the Kuiseb River; the sand dunes in the Skeleton Coast Park; and the dune field south of Tombua in Angola. In the Sahara Desert the proportion is as low as 10%. The rest of the area is made up of rocky desert, coarse-grained desert pavements, occasional river courses, alluvial fans, and ephemeral lakes or pans. Despite the initial appearance

Windhoek Jazz Festival 2016

30th of September 2016 10:12

Who's who at the Windhoek Jazz Festival 2016 Source: The Namibian Newspaper www.namibian.com.na Jazz has always been an expression of feelings, thoughts and a representation of cultural diversity. Mainly started in the United States, its innovation and creativity sparked a movement in communities, eventually spreading to all corners of the world and stars such as Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis a

A day with the Batswana people of Namibia

7th of December 2015 11:00

The Batwana People of Namibia By Martha Kamkuemah “You say dumela mmewhen greeting the women,” says Gertrude. Gertrude is my local tour guide. She will be showing me around her village called Metsweding. “To greet the men you say dumela ntate. Just say gosiameto say goodbye.Gosiamealso means okay. Later I’ll show you around the village. And in the evening you can meet the other villagers.” I am intrigued by her language a

Can we dance for you?

16th of November 2015 09:23

A day with the San community By: Martha Kamkuemah "Can we do a dance for you?" asks Theresia, an elder in the small San community we are visiting. I say yes. The women start to chant and clap while the men and children dance around them. Theresia and her clan are Naro, a San tribe that occupies parts of the Omaheke Region. That afternoon my tour guide from Uakii Wilderness Survival had brought me to Zelda Guest Farm situate

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